Is Dixie D’Amelio Pregnant?

The stories that Dixie D’Amelio was pregnant have come back to social media! Dixie is among the stars who rose to prominence through the social media platform TikTok. This social media influencer who turned singer is among the most successful artists who were born from the application. 

Together with her younger sister Charlie D’Amelio, she has dominated the hottest Tiktok for the entire year 2020. With more than 45 million fans, she is also an active member of Hype House. 

A group of teenager TikTok users with a base in Los Angeles, California. When asked why they have left, they explained that the group was becoming more business-oriented rather than content.

With assistance from Tiktok, Dixie has achieved many things in her life, even at a young age. After graduating from high school she made her debut single and also a popular youtube channel. 

In the beginning, she’s worked with artists such as Billie Eilish, Liam Payne, Lil Uzi Vert, and Trippie Redd. Before the epidemic of the covid-19 hit, she had planned to go to college after her school year. However, her success provided her with the opportunity to go into the entertainment business.

Is Dixie D’Amelio Pregnant?

The rumor about Dixie D’Amelio being pregnant started several months ago. It began when Dixie’s boyfriend Noah Beck, shared a video of her. The video shows her seated on her stomach, and he posted the title “baby”. 

Only one fan had a comment ” what is the reason she is touching her stomach? and why does the caption say “baby?”, the fans became agitated. This caused chaos among the crowd and the Tiktok algorithm when they began to suspect Dixie D’Amelio may be expecting Noah’s baby. 

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The news was spread so widely that Dixie herself was forced to make her voice heard. She stated that she’s not expecting and that people shouldn’t make up stories and believe in rumors such as this.

A YouTuber dubbed “Rhia Official” also produced a video on the subject of Dixie. Discuss how her people who follow her, whether they’re followers or trolls, like to jump to conclusions. 

Many users on Tiktok and stan Twitter are mocking those who believed Dixie was pregnant because she was on her stomach. A handful of meme pages with satirical content also decided to take a chance and make humorous jokes on the Tiktok star’s pregnancy to make fun of people.

Prior to the drama’s beginning, the trolls were claiming of Dixie and Noach don’t actually have a relationship. They even created Tiktok videos that showed “proofs” to prove that Dixie and Noah’s romance is fake and to gain prestige. 

This led to Dixie being forced to go on stage and say to put aside this. Dixie also admitted that she’s been receiving numerous DMs from people asking whether the relationship is authentic or fake.

The Relationship Between Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio

The Relationship Of Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio

The couple started dating in the latter part of September 2021. It’s not been an easy time for the couple Noah and Dixie since they’ve been subject to a lot of criticism and have been described as fake couples. To put an end to this, Noah decides to speak about it. 

In sharing a photo from his note app, Noah discussed the relationship he has with Dixie and what he’s heard about. He emphasized that he doesn’t want to be a victim of the words “Dixie gossip is not accepted here “. 

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He said that he isn’t a fan of the stereotypes people make about him, his girlfriend, or their relationship. They will be spending their summer together in 2020. Noah declared his connection with Dixie in a short video on AwesomenessTV in October.

The Dixie family is famous. Charlie is at the top of the Tiktok charts with her mom having millions of followers on Instagram as well as her father is an elected official. The D’Amelio family will get their own reality show later this month. “The D’Amelio show” is set to air in the near future on Hulu. 

Fans have been discussing the show’s upcoming debut with Keeping Up With The Kardashian. To which Dixie declared that it’s never going to be as popular as. While she’s not worried about the comparison, but being Kardashian fame level is a dream only. On her most recent single, titled “psycho” she has teamed up along with Ruby Rose.

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