Who Does Kim Dokja End Up With?

Who is Kim Dokja end up within Omniscient Reader? Our main character in Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint has so many love affairs, which puts readers in the position of picking just one. 

However, who cares? Fans can choose to have more than one ship, in the end, the world’s Kim Dokja deserves this love. Omniscient Reader/Omniscient Reading’s Viewpoint is a Korean manhwa that is based on the novel of the same title written by a Korean writer duo who writes using the name of Sing Shong. 

The novel and manhwa can be found on Naver as well as the English version is available on WEBTOON (only one manhwa). Omniscient Reader Isekai manhwa is full of action and fantasies that will make you plunge into a world of imagination that will blow your mind.

The Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is an action, fantasy, and adventure manhwa that was adapted by UMI and artwork by Sleepy-C. The series was launched on May 26, 2020, via Naver, and on the 19th of August, 2020 WEBTOON. 

The plot revolved around an employee at the office Kim Dokja whose only interest is to read his favorite web-based novel, ‘Three Ways to survive the Apocalypse’. However, the novel becomes real which means that Kim Dokja is the only one who can tell when this world is going to end. 

With the realization of his own, Kim Dokja uses his skills to alter the direction of the story as well as life as it perceives it. Through his adventures, a variety of others join in. However, viewers are more interested to find out the person Kim Dokja ends up with in Omniscient Reader.

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Who Will Kim Dokja End Up With In Omniscient Reader?

Unfortunately, our main character Kim Dokja does not end with anyone. He remains single until the end of the story, as per what is written in the book. Because the manhwa is being filmed, we might be interested in love in the near future. 

However, the fact that the novel inspired the novel and the likelihood of Dokja being with someone is very low. Do your best to cross your fingers for the love of your life! A few of the fans believed it could turn into BL manhwa, but that isn’t the case. The reason for this belief is the genuine relationship between Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk.

In the initial stages of manhwa time, their relationship begins to develop in a non-steady manner. Even Dokja constantly taunts Jonghyuk like ’emo bastard as well as sunfish bastard’ He still keeps an eye for his friend. 

Yoo Jonghyuk is also finding Dokja reliable and, as the story unfolds both of them learn to trust one another. Another reason why fans hate Dokja’s love for Yoo Jonghyuk’s appearance. 

Dokja has spoken of his admiration of the handsome face Yoon Jonghyuk who was the original protagonist in the movie ‘Three ways for Surviving the Apocalypse’. Then again, that’s all we hear. Their respect, genuine friendship, and trustworthiness in battle make fans want to see them all together even if it’s an idle dream.

Kim Dokja’s Additional Love Interest

Han Sooyoung

Dokja’s friendship with Han Sooyoung was not a good one. However, after rescuing her from a gang of rapists and becoming closer to Han Sooyoung, they begin to become friends. She also joined ‘Kim Dokja’s company’. Although they are constantly arguing and making fun of one another, their genuine love and affection for each other aren’t less. 

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At some point, Han Sooyoung will end in loving him deeply to the point that she’s willing to write a book titled ‘Ways of Survival’ in order to help save Kim Dokja as a teenager and is confident that her work will be a reality and impact millions of lives later on. Persephone once offered Sooyoung as a potential matchmaker for Dokja and he resisted.

Lee Jihye

Kim Dokja’s friendship with Lee Jihye starts on a good relationship, not like the other. Jihye is a person of great admiration and respect for Kim Dokja, and the same is true for his relationship with Kim Dokja. 

He admires Lee Jihye and was said to have been a fan of her while during high school. Jihye’s shame and guilt over herself for the murder of her close friend are echoed by Dokja since he is in the exact situation where he must utilize his friends. However, he urges Jihye on to live life to its most fully.


A key one of Kim Dokja’s biggest supporter constellations is not other than Uriel. Dokja is also awed by her assistance. Some constellations even ridicule her for having an attraction to The Demon King of Salvation”, which causes her to turn red with fury. 

She seems to admire more than fans have for their idols, as an avid fan. She also has an insatiable admiration for Dokja and Jonghyuk’s friendship. She is among the characters that fans adore along with Kim Dokja.

In spite of all this, Kim Dokja remains single and, at least, within the story. Perhaps we’ll get a new storyline to the story. If you haven’t read it yet, go through this manhwa Omniscient Reader each Thursday at Naver or every Wednesday at WEBTOON.

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