Is Dr. Phil still with Robin McGraw?

Dr Phil, who has a TV show with the same name, has won all of our hearts with his advice that is both heartfelt and wise. Dr Phil was born Phillip Calvin McGraw, and he has a licence to practise clinical psychology, but he has let it lapse. He became well-known after appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and Oprah soon helped him start and host his own advice show in 2002.

But Phillip was having a hard time long before he became famous as Dr Phil. In 1973, his marriage to his first wife was cancelled. When Robin Jo Jameson came into his life, she brought light into it.

Three years later, in 1976, they got married. Since then, they’ve had a great life together. Since then, Dr Phil’s show has made him very famous, and Robin is now one of the best-selling authors in the New York Times. Still, because they are a famous couple, they have had to deal with rumours and speculation since they became famous. So, let’s see if Phillip and Robin McGraw are still together, shall we?

Phillip and Robin McGraw: How Did They Meet?

Phillip McGraw was married to Debbie Higgins, the girl he had a crush on in high school before he married Robin. They got married in 1970, but it didn’t last long. In 1973, they decided to go their separate ways. During the process of ending their marriage, Phillip met Robin for the first time.

The second person was a friend of his sister, and Phillip and that person met for the first time in the family room of Phillip’s parent’s house. Phillip later said that he was still getting over his last marriage and going to school to get his master’s degree, so he didn’t want to fall in love at the time. But fate got in the way, and Phillip ended up asking Robin on a date.

Phillip’s plane, which he flew himself, was where they went on their first date. He took Robin on a flight at night, and she fell in love with him after that. After dating for three years, Phil asked Robin to marry him in a surprise move on February 14, 1976. Robin was happy to say yes, and on August 14, 1976, they got married in a simple but beautiful ceremony.

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Since then, the couple has been very devoted and committed to each other. Their 44-year marriage is proof of how much they love each other. Jay and Jordan McGraw are the couple’s children. They were born after they got married. Jay was born on September 12, 1979, and Jordan, his younger brother, was born on October 21, 1986. Both of their sons are now successful in their own fields. They come from a close-knit family, and their parents have a great relationship with each other.

Phillip and Robin’s marriage is great because they helped each other out even before Phillip became famous as Dr Phil. When Phillip got his own TV show in 2002, the couple had been together for a long time and had a lot of love for each other. Since then, they have been called one of the strongest celebrity couples. Phillip has even said that Robin is a big part of the success of his show and that without her, his show would never have become as famous as it is now.

Are Phillip and Robin McGraw Still Together?

Yes, Robin and Phillip McGraw are still very much in love and living a happy life together. Due to their fame, the couple has had to deal with a lot of rumours that they were going to split up. Phillip and Robin have denied the rumours more than once, but new, unverified rumours keep coming up. There have been many false stories about their supposed divorce, and Phillip had to go public in 2012 to deny all of them and reassure his fans that he was still married.

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But rumours kept going, and in 2019, Phillip spoke out again on the “Rachael Ray Show,” saying that he had told his wife he would never leave her. He went on to say, “We are not getting a divorce, and I can’t believe they are so focused on something that is so central to our family.” In 2019, the couple also said that fake divorce stories were being used to trick people.

Phillip and Robin both seem to be happy with their lives right now. They are not only married, but also best friends, and they often post on social media about the memories they make together. Over the years they’ve been together, the couple has shown that their love, commitment, and dedication can’t be denied or misunderstood. It’s so nice and inspiring to see these two great people live every day like it’s their first, and we hope they never miss out on happiness in the future.

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