KTS Von Passed Away: Bone-Chilling Shooting Incident

We will learn all we can about the death of KTS Von. The world is in shock following the news that KTS Dre, the renowned rapper, was repeatedly shot and was killed. The rapper was shot immediately after his release from prison. 

The rapper was a real person named Londre Sylvester, who was among three victims killed in a tragic incident in Little Village, Chicago on Saturday night. The rapper also had criminal connections, and police are now suspecting that this may be a factor in the haphazard killing of the rapper.

The rapper was quickly transported into Mount Sinai Hospital. But, the rapper did not recover from the devastating wounds, and soon died from the wounds from the shots and was declared dead. Police officials reported that his body was in a state of shock, suffering 64 gun wounds to his head as well as other body parts. 

A woman who was at the scene and stood next to him was also struck by a bullet in her face. The woman was transported into Mount Sinai Hospital and has been reported to be in healthy shape. 

The entire incident has shocked everyone and we are wondering what lead to such a harrowing shooting? Let’s take a look at what we have learned regarding KTS Von’s dead.

KTS Von Dead: What Happened?

The incident has become an extremely popular crime scene in the wake of the incident. Sylvester as well as the two women who were also wounded when a number of suspects exited two vehicles and started shooting in Sylvester’s direction, firing multiple times. 

The moment this crime occurred, suspects left the scene and returned to their cars. Police are currently in pursuit of the suspects who may be part of the notorious criminal group.

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There could be some progress in the investigation since police officers have said that there are surveillance cameras within the area that could provide evidence. The rapper has been involved in numerous controversies over the years following his name being mentioned in felony possession of a weapon investigation. 

His public lawyer requested a bond hearing saying that he was detained on the 11th of June, after running an errand on the scheduled days of the week. A judge Lawrence Flood later set a huge bond of $50,000 and required a security minimum of $5,000.

Was The Late Rapper Connected With Some Notorious Gang?

Sylvester, who goes by the stage name of KTS has a distinct significance as it means”Kill to Survive. The word was inked on his neck with a target. The tragic shooter just as his departure from the prison wasn’t the only time that shooting was committed in the vicinity of the jail, and it has been done before.

A similar incident occurred when Kamari Belmont was shot dead shortly after his release with a $100,000 bail amount in the year 2017. Sylvester’s death is associated with criminal activity. 

Police have even identified Sylvester’s death as belonging to the Lakeside group belonging to the Gangster Disciple. It is believed to be among the most famous street criminal gangs in America.

The Rapper Has Passed Away After Succumbing To The Injuries.

Unfortunately, the rapper could not recover and would not be able to take on the wounds. The investigation into the shooting is currently in progress. Court records indicate that the rapper was detained in June for breaching the terms of his bail. 

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The June case is connected to the arrest that occurred in April of last year. The rapper was charged with accusations of possession of a firearm in the Chicago neighborhood of Auburn Gresham. The matter came to light when the police reportedly observed him driving in a white Jaguar car.

At the time of his arrest, the late singer was discovered with the 9mm Glock pistol. Similar to Belmont when the white SUV came up and fired at the suspect. 

The incident occurred just a few minutes after the murder accusations against Belmont were dismissed. The ongoing incidents of shootings have surely left all of us stunned. Authorities will soon get the culprits responsible for the shootings that have been violent.

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