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Is Lyle & Erik Menendez Married? Who Are Their Wives?

The story of Joseph Lyle Menendez and Erik Galen Menéndez, who was found guilty of the 1989 murders of their parents, José and Mary “Kitty” Menendez, in 1996, is told in ABC’s “20/20.”

TikTok supporters have helped bring the Menendez brothers back into the public eye despite the lack of any new developments in the case’s legal proceedings.

Since we last saw these characters a long time ago, let’s catch up on their love lives, shall we?

Are Lyle and Erik Menendez Married?

Joseph Lyle Menendez, also known by his middle name, is a former model who was once married to Anna Eriksson.

Innocent love blossomed between them after he was contacted by her after his first televised murder trial in 1993.

Actually, she and Lyle planned to get married not long after she first visited him in jail.

On July 2, 1996, a judge married Lyle and his new wife in jail, and Lyle’s lawyer and aunt were there.

But on April 1, 2001, over four years later, after Anna discovered that he was “cheating” by conversing with another woman, she filed for divorce.

But in November 2003, Lyle married Rebecca Sneed, a magazine editor from Sacramento, California; she had moved there two years before.

Like Lyle’s other acquaintances, they met around the time of his first trial and remained casual companions for the better part of a decade.

On June 12, 1999, while waiting to be processed into Folsom State Prison, Erik Menendez wed Tammi Ruth Saccoman, now known as Tammi Menendez.

According to Tammi, a Twinkie served as the couple’s wedding cake.

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Tammi, like Anna, had followed the brothers’ first trial in 1993 and written to Erik; nevertheless, their correspondence flourished only after her first husband committed suicide.

Where Are Lyle and Erik Menendez’s Wives Now?

Rebecca Sneed, the wife of convicted criminal Lyle Menendez, has kept a low profile ever since their marriage.

She has refused to answer any questions from the media about her or her husband. We only know that she is now working as a defense lawyer.

Given that they have been together for almost 17 years in spite of COVID, lack of visits, and everything else, we can only conclude that their love is unbreakable.

Lyle did discuss his unconventional marriage on an episode of “Truth and Lies: The Menendez Brothers” that aired on ABC in 2017.

Since Lyle and Erik are both serving life sentences without the possibility of release, California law prohibits them from engaging in conjugal visits.

Lyle: “One thing I’ve learned is that your bodily comfort is considerably less essential than your connection to the people around you.

” With “few of the props that are generally there in marriage,” the author explains, “I’ve realized I can have a strong marriage that is complicated and built around talking and finding innovative ways to communicate, sharing.

” In 2005, Tammi told People that she doesn’t need to have a sex life because she’s emotionally engaged to Erik in a way she never has been before.

Tammi’s book “They Said We’d Never Make It — My Life with Erik Menendez” came out that same year.

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While promoting it, Tammi admitted that she and Lyle’s wife had a rocky cohabitation and that her daughter refers to Erik as “Earth Dad.” Saying, “Tammi is what gets me through,” Erik affirmed this belief.

I just can’t form the phrase right now. And when I do, it’s with profound melancholy and an almost primeval terror. When that happens, I start to sweat buckets.

You may learn more about Tammi in the documentary “Mrs. Menendez,” which airs on A&E. The relationship between Erik and Tammi spans over two decades.

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