9 Most Sexually Graphic Movies on Hulu Right Now

What are the most obscene and disturbing movies currently available on Hulu? How about Hulu, do they have porn there? These are two questions that we often get from our readers.

The second query cannot be answered in the affirmative. Not to worry though! We’ve combed through Hulu to find the nastiest and most sexually explicit videos available there.

Let’s clarify a few points right now. These flicks are not sexy at all. Nothing even close to that.

Listed here are the filthiest videos available on Hulu.

These movies boast of minimal to moderate nude scenes — given the fact that most of the scenes in these movies are implied, if not explicit.

Not only are these the most sensuous, erotic, and sultriest movies on Hulu, but they also showcase ample nudity to satiate one’s horniest desires.

Since there aren’t that many raunchy movies available on Hulu, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones to help you satisfy your naughty desires.

If you were wondering which Hulu movies contain the most explicit sexual content, this list could help.

9. Four Lovers (2010)

French filmmaker Antony Cordier’s ‘Four Lovers,’ alternatively known as ‘Happy Few,’ is more of a relationship drama than an erotic romance, although there are plenty of steamy scenes that are going to leave the audience hot and bothered.

Rachel (Marina Fois) and Franck (Roschdy Zem) and Vincent (Nicolas Duvauchelle) and Teri (Elodie Bouchez) are two couples who are attracted to each other’s spouses and decide to switch.

Their lives, which were dull and routine before, are now forgotten.

However, the actions of each character reveal a sense of urgency, suggesting that they are aware that the utopia they have created will not last forever.

Someday soon, they’ll reach a point where they can’t stay together.

8. AWOL (2016)

‘AWOL,’ starring Lola Kirke and Breeda Wool, is a romantic drama film based on a short film by the same name by Deb Shoval.

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Joey is from a small town and she longs to find her place in the world.

Her search seems to pay off when she visits an Army recruiting office, but her experience there is less than ideal.

There, Joey meets the stunning Rayna, and the two quickly develop romantic feelings for one another.

The girls are drawn together by a shared need to find meaning in their lives, but they can’t anticipate what will happen next.

The film depicts the lesbian couple’s passionate relationship and includes several sexually graphic and provocative scenes.

7. Cashback (2007)

In ‘Cashback,’ Sean Biggerstaff, Emilia Fox, Shaun Evans, Michelle Ryan, and Stuart Goodwin play the lead roles.

Ben, a regular guy who just went through a breakup, is the movie’s protagonist. Since he can’t sleep, our protagonist gets a job at a grocery store late at night in the hopes that it will keep his mind occupied.

But one night at the office, Ben has the startling realization that he has acquired the mysterious ability to pause time and take in the world’s true beauty.

The problem is that he becomes so accustomed to using his abilities that he loses control of them.

One of the most popular movies on the site, “Cashback” is notable for its extensive nude and semi-nude content.

6. A Teacher (2013)

The relationship between a female teacher and her male student is explored in Hannah Fidell’s “A Teacher.” Lindsay Burdge plays English teacher Diana Watts at an Austin, Texas, high school.

Sophia (Jennifer Prediger) becomes intrigued when she learns that Diana has been receiving messages from a man named Eric.

Diana dodges the question and says vaguely that he is a man she met at school. Eric (Will Brittain) is revealed to be one of her students.

The film is designed to make viewers feel uneasy by raising difficult moral and ethical questions while telling its story through the eyes of a suspect narrator.

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The film was adapted by Fidell into a miniseries for television. It debuted in November of 2020 on FX’s Hulu channel.

5. Disobedience (2017)

‘Disobedience,’ a romantic drama film based on the novel by the same name by Naomi Alderman, deals with issues of sexuality and faith.

Ronit Krushka, a photographer living in New York, relocates to London’s Orthodox Jewish community after her father dies.

After being rejected by her community years ago because of her feelings for her friend Esti, she and Esti rediscover each other and reignite their once fiery attraction.

The film, which features the acting talents of Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams, and Alessandro Nivola, is excellent because it deftly tackles controversial themes.

4. Beach Rats (2017)

This film examines the destructive effects of homophobia and self-hatred. Frankie is the protagonist in the movie Beach Rats.

He is living a somewhat problematic life. His father is seriously ill and is on his deathbed. His mother is constantly pressurizing him to get into a relationship with a girl.

He doesn’t really know who he is, so that’s a problem. Frankie wishes he could have a girlfriend and a “normal” life, but he just isn’t built that way.

He enjoys having sex with random men he meets on beaches. He also starts indulging in sex with older men so that there would be a lesser chance of them knowing any of his friends.

When Frankie can’t cope with his emotions, he turns to drugs as a temporary solution to his problems.

This is the beginning of a downward spiral that will eventually consume his entire life. Even though we see a lot of sex in the movie, ‘Bleach Rats’ tries to show an important and real issue plaguing our society.

3. All About E (2015)

A young Arabic Australian DJ finds a bag full of cash and decides to keep it in the romantic comedy film “All About E,” directed by Louise Wadley.

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To get away from her current predicament, she visits her ex-girlfriend Trish.

Will she be able to put the ghost of her past behind her and put together a decent friendship with Trish? The film’s intense lesbian love scene is graphic, but it’s still a lot of fun to watch.

2. 28 Hotel Rooms (2013)

Matt Ross wrote and directed the drama film “28 Hotel Rooms.” An accountant from Seattle and a novelist from New York have an on-again, off-again love affair over the course of the film’s several years of action.

This film depicts their long-distance relationship, which is shown to be purely sexual in nature due to the fact that they break up right after satisfying their sexual needs.

You may have guessed that ’28 Hotel Rooms’ is the sexiest movie on this list due to the abundance of explicit sexual scenes between the film’s deuteragonist and other characters.

1. Ma Ma (2015)

Penelope Cruz’s films with Pedro Almodovar have long-established her as one of the most formidable actresses of her generation.

In this film, she collaborates with Spanish filmmaker Julio Medem, and it features one of her finest performances to date.

Magda is the name of the film character played by Cruz. She is a teacher and a single mom with a low-key existence.

When Magda learns she has breast cancer, however, everything changes.

She meets two men while in treatment who teach her that there is hope even when it seems like everything is lost.

One is the football coach at her son’s school, and the other is the physician she sees for her medical care.

The film’s potential is fully realized with a stronger screenplay and more complex characters, which would have allowed Cruz’s performance as the lead to shine.

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