Jen Hatmaker Divorce: Why Did Her Husband Split Up?

Jen Hatmaker is back in the news once more after announcing her separation from partner Brandon Hatmaker last July. Jen Hatmaker posted an update via her Instagram account regarding what she’s doing in her life one year after the divorce. 

Jen Hatmaker is an American writer as well as a TV presenter, blogger and Christian speaker. Her rise to fame came with the release of her debut book, Ms. Understood: Rebuilding the Feminine Equation, in 2008. She has 516k fans on Instagram and 750k on Facebook and has a popular podcast.

Jen, along with Brandon Hatmaker, were college sweethearts. Jen was raised in a religious family and adhered to Christianity as her primary religion. Jen was extremely popular in churches when she was working at the church.Jen and Brandon met at Oklahoma State University, where they both studied.

They married when Jen was just 19 years old. With pure Christian faith and love, everyone who knew them thought their wedding would be perfect. They share three biological children: Sydney, Caleb, and Gavin, as well as two adopted children, Remy and Ben. 

They were adopted by Remy and Ben as children while they lived in Ethiopia. Jen is always there for her children regardless of what and will always defend them.

Hatmakers’s Public Career

The couple, along with their five children, were featured on “My Big Family Renovation,” which is a reality television show. The show was about the family’s efforts to improve their home and bond more. In addition to the reality television jobs, Brandon Hatmaker is the pastor of the Austin New Church. 

The couple were the pastors of the church and ran the church together. After revealing her opinions on marriage between gay and straight people and providing unconditional support and respect for LGBT+ people and the LGBT+ community, Jen was removed from the church’s board. Her reputation as an author and speaker as a Christian speaker and author also fell off when she began condemning Donald Trump and his policies.

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Sydney Hatmaker, the daughter of Jen Hatmaker, was a lesbian when she came out. Jen Hatmaker, who has been extremely welcoming of her, felt the same way.”For the Love” podcast is another place where she has encouraged Sydney to talk about her life.

Sydney’s daughter spoke out about the struggles she had with accepting her sexuality and the confusion she faced. She shared how she realised that she was a girl and she was just trying to appear straight. Jen is adamantly supportive of the daughter she has and does not want to alter any aspect of her life. 

The acceptance she displays doesn’t sit well with the Christian community, which caused her to be removed from the church’s board and come close to losing her followers and her career.

Why Did They Opt For A Divorce?

Jen did say that her family was experiencing an emotional crisis, but they were not expecting a divorce. The couple hasn’t confirmed the reason behind their separation. Because of their relationship’s secrecy, people made up theories and rumours that are now popular, such as Brandon’s extramarital affair or Jen’s support for the LGBT+ community clashing with the church’s board.

When the divorce rumours first surfaced online, Jen asked her followers not to insult her and claimed that the motives for the divorce were solely with them.The fans also harassed Brandon with concerns or threats, as well as asking for specifics about the divorce. 

Brandon asked that people put aside their questions about his life and wait for news. He announced that he’ll announce the projects he’s working on soon, but don’t bother asking questions about his divorce.

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Jen posted on her Instagram a life update with heartfelt messages and photos. Presently, she’s with her two best buddies, Megan and Lisa, in Bar Harbor, Maine. She’s creating new memories, writing new books, and repairing her body. She also announced that she met a brand new man at camp and she was thrilled.

 When Did The Divorce Happen?

In September of this year, Jen and Brandon got their divorce legally. In a post on Facebook, Jen asked her fans and followers to pray for them as well as be respectful of their privacy. Jen shared with everyone that she was heartbroken and shocked. 

Nobody was expecting a divorce. She urged them to respect their privacy rights as well as not ask for divorce records to be made public. She thanked everyone for being kind to her and asked for their safety and the strength to recover and rebuild.

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