6 Best Mermaid Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix and other streaming platforms make it easy to stream any movie whenever you want. These streaming platforms are not just for older people, but also for children. Today, there are more children’s movies being made today than ever before. 

The streaming platforms have included a variety of children’s movies to cater to the growing market for kids’ entertainment. It is important to note that the collection has evolved so much that there are also sub-genres of children’s movies. Today’s focus is on mermaid movies among all the sub-genres available for kid movies.

As children, we all watched mermaid movies and were fascinated by fairy tales that featured mermaids. While these stories are filled with magic, beauty, and enchantment, they can also teach important lessons that can change a child’s perspective on life and the world. 

What are mermaids, you ask? They are folkloric creatures and stories. They are creatures that live in the ocean and have a torso like a human, but the rest of their body looks more like fish. They are a mythical creature that has been mentioned in literature since very early times.

One of the earliest depictions of a Mermaid in a story is from 1000 BC. The Assyrian legends speak about Goddess Atargatis, who was the queen who made her a Mermaid. Mermaids are also very popular in movies.

The first film that featured a mermaid was ‘The Mermaid’ by Georges Melies in 1904. There have been many mermaid films. Here’s a look at six of them that you can stream on Netflix. This is a list of great mermaid movies that Netflix has available for streaming right now. This list includes the best Disney mermaid films.

6. Barbie Dolphin Magic (2017)

Barbie plays the lead role in this 2017 movie. Barbie movies have been made for a while now. In these movies, Barbie enjoys many adventures with her friends. These movies are often direct-to-video and don’t get a theatrical release. Erica Lindbeck is the voice behind Barbie. This film was the first time that Universal Pictures wasn’t the distributor for Barbie films.

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The movie’s plot revolves around Isla, a friend of dolphins, and Barbie and her sisters visiting Ken. Isla is a friend to the dolphins and a sea mermaid who lives below the water with them. Isla and the dolphin’s team with Barbie and her sisters to save corals from fishermen’s eyes. 

Although it isn’t a great movie, it’s still a fun movie for children. It also teaches valuable lessons about ecological conservation that can easily be taught to kids at an early age.

5. Barbie in a Mermaid Tale (2010)

The Barbie franchise also produced ‘Barbie In A Mermaid’s Tale’, a movie about mermaids. Adam L. Wood directed this movie. This film is notable because it marks the end of Kelly Sheridan’s voice as Barbie. 

Since 2001, when Sheridan first voiced Barbie in the movie ‘Barbie In The Nutcracker’, Sheridan was the iconic Barbie voice. Sheridan returned to the role in 2012’s sequel to this film and continued to voice the Barbie character in numerous movies and shows.

Barbie is played by Merliah Sommers. She plays the role of a little girl who doesn’t know that her mother is a mermaid, and Oceana is the queen of the underwater world. She discovers her mother is missing, and that Eris, her evil, tyrannical sister, has taken over the underworld. 

Merliah accidentally discovers that Eris is a human with the help of mermaids. She was only pretending to be an underworld mermaid. A pinkish dolphin, Zuma, is also mentioned in the story and shows Merliah around an oceanic kingdom.

4. Jalpari: The Desert Mermaid (2012)

Children have always been attracted to mermaids because of the unknown world they represent. Anything that is unfamiliar to us causes us to want to learn more about it. This is why this movie should be included in this list. 

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Although the movie does not feature a mermaid, the character of Shreya, a little girl, becomes a symbol of a mermaid. Shreya and her little brother Sam visit their father’s village in the movie.

Shreya is able to make friends with the children of the village who aren’t used to being approached by strangers. Sam imagined a picturesque village, full of streams, ponds, and opportunities to explore. The village’s water supply is extremely limited. 

The siblings have fun and discover a horrible fact that the village has kept a secret. The siblings discover that the village is practicing female infanticide, and they blame it on the witches. Shreya, a symbolic mermaid, is pure of soul and heart. But later she begins to discover dark secrets about the world.

3. Mickey’s Magical Christmas: We were snowed in at The House of Mouse (2001).

Since 1928, Mickey Mouse has been a beloved cartoon character. He was the inspiration for all of Walt Disney’s cartoon characters, such as Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisie Duck. Ariel is another famous character that has entered the Mickey Mouse universe. 

Hans Christian Andersen first created this character when he wrote the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”. However, Disney has taken Ariel over and she is now one of their most beloved characters. She is prominent in many Mickey Mouse crossover movies, including the previously mentioned ‘Mickey’s Magical Christmas – Snowed in at The House of Mouse’.

Tony Craig directs this film, where Mickey Mouse hosts a Christmas party with all of the Disney characters. While everyone is having a great time, Donald Duck sits idly. This becomes a concern for everyone. Only when a star magically falls from the sky, and Donald Duck is asked for help to place it on the Christmas tree, does he feel jolly again. 

This movie also contains a short film called “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”, which was made in 1983. It was nominated for an award for Best Animated Short Film. This short film was Mickey Mouse’s first Oscar nomination since 1948.

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2. The3Tails Movie: A Mermaid Adventure (2015)

The movie was created as a spin-off from a YouTube series that featured three mermaids living their everyday lives. In 2015, the movie version of this story was released. It is the story of three teenage girls, Emily and Jackie. 

Emily was able to communicate with fish, but she never knew something extraordinary about herself. Emily’s tail only appeared when she was kidnapped, and accidentally fell into the water. A rich man wanted to take the qualities of the Mermaid Tail and give them to his daughter.

This movie is an adventure-filled, fun film for children. The interesting aspect of this movie is that even though they have discovered the criminal, the characters refrain from turning him over to the police. 

Because a little girl depends on the character for her every need, this is what happens. It’s a wonderful example of empathy that children can learn from. One thing to note is that the movie contains some elements and plot points that are difficult to grasp if you have not watched the web series about these mermaids. Maggie Wheeler, who plays Janie on the sitcom Friends, is a guest star.

1. The Little Mermaid (1989).

Ariel’s first famous story was The Little Mermaid. This is probably the most well-known mermaid movie. The story tells how Ariel decided to live her human life after she fell in love with Eric, a mermaid. 

Although the basic plot is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, the filmmakers have added many plot elements to make the movie more appealing to big-screen audiences. John Musker and Ron Clements were the key people behind this movie’s creation. They produced and directed “The Little Mermaid” together.

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