My Hero Academia: Touya Todoroki To Dabi Explained

Boku no Hero Academia is one of the most well-known shojo mangas. We all have had at least one crush on one of these characters in our lives. Dabi was the one character that fans were most impressed with. There has been a lot of excitement among the fans since Dabi’s debut in episode 31. His face and body are depicted with many scars and staples.

Dabi is a popular character in anime, despite his scary appearance. Dabi was a typical villain with a strong desire to destroy every hero’s life. Dabi is rude and arrogant, but more than that, he is manipulative without any sense of emotion. Many questions were raised about Dabi’s identity after he was introduced to the series. 

Reddit users suggested that Dabi was the long-deceased son of Enji Todoroki’s number one hero. The latest Boku No Hero Academia chapters confirmed this theory. But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when the tale of Endeavor’s eldest child, Touya Todoroki, becoming Dabi, is told. Fans have mixed feelings about Dabi’s journey from Touya to Dabi.

This is all you need to know about Dabi: his journey from Touya Todoroki to becoming Dabi. You don’t need to read the manga if you don’t want the series spoilt.

Dabi’s Revelation

Dabi is a supporting villain in the series. You might be wondering what he has done. He is a mass killer who has confessed to having killed about 30 people. He was a member of the Villain’s League and also led a group of elite villains known as the Vanguard Action Squad that attacked the students at UA High School.

There, he kidnaps Katsuki. He continues to follow in Stain’s footsteps. He believes only true heroes should exist, not people who are heroes for the sake of fame and fortune. Dabi is particularly interested in Endeavor, the next hero after All Might. 

In chapter number 290, Kohei Horikoshi revealed that Dabi was actually the long-deceased or presumed deceased son of Enji Torodoki!

Dabi appears indifferent to death, and he shows no remorse for killing Snatch. He not only admits to not caring for his allies but later in the manga, he says that he doesn’t even feel any remorse over Twice’s death. He does regret that Twice was not used to accomplish his goals. 

His face is usually dull and pale as if nothing interests him or makes him sad. His face lights up when he meets Endeavor in the latest chapters. This is where his wild emotions explode. Although most fans assumed this twist was already known, it still surprised them. 

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Dabi’s story is not only tragic, but it has caused some serious damage. Dabi’s story is about a child who lost his mother and was subjected to mental abuse.

Dabi owns a quirk named “cremation,” a devastating blue flame. It is difficult to not sympathize with Dabi’s past, even with the list of crimes. The endeavor was struggling with his insecurities due to All Might’s power.

He ended up being a villain in his family and trying to be a hero in the world. This explains why Touya starts to hate heroes in the future.

Todoroki Touya – Birth

Endeavor married Rei Tomodoki to have a child who would get a fire quirk and an ice quirk. Endeavor recognized his power after Touya was born and admitted that his flame power was greater than Endeavor’s. Even though Touya only had one quirk, he didn’t feel discouraged. Touya was not as cruel as Shoto. 

Endeavor was selfish to the point that he weighed a child down with his own ambitions of being the greatest hero. This was very toxic for Touya. Touya has become a rude and foul-mouthed adult, while Touya is Dabi.

However, Touya was a sweet, innocent, and playful child. This makes Touya’s story even sadder. Touya studied with his father as his mind was filled with the desire to be the number one hero.

Although everything seemed to be going well at first, Touya began getting burned from overheating. Touya was beginning to feel the effects of using too much power. Touya’s father had given him a remarkable fire-fighting ability.

However, his mother had given him resistance to low temperatures. This made it more difficult for his body, which was unable to withstand the heat and fire of his powers. Endeavor immediately gave up on Touya and stopped training with the boy. Enji took Touya’s dreams and stopped him from training any further at the age of 8.


This felt like a loss for a child who wanted to be the greatest hero like his father. Endeavor’s neglect towards Touya increased five years after Shoto Todoroki’s birth. Endeavor made Shoto a victim of his abuse, while Touya was the victim of his ignorance. 

Touya was close to his siblings and could often be seen playing with them. Touya asked his father to join him in training, but he was not harshly told to stop. Touya then began training on his own at Sekoto Peak.

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Touya was thirteen years old when his mental instability began to manifest. Touya had worked hard, despite the limitations of his abilities and the risks that came with them, to prove to his father that his efforts were not futile. He was a child who longed for his father. He would sometimes rage and use harsh words. His mother tried to console him, but he said he couldn’t be so hard on himself.

Natsu was his closest brother, and he would often see him crying in front of him. Natsu suggested to him that he talk to Fuyumi. Touya’s abandonment problems reached their peak, and he began to cry out, thinking that Natsu was pushing him away. Even more saddening is the fact that Endeavor didn’t know about any of these catastrophes that were caused by his arrogance.

Dabi’s fans would be elated to know the horrors of his childhood memories.


Touya’s red flame became blue as he entered puberty. His blue flames grew stronger, and he soon realized that his emotions were what triggered his ability to develop his powers. He discovered a new way to win his father’s recognition. 

Touya asked Endeavor for permission to visit Sekoto Peak to see his quirk. Endeavor was well aware of the dangers that his quirk posed and immediately disapproved of Touya’s training. Touya, however, was determined and desired his father’s approval at all costs.

Touya waited patiently for Endeavor’s arrival at Sekoto Peak. But the latter didn’t show up. Perhaps this was the moment when his strings snapped. Touya knew how to turn on his power and how to use it, but he didn’t know how to properly control it. 

His little heart was filled with anger at the abandonment of Endeavor. His emotions turned into flames that he couldn’t control. Endeavor was told that even the bones of his child had to be incinerated to dust. This belief lasted until Endeavor discovered that Touya actually survived.

Yes! Touya was just thirteen years old when he faked his death. Imagine how much stress and pain it must have been for a child to fake their death and escape. Touya changed his name to Dabi and dyed his hair black. Multiple burnt marks are visible all over his body. This is probably due to overheating while he uses his quirk.

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Dabi joined the Villain’s League and began to hate heroes. Dabi doesn’t just want to kill heroes but also wants people to hate them. In a journey filled with bloodshed, he has made a lot of progress and is now determined to take revenge on Enji Todoroki. 

In a shocking video, he reveals his true identity to the world. Dabi clearly wants to destroy the image of heroes and restore the faith people have in them. Dabi claims that Hawks assassinated Best Jeanist twice. He also exposes Hawk’s past to the entire world. He also tells the world about Enji’s abuse of his sons.

He is stunned beyond belief when he tells Endeavor his true identity and loses all senses. As Dabi prepares to attack, he stands frozen. Shoto begs Shoto to protect him and move. To the surprise of Dabi, Best Jeanist arrived on time and saved the day. 

After some intense fight scenes, Dabi can escape with the help of Mr Compress.

After-war photos show Endeavor, Shoto, and the rest of the Todoroki relatives in a hospital with severe injuries. Endeavor finally comes to terms with his mistakes and sees that he was a terrible father. 

Rei, however, insists that the child’s pain was not their fault. He also states that it was her fault. Shoto extends his arm towards Enji and declares that they will all stop Dabi together.

The tragic journey between Touya and Dabi resulted in the creation of a flaming beast. It will be very interesting to see how Kohei Horikoshi will take it from there. 

Will Dabi somehow find a way to change his mind? Or will he be able to do so through his father and his little brother? 

It doesn’t matter what, I feel that the chapters following this one will be emotional. 

Knowing Dabi’s history has helped me feel for him. Although he is a harsh character throughout the manga, I still wish to see him change.

A quick fact: Dabi is voiced by a well-known voice actor. Shimino Hiro is the voice of Dabi and Zenitsu Agatsuma in Kimetsu no Yaiba. Yes, Dabi, the deep-voiced Demon Slayer, has the same voice actor.

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