“Lois Lane Is the Key.” Batman’s Visions: What Do They Mean?

Snyder Cut finally came out, and it gave us a lot to think about in terms of Zack Snyder’s hopes and dreams for possible Justice League sequels. Even though we don’t know if there will be any more sequels to his version of Justice League, Snyder Cut had a lot of exciting things happen that would be fun to see at some point.

For example, when Bruce Wayne has a premonition, Flash tells him, “Lois Lane is the key.”

This is not the first time Batman has had a similar dream. It was first talked about in Batman vs. Superman when Bruce saw a vision of a corrupted Superman living on an Earth ruled by Darkseid. This is one of the most important scenes in Snyder Cut because it shows how Superman becomes corrupted and what causes it.

In the world of DC Comics, this dream is called the Knightmare. So, what is the Knightmare, and what does Flash’s message to Batman have to do with it? Let’s find out!

What Caused the Knightmare?

In Snyder Cut, Bruce tells Diana about his dream and says that Barry tells him, “Lois Lane is the key.” Diana says that Lois is the key to understanding Superman, but Bruce says “something darker.” So what exactly is the key to Lois Lane?

In the final chapter of the four-hour movie, we get to see an interaction between Bruce and the Joker, who talks about Lois Lane’s death. The Knightmare shows up for the first time in Batman vs. Superman, where parademons trap Batman. During this time, the Flash goes back in time to warn Bruce about the end of the world that will happen when Darkseid takes over Earth.

But that’s not everything. The most important thing about this scene is that Superman has become bad. Why do you ask? Because Lois Lane is dead. This is the real reason why the Knightmare exists in the first place. It’s not hard at all. If Lois Lane dies, Superman will be angry, corrupted, and dangerous.

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Snyder had this to say about it:

Who Killed Lois Lane?

Now we know that if Lois Lane hadn’t died, the Knightmare wouldn’t exist. But here’s the question: Why did Batman have to bring Lois Lane back from the dead? The plan of Snyder was this:

Bruce needs this information because he was involved in Lois Lane’s death in some way. Either he let Darkseid kill her, or Batman killed Lane himself for some reason.

Since Lois Lane dies, the implication is that Superman is a sign of the end of the world. How exactly does he become bad? Let’s get started on that now.

Superman and the Anti-Life Equation

It’s important to remember that Lois Lane was the one who helped Superman remember who he was after he was brought back to life and started attacking the people who brought him back to life. So, Lois Lane is what started all of this. It makes sense that Superman would lose his mind if Lois Lane were in danger, which is why the Knightmare is there. In the Knightmare scene, Superman is seen crying over a dead body, which is likely that of Lois Lane. Darkseid puts his hand on Superman’s shoulder in a way that could be called comforting.

When you think back to what Darkseid said right after Steppenwolf died, you can see that he was going to go back to Earth to find the Anti-Life Equation, which he knew was there. If Superman is tainted, it can only mean one thing. He’s been taken over by the Anti-Life Equation, which turns Earth’s best protector into its worst enemy. The Flash wants Bruce to keep this from happening.

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Darkseid’s Plan

Snyder said in 2019 that Darkseid would kill Lois Lane so that he could corrupt Superman. This would have happened in the Batcave, where Batman and Lois Lane would have been, giving Darkseid the chance to trick Superman into thinking it was Batman who did it. Because of this, Superman and Batman would again have to fight each other.

We know how much Clark cares about Lois. The last thing he says to Lois makes this clear:

Not only that, but here’s what Superman says to Batman in the Knightmare scene:

Darkseid knows how much Superman cares about Lois, which is why he would kill her and blame it on Batman. After all, this makes it possible for Superman to fall for the Anti-Life Equation and join Darkseid’s side. Then, well, it’s pretty much the end of the world right away.

A Bruce and Lois Romance

Snyder may have planned for Bruce and Lois to get together, which could be another reason why Superman turns dark.

Snyder planned for the first Justice League movie to go in this direction, but the story could be changed and added to the sequels if they ever get made. If this is what the Knightmare scene was talking about, it helps Darkseid’s plan to frame Batman. And Barry Allen doesn’t want that to happen. So, he goes back in time to warn Bruce, which could lead to different versions of the past, i.e. Flashpoint.


One of the most important parts of Snyder Cut is when Flash breaks his one “rule” and travels through time. This helps the League of Assassins defeat Steppenwolf and stop the Mother Boxes from coming together.

But there’s a catch. We don’t know much about how Flash’s “rule” works. What is this rule that he wants to never break? Let’s take it apart.

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We know that when Flash pushes the limits of his abilities, he can bend space-time and change reality, which is what he does at the end of Snyder Cut. So, if Flash hadn’t been able to go back in time, the Mother Boxes would have joined together, letting Darkseid fully take over. Basically, this scene was a reference to Flashpoint, which was a big deal in DC comics.

It also has something to do with the animated movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox from 2013, in which Barry goes back in time to save his mother. But when Flash does this, he creates different timelines, or “alternative universes.”

So if the Flash went back in time to tell Batman that Lois Lane was the key, it could lead to a different universe. And the stories in an alternate universe could be very different, which could mean that the DCEU has a lot of options.

Tell us in the comments below why you think Lois Lane is “the key”!

About Justice League Snyder Cut

Justice League Snyder Cut is the fifth movie in the DC Extended Universe and is based on the DC Comics superhero team. It was made by Warner Bros. and DC Films. Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder, is in theatres now. Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, and Ray Fisher are all in it.

In Zack Snyder’s movie Justice League, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg try to save the world from Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons, who pose a huge threat.

Even though fans want Snyderverse to keep going, Warner Bros. has no plans to do so.

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