Is Flight 828 in Manifest Based on a True Story?

“Manifest” is a supernatural series that explores the lives of a small group of people who return after being lost and believed dead for the last five and a half years. 

The series was developed by Jeff Rake, and the principal characters are linked through their journey together on Montego Air Flight 828. The mysterious incident that happens on the journey of the plane from Jamaica, in the Caribbean, to New York City triggers off the events of the show and adds to the plot’s major threats.

If you’re a novice or a regular viewer looking to learn more about the thrilling revelations happening after the events of Flight 828’s journey and its connections to real-life happenings, we’ve got you covered! 

This is everything you need to be aware of what actually happened during the flight of Flight 828 and whether the story is based on an actual event.

What Really Happened to Flight 828 in Manifest?

In “Manifest,” Montego Air Flight 828 charts its route from Montego Bay, Jamaica, to the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on April 7, 2013. In mid-flight, the airline encounters a brief moment of disturbance. 

This causes the plane’s route to be altered, and it can land at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York. When they arrive, passengers and the pilot are informed that the date of arrival is November 4, 2018. So, almost five and a half years have passed since they left Jamaica.

Following their return to normal lives and attempting to adjust to the new circumstances, a group of passengers starts to experience bizarre visions that draw their attention to an air hangar where the plane is stored. 

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After the passengers have gathered, it explodes. With the help of numerous premonition-like dreams, Ben Stone, a passenger on Flight 828, examines the incident and speculates that Flight 828 was originally a crash in the sea. 

All the passengers died before being miraculously revived. Ben further predicts that the entire group is likely to die on June 2, 2024. As time passes, some evidence for Ben’s theories begins to surface.

At present, there is no conclusive evidence as to what really occurred on Flight 828. But clues, like finding an aircraft tail wing floating in the sea that has “Montego Airways” written on it and others, are being dispersed. 

Theories vary between the concept of time travel to an alternate reality and the idea that anything could be possible. In the final episode of season 3, the pilot of Flight 828 disappears with the tail fin. This is all the evidence Ben and Michaela needed to discover the truth behind Flight 828.

The mystery of flight 828 has been the main reason for the show, but it’s possible that viewers aren’t able to discover the truth until later in the run of the show. The plot is similar to “Lost,” the TV show featuring a group of crash survivors who live on a secluded island. 

We discover the true destiny of the air traveler at the end of the show, and we are only given a fragment of the truth in the first season of the show and in episodes that seem deliberately to deceive.

Is Manifest Based on a True Story?

“Manifest” is not based on any real tale. The supernatural and magical aspects of the show are somewhat improbable. The creator Jeff Rake revealed in an interview that the s

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“Manifest” is not based on any real tale. The supernatural and magical aspects of the show are somewhat improbable. 

The creator, Jeff Rake, revealed in an interview that the show was created 10 years before the show’s premiere and that he tried unsuccessfully pitching it to the studios. 

It wasn’t until Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mysteriously disappeared in March 2014 that producers started to show an interest in the pitch. Although it’s not an actual source of inspiration, the tale that unfolded in MAF 370 does serve as an inspiration in part for the show.

Like Flight 828, MAF 370 remains undiscovered after years of ineffective searches and is believed to have been submerged in the Indian Ocean. As with Flight 828, some debris from MAF 370 has been discovered; however, the precise cause of the incident involving the plane or its passengers remains unknown.

Rake has stated that the mystery of Flight 828 is only a minor part of the mystery.

In essence, the show is a romance drama, and the interactions between the characters are the primary subject of the series. This puts “Manifest” in the same league as the “Lost” series, while also providing a sense of authenticity.

Thus, it’s possible to conclude that even though the show has some resemblance to reality, it’s ultimately a fiction-based story. Speculation about the fate of Flight 828 has become integral to the fan base of the show.

The mystery will likely become more bizarre as the show grows. 

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