Megan is Missing’s Barrel Scene, Explained

“Megan is Missing” isn’t for the faint of heart. It is also a terrifying film that aims to inform its viewers about the dangers and apprehensions of predators using the internet to take advantage of children. 

The film is shot in found-footage style and centers around the mystery of the disappearance of Megan Stewart (Rachel Quinn) and the best of her friends, Amy Herman (Amber Perkins), who is determined to discover the truth. In this piece, we will discuss the conclusion as well as the importance of the scene in the barrel. 

Spoilers Ahead!

Megan is Missing Plot Synopsis

Megan is a very well-known honors student who is popular for being a gorgeous party girl. But the 14-year-old teenager has also been the victim of sexual assault after her stepfather assaulted her when she was only nine years old. Megan’s rocky past, combined with a conflicted relationship with her mom, has resulted in her becoming who she has become today.

A few days later, Megan meets Josh online. The two plan to get together at an eatery in the area. But she is never home from the encounter, prompting her reserved and shy close friend, Amy, to start her own investigation. What lies ahead for her, on the other hand, isn’t pleasant, to say the least.

Megan is Missing’s Barrel Scene

In the dark, unbeknownst to Amy, Josh has been following her around and has gained knowledge of the location she frequented with her friend. The next time Amy visits the spot, the kidnapper abducts her also. 

When we next find Amy, she is in her underwear and tied to a leash. She yells for help, but the perpetrator doesn’t seem to care. The man even throws water at her and says that his name isn’t Josh.

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In the aftermath, Josh retrieves Amy’s precious Billy Bear and forces her to eat her food from a bowl for dogs as he taunts Amy with the toy. Josh then rapes her, rubbing her blood on his fingers in the process.

The man then returns and instructs Amy to enter the barrel right in front of her, so that she can remain completely mysterious about the location.

Then it is revealed that Megan’s corpse has been buried inside the barrel. Naturally, Amy freaks out. While she attempts to get out, Josh locks her in the barrel together with her deceased friend’s body. After that, he takes off into the woods and begins digging a large hole in the soil. Despite his numerous requests for his freedom, Josh ignores Amy and is able to continue with the job to be completed.

Amy even assures Josh that she is a lover and that she would never care for and love him as Amy does. But her words don’t affect Josh, who then proceeds to bury the barrel in the hole and all over the scene with dirt. At the end of the film, we are shown an old scene in which Megan and Amy discuss what might be their possible future.

Billy Bear

The toy that was stuffed in the ultimate image of Amy’s innocence and childhood. When her mother told her to throw it out, she wasn’t able to. Then she went to the secret location under the bridge and hid the item there. 

In a bizarre turn of events, as the teen is investigating the disappearance of her closest friend, Megan, she is abducted from the exact spot she believes is safe and taken to Josh’s hideout together with Billy Bear.

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Through the entire film, Amy is seen as an introverted, shy, and modest girl; she is not a typical model, according to her friends. In the scene with the barrel, Amy is on a leash, stripped-down even to the bottom of her pants. Josh even makes her take a bite out of the bowl for food. 

The sudden and dramatic obsessing over the most basic protagonist in the story conveys a powerful message on its own. The reason for this scene and for the specific image is to show that nobody is safe from psychopaths who are predatory. 

This is a travesty that could strike anyone, from the most popular girl at high school (Megan) to one of the least ignorant of them all (Amy).

However, it isn’t the most heartbreaking part of the drama. Billy Bear, who is present throughout and is the symbol of Amy’s demise, represents Amy’s demise. Her primary concern throughout the entire world was how to conceal it and safeguard it. 

At the end of the day, the toy offers her some comfort. The person who is responsible for the incident taunts her with a bear as she is forced to eat food in a humiliating way without her hands. 

Following that, Josh brutally assaults the teen (who probably hadn’t had their first romantic kiss). She is then found sleeping with the bear in her arms. After Josh wakes her, she finds Megan’s decomposing body. Megan was inside the barrel.

Billy Bear actively reminds us that the vile acts shown in the film are happening to a young person. According to experts, it’s when you allow this fact to get into the deepest part of your heart that the film truly frightens you. 

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Sure, there are some jump scares and other common themes that are present in this film. However, at the end of it all, the primary purpose of “Megan’s Missing” is to shed the spotlight on predatory behavior online. 

Thus, the toy is even more relevant by reminding us that Josh is in fact executing the enslavement, sodomization, as well as the brutalization and objectification of innocent children.

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