One Piece Episode 1002: Streaming and Release Details

One Piece Episode 1002 is a look at Straw Hats vs. Numbers. Luffy and the Samurai are trying to make it to the top of the mountain to confront Kaido and his associates. The Minks fight. 

Number Fuga and Jack are on the move following the Minks’ inform that the Akazaya Nine not to interfere as they would like to exact their revenge. Luffy tried using Gum-Gum Rocket but failed when the Queen prevented his progress by using a hybrid. In One Piece’s most recent episode, the Straw Hats come together and decide to go all-out after slaying all the enemies in the area.

The Samurai vs. the Numbers starts when Hyogoro informs his team that they’ll never lose. X Drake and Basil Hawkins arrive in a separate room. X Drake looks at the ground and sees that things have changed drastically since the Straw Hats arrived. 

He is unsure of what will happen in the event that Big Mom and Kaido declare their alliance. However, he is pleased his straw hats have caused confusion, which is beneficial for him. Hawkins is studying his cards, and he is looking towards X Drake. There are some cuts on his forehead. On the Queen’s side, he is furious when he realises that it’s not just his straw hat that is hurt.

The Queen recognises that the prisoners of Udon are fighting too, and they are going to pay. Hyogoro says that he’s too, and Queen thinks about what happened in the Excavation Labor Camp in Udon. He believes Babanuki was threatening him since the latter told him something else. 

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The King was spotted near the Queen and decided he could not have blamed the Queen because just a few minutes ago, everything was fine before the adversaries showed up. However, the Queen is brainless and needs to solve the issue quickly. (X Drake and Hawkins continue their discussion about the unrest in Onigashima.

Previously on One Piece Episode 1001

One Piece Episode 1002

X Drake asks Hawkins to determine if there is a chance to win, but Hawkins thinks that if enemies come near him, they will be cut in half and knows nothing about the chance. (X Drake talks about Hawkins’ loyalty to Kaido, as he has no idea about it. 

He asks what happens if Hawkins is required to follow the path he’s on because he was fooled by Apoo. X Drake knew that Hawkins, Captain Kid, and Apoo had joined forces, but Apoo was the one to betray them. 

The X Drake believes Hawkins isn’t willing to be a part of the Anima Kingdom Pirates; Hawkins wonders whether the X Drake encourages him to commit a crime against them.

He speaks of an individual who only has one percent of his life to live until the next day, and he feels bad for the man. X Drake receives a call from the King, who has summoned everyone in Tobi Roppo. Ulti believes that the King is boring and is wondering what he would like to know. 

However, King reminds them of the changes in the world. He also discussed an every-year fire festival and that they allowed the Akazaya Samurai to enter Onigashima. This has never been the case in the history of Onigashima, and it’s embarrassing. The King reminds them of Yamato and that the person who is bringing Yamato is going to challenge them as the lead performers for their respective positions.

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However, he has decided to postpone that at present because Kaido is located on the ceiling of the dome and they need to block enemies from getting to Kaido. Who’s Who visited Drake and was reminded of the chance and invited him to go along. 

X Drake wonders where Who’s Who is headed. However, he admits that he’s planning to kill the thing he’s trying to kill, which is where Queen is. X Drake doesn’t want to be involved in the Queen and Who’s Who rivalry.

One Piece Episode 1002 Release Date

The 1002nd episode of One Piece is scheduled to be released on December 5th, 2021. Who’s Who believes Queen is ineffective, and X-Drake likes how things are going.The fight on the live floor will continue as these two kill one another. 

It appears that the numbers are also doing their best. Who’s Who gets to the place where Queen is, and the group abandons him. A bullet hits X Drake in the shoulder. Hawkins says the fact that X Drake has one percent of the chance of survival means Let’s examine One Piece Episode 1002’s official information.

Watch One Piece Episode 1002 Online – Streaming Details

You can stream The 1002 episode of One Piece on Netflix and Crunchyroll on Sunday at 9:15 AM JST. You can also stream the 1002 episode of One Piece on Animelab and Funimation outside of countries in which Netflix and Crunchyroll are unavailable. Apple TV, Funimation, Netflix, and Hulu are the sole streaming services that provide dub episodes.

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Who believed it? (X Drake allowed Trafalgar Law to flee the Floor Capital.They wanted to take out X Drake, who used an explosive to get out. While on the way, he made use of signature moves to kill the numbers. 

Luffy gets into Gear Three, uses Gum-Gum Kong, and defeats the Numbers in a single move using X Drake. He demands Luffy allow him to fight with him. We’ll meet up at the time One Piece Episode 1002 is released.

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