Let Me Be Your Knight Kdrama: Cast And Characters

SBS and iQiyi’s newest Kdrama “Let Me Take the form of Your Knight, has opened with a fantastic start. And, viewers are gradually falling the story about the main characters. But, are you familiar with the characters that play these characters? 

Therefore, in this article, we will give the entire information about the actors in Let Me Be Your Knight Kdrama. From Idols to fantastic actors, the show has brought together an amazing group of actors. 

Lee Jun Young (U-KISS) and Jung In Soon lead the drama, along with many talented cast members who have been added to the group as acting as supporting characters.

“Let Me Be Your Knight” is a recurring South Korean romantic comedy-drama. The SBS drama started airing on the 7th of November 2021 and is receiving attention from viewers. The series will run for 12 episodes total and will air on a Sunday. You can stream “Let Me Be Your Knight” on the internet via iQiyi or Rakuten Viki quickly.

The story tells of the greatest idol in the world who is suffering from somnambulism and the doctor who is secretly treating him.

Let Me Be Your Knight Kdrama Cast and Characters

Let Me Be Your Knight Kdrama Cast and Characters

“Let Me be Your Knight stars, Lee Jun Young, as Yoon Tae In, Jung In Sun as In Yoon Joo, JR as Lee Shin, Yoon Ji Sung as Kim Yoo Chan, Kim Dong Hyun as Woo Ga On along with Jang Dong Joo as Seo Woo Yeon.

Let’s learn more about the characters of Let Me Be Your Knight in depth.

U-KISS’s Lee Jung Young

In the popular drama about idols “Imitation,”U-KISS’s Lee Jung won is set to star in a drama. It appears that the 24-year-old actor turned idol loves playing an idol who is famous on-screen. 

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So, he’ll play the fan-favorite idol of the world Yoo Tae, in Let Me Be Your Knight. In addition to being a remarkable emerging actor, the young star was the winner of an endurance competition called the Unit.

Also called Jun, the actor has been in the Kdrama world for quite some time. From guest appearances to lead roles, you can spot the U-KISS actor in a variety of dramas. His credits include Imitation. 

Please Don’t Hate Him Class of Lies, Good Casting, Avengers Social Club, Goodbye To Goodbye, and many others. In addition, Jun made a special appearance in the popular Netflix Kdrama, D.P.

Jung In Sun

The company that manages her is H& Entertainment, Jung In Sun is a South Korean actress who has been in Kdramas for the past two years. Before showcasing her acting talents for a woman of mature she was in dramas when she was a child actor. 

Jung In Sun previously explained her desire to be more than just an actor. In 2006 she started to focus on her passions: photography and traveling.

Sun’s interests did not turn into a barrier to her acting career in any way. She also saw her acting career and has delivered to the public some of the most comedy and romantic dramas. 

Her biggest success is the hilarious 2018 drama Welcome to Waikiki. She has also been involved in Kdramas like Psychopath Diary How To Be Thirty, Terius Behind Me, Circle, and more.


A new Kpop star joining the crew in Let Me Be Your Knights NU’EST’s JR. He will play the character Lee Shin, and the people who love this Kpop group are extremely excited to see him in the role. 

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While JR hasn’t done many Kdramas, he does have an enormous fan base. The NU’EST fans are eager to see their idol perform instead of singing. JR has done the film The Distance, in 2016. In addition, he was featured in television shows, and many of them featured JR as a part of NU’EST.

Yoon Ji Sung

Yoon Ji Sung will be stepping into the drama scene with the drama Let Me be Your Knight. He will be playing the role of Kim Yoo Chan. Yoon Ji Sung took part in Mnet’s Produce 101 and qualified to join the boy group WannaOne. At present Yoon Ji Sung is an independent artist (after the breakup of WannaOne) with the label LM Entertainment.

That’s the team for Let Me Be Your Knight. For more information on the character, check out the show here on Viki.

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