Nevertheless: Whom did Jae-Eon pick up at the Airport?

However, it makes no restrictions on investigating fragile partnerships.

The show’s secondary protagonists are introduced at just the right moment to mix things up.

Here we have Yang Do-hyeok, a childhood friend of Na- bi’s, and Jae-unnamed eon’s “airport woman.” A Yoon Seol-a.

Do-history hyeok’s is laid out for us in a straightforward fashion. Destiny plays a hand when, ten years later and thousands of miles away from home, Na-bi and he finally sees each other on a bus.

It’s possible that some foreshadowing was at play here as well.

Na-bi watches a popular YouTube chef’s cooking channel in a brief scene from the previous episode; the chef’s face is obscured for privacy reasons.

Do-hyeok, once met, is revealed to be a chef, specifically the chef Na-bi watched in the YouTube video. A clincher, if you will. His place of employment, the restaurant, is literally around the corner from Na-bi.

Until we learn more about Seol-role a’s in future episodes, I decided to do some independent research to satisfy my own curiosity and, hopefully, yours as well. There is still one more second to go.

To introduce Seol-a to the world, Jae-eon picks her up from the airport. In the Korean drama streaming on Netflix, she plays the role of the deuteragonist.

Nevertheless. A clear example of Jae-apparent eon’s preference for Seol-a is when he ditches Na-bi on her birthday in order to spend time with his ex-girlfriend.

 A Deeper Dive Into Seol-a’s Character

If the rumors circulating Hongseo University are to be believed, Jae-eon is not to be trusted when it comes to matters of the heart.

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Full-time players have a reputation for playing multiple women for extended periods of time. But when he starts to care about Na-bi, everything changes.

Na-bi believes this to be the case until she discovers that he is instead responding to the demands of the shadowy Seol-a. Those of us in on your ruse could have been fooled, Jae-eon.

We first meet Seol-a when Jae-eon picks her up at the airport. Their little antics demonstrate how well they know each other; Seol-a even makes wicked comments about Jae-eon.

Perhaps I misunderstood, but could you please confirm? Our second main characters, Seol-a, and Jae-eon were actually an item in their youth.

Why is Seol-a back? Will she get back together with Jae-eon?

After completing her education in the United States, Seol-a returns home. The webtoon suggests that her tumultuous relationship with Jae-eon was a contributing factor to her decision to leave.

Despite this, Jae-eon is the first person Seol-a sees after arriving in South Korea, as Jae-eon is the one who picks her up from the airport.

Frankly speaking, the Jae-Bi relationship has always been precarious. So, we can expect to encounter difficulties in the future.

What role will Seol-a play in the Nevertheless storyline?

Oddly enough, the Jae-Bi couple also controls Seol-fate. a’s After an argument between the Jae-Bi couple, Seol-a becomes very close to Jae-eon in the webtoon.

To be sure, the Jae-Bi couple from the webtoon is not at all like the one from the Korean drama.

Webtoons tend to have a more serious tone. Because of this, K-dramas have historically avoided including the dense, sometimes poisonous subplots of the webtoons they adapt.

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In order to predict what will happen to Seol-a and Do-hyeok, we need to know how the dynamics between Na-bi and Jae-eon play out in the Korean drama.

We had better be paying attention when Seol-a finally spills the beans about Jae-eon. As a matter of fact, she is the one who is most familiar with him.

About Nevertheless

Nonetheless stars Han So-hee and Song Kang and airs on a South Korean TV network.

It follows the story of a man and a woman who are deeply attracted to one another but have become jaded about love as a result of their experiences in the past.

It debuted on JTBC on June 19, 2021, and can be seen every Saturday at 23:00. (KST).

Immediately following its initial airing on television in South Korea, each episode is made available on Netflix in South Korea and around the world.

It’s about a man who’s annoyed by relationships but still enjoys flirting, and a woman who wants to date but doesn’t believe in love, and it’s incredibly realistic.

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