Is Peacemaker stronger than his dad, The White Dragon?

The events of episode 6 of Peacemaker left me in a state of disbelief, including Butterfly-possession Goffs of Song, the revelation of Murn’s true identity, and the simultaneous pursuit of Peacemaker by the White Dragon and the Butterflies.

It has been long overdue for Auggie to get rid of his son Chris, as was hinted at in episode 6. Whether or not Peacemaker is happy about it, he will soon have to square off against his father, The White Dragon. My only thought is, “Who’s going to make it out alive?”

Peacemaker should be able to outclass The White Dragon purely in terms of raw strength. Peacemaker and his patriotic “uniform” don’t stand a chance against The White Dragon’s outfit.

Since I’m rooting for Peacemaker (which is something I never thought I’d say by the end of The Suicide Squad), let me explain why I think Chris will end up victorious over his father.

Peacemaker is Physically Stronger Than The White Dragon

To begin, Peacemaker is in peak physical condition and has conditioned himself to be an efficient and effective killing machine. Furthermore, in canon he is quite adept at hand-to-hand combat and can use virtually any object as a weapon.

Chris should be able to defeat Auggie with just his physical prowess alone, as they are both human and have no other enhancements.

The White Dragon, however, is not Auggie, and Chris is well aware of this.

However, his father’s suit is nearly indestructible, so he’ll need to come up with a different strategy.

The White Dragon’s Biggest Asset is His Suit

You may be wondering why I referred to the suit as “almost” impenetrable. According to the comics, The White Dragon’s armor renders him invincible.

Sure, it came with a plethora of upgrades that would leave his enemies in tears. However, the suit’s true value lies in the fact that it provides The White Dragon with complete protection, rendering him impervious to any blows dealt by his enemies.

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The White Dragon was only killed because Plastique blew a hole in his suit and set off an explosion in his mask.

The White Dragon’s costume in Peacemaker, however, differs slightly from the comics.

Although visually identical, Vigilante warns that Auggie should be wary because the fabric used creates numerous blind spots. I doubt Vigilante would have made that remark without intending for it to have repercussions in future episodes.

Resolving Peacemaker’s Daddy Issues

Chris’s experiences with his abusive father are a major inspiration for Peacemaker. The (difficult) love Chris has for his father prevents him from standing firm and doing the right thing, even though Auggie is a complete prick.

All of Chris’s soul-searching can’t have been for naught, and I think it’s important for him to face and vanquish The White Dragon as part of his personal growth. Doing the right thing even if it hurts is a hallmark of a true superhero, and he knows he won’t enjoy this.

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