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Michelle Castillo Murder: What Happed to Braulio Castillo?

The moment Michelle Castillo was found hanging on a shower head in the shower of her Ashburn, Virginia, home with an electrical cord around her neck The family was stunned.

The happy mother of five never had any suicidal thoughts and always looked forward to living life with her kids. Anger and hatred were the driving forces behind the murder plot in “On the Case of Paula Zahn: No Escape,” an Investigation Discovery documentary about the brutal killing.

Let’s dig into the details of the investigation and discover where the killer is at this moment. Let’s get started.

How Did Michelle Castillo Die?

Michelle Castillo was a proud mother of five and lived in her home on Belmont Station Road in Ashburn, Virginia. Even though the couple was married, Braulio Castillo said, their marriage was deteriorating and she felt estranged from their partner. According to the show, she was granted a protective order for her ex-husband.

After settling the divorce terms on March 19, 2014, Michelle took a trip out with her buddies before returning home and going to bed. The children were at her house and were shocked to discover she was missing the next day. 

The reports say that the kids alerted Braulio about the disappearance of their mother. However, because of the protective order that prevented Braulio from entering the home and asking the neighbor to investigate the children as well as his divorced wife, However, there was no trace of Michelle and the children. The police intervened and conducted an extensive search of the home.

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Then, the authorities found Michelle’s body in the bathroom in the basement. The body was found hanging on a shower head with an electric cord tied around her neck. While the death appeared to be an act of suicide, the results of an autopsy revealed an entirely different account. 

The victim suffered severe injuries to her neck and face and severe bruising to her legs, indicating an assault on her body. The officers also began to suspect murder when they noticed blood-splattered clothing on Michelle’s and noticed that the shower had been cleaned. 

In addition, based on a confession made by an individual child, police inspected Michelle’s bed and found bloody traces that were collected and sent to be tested.

Who was the killer of Michelle Castillo?

Sadly, without witnesses or clues to follow, the initial investigation proved difficult for the authorities. While searching the area around the home, police observed CCTV cameras that gave them a full image of any person who was approaching the home. 

Initially, police began looking for intruders at midnight but couldn’t discover any. But, they quickly realized that any intruder would be able to get into the home to snag the victim in the future. 

So, they started looking through security footage from the evening and saw that, at around 8:09 pm, an individual that resembled Braulio was seen entering the home. A short time later, around midnight, that exact figure escaped and swiftly went away from the scene.

While the police were certain that the person in the picture was Braulio, they had no proof to charge Braulio. But that was changed after the forensics laboratory delivered the test results for the blood that was found on Michelle’s mattress. 

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The blood was an exact match to Braulio’s DNA and proved that he was there at the time the killing took place. So, with solid evidence to prove an argument, Braulio was detained and was charged with the murder of Michelle Castillo.

Where Is Braulio Castillo Now?

When he was brought before the trial, Braulio claimed that he was innocent and did not plead guilty. The trial was a heartbreaking trial, as the jury was forced to sit through a series of painful testimony to determine the events that transpired that night. 

There were two children who were members of Braulio and Michelle’s families. They presented evidence against their father and proved that he was in the home on the night that the crime took place.

In the end, the jury returned an unconvinced verdict. Braulio Castillo was found guilty of first-degree murder, as well as burglary and violating the protective order. On the basis of the verdict, Braulio was sentenced to life imprisonment with an additional sentence of 16 years. 

Since then, Braulio has tried to make petitions to get his conviction reversed, but to no avail. The reports even mention that the eldest son of the couple, Nick Castillo, filed a lawsuit for wrongful death against his dad. 

As of now, Braulio Castillo is still being held at Buckingham Correctional Center. Buckingham Correctional Center in Buckingham County, Virginia

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