Mia Tomlinson Plays Anne Bonny in the Lost Pirate Kingdom

Mia Tomlinson is a young and talented actress who has created an abundance of excitement due to her appearance in Netflix’s “The Pirate Kingdom.”

The actress has played major parts in just two shows in the past, the second one being “The Beast Must Die,”‘ Mia has already caught the attention of critics and gained an enormous fan base due to her character as a pirate on the Netflix docu-series that focuses on the most notorious pirates to have ever existed. 

The actress is new to fame, but an experienced practitioner in the field of visual art, Mia’s work is awe-inspiring and has fans intrigued by what she’s about. We decided to investigate some more and see the results!

Mia Tomlinson’s Early Life and Family

Mia was born in 1995 and grew up in London. The father of Mia, Marcus Tomlinson, is a popular director and photographer. Mia also has an older brother named Ray and a younger sibling named Sadie. 

On her social media, she mentions her family frequently and includes photographs of her childhood with Mia and it seems like she’s close to them all.

Her father, Marcus Tomlinson, is well-known for his original commercial and documentary films for brands such as Porsche, Hermes, and Samsung, and for his award-winning editorials in Paris Vogue and others. 

He also was an early pioneer of digital filmography in the 90s when it was the era that was the age of VHS as well as Betamax tapes. As the daughter of an accomplished visual artist, it’s not a reason to be surprised that Mia was attracted to acting. After graduating from the high school level, Mia attended The Unseen Drama Acting School in London

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Like their father Mia’s sibling Sadie too has an innate talent for photography. Mia frequently takes to her Instagram to post pictures taken by Sadie to express her appreciation for Sadie, her sister, and praise of Sadie’s ability to create unique and creative shots even from everyday circumstances. Here’s a shot of Mia enjoying a night out with her sister, who she says is “too cool for the camera.”

Mia is of Irish heritage and often uses the term “Irish” to refer to Irish foods such as Irish coffee, and her affection for these. The character she portrays in the show ‘The Lost Kingdom’ is also known to be Irish.

Her Professional Life

Mia’s debut acting gig was when she landed the part as the Irish pirate Anne Bonny in Netflix’s “The Lost Pirate Kingdom.” The docuseries features dramatic versions of the role as well as expertly-taught interviews about the exploits of real-life pirates such as Blackbeard, Henry Vane, and Henry Jennings. Mia is featured in every episode of the series and plays an important role in the last episode.

In the film “The Lost Pirate Kingdom,” Mia was offered the part of Lena in the crime drama “The Beast Must Die.” The show follows its protagonist, Frances Cairnes, as she attempts to get revenge for the murder of her son through a scheme to deceive the person she believes to be responsible for his death. 

Similar to the pirate-themed show, Mia has a significant part in the show “The Beast Must die. Although she is an actress who is well-known with a Netflix show under her belt her roots (from her dad) as an artist are evident through her home-produced work which she uploads via YouTube.

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One of Mia’s earliest projects was for the company of her dad. The father-daughter duo were co-directors of the short film “Je vis Je Meurs” (I Live, I Die). Mia was influenced by the French poem that was told in the movie. In addition to being the co-director, Mia is also a part of the film and is named the editor. The film was shot in the wake of the lockdown following the COVID-19 epidemic, and the two were quarantined.

Mia has also been featured in music videos by singers Emily Burns and Rhys Lewis in the past. And even now, the rising star continues to play in experimental and independent videos. Her potential as a character actor is very bright indeed!

Mia Tomlinson’s Dating Life

There isn’t much information about the private life of Mia Tomlinson and her relationships with her husband. 

Although her social media accounts contain lots of her family and social life, the existence of a significant other is oddly absent. 

There are mentions and posts about the actress who is just starting with English actress Nico Mirallegro. 

At present, it appears that Mia has a flat with her friends in East London and enjoys hanging out with her friends as well as her sisters, Ray and Sadie

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