One Piece Episode 997: Release Date & Spoilers

Kaido vs.The Akazaya Nine and Luffy Luffy. Big Mom begins with One Piece Episode 997 featuring Queen warning Kaido’s fellow gang members that they’re under attack. Kaido vs. the Akazaya Nine has landed a strike that Kaido believed to be Oden struck him. 

They hit Kaido flying with Oden Sunachi. Kaido is thrown off the top and is unable to use his weapons. One Piece has entered an Era of War, a war that is a major one. 

In the most recent One Piece Episode, Kaido is aware that this strike is similar to Oden Two Style Sword: Paradise Totsuka and considers whether history is repeating itself. Kaido is unsure of the reason why the mark Oden left on his body hurts him and also how the Akazaya Nine can pierce his body using a blade.

There are so many questions and is wondering if the Akazaya Nine use Oden’s Ryuo. The episode’s title reads “Onigashima on Tumult! Luff’s All-Out War begins.” Following an overwhelming attack from Akazaya, Akazaya, Nine Kaido hits the ground, and it is awe-inspiring for Luff along with Yamato. 

Big Mom was also stunned by the fatal strike on Kaido. She reveals that they’re hosting a dangerous dinner and inquires whether Kaido has died. Queen informs them she believes that Kaido is invincible, and will take out his fellow Akazaya rats.

King also discovered that Straw Hats, Kid, and the rest were disguises to frighten the enemy. Boss Hyogoro begins to cut Kaido’s subordinates. Boss Hyogoro begins to slice Kaido’s underlings.

Samurai begin to show themselves as they cut their enemies. Luffy and Kaido have decided to join in the fight. However, Ulti is there while battling Yamato. 

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Yamato was able to stop Ulti’s assault, and Ulti was reminded that she’d earlier hit her and it was painfully horribly. Ulti is angry that she’s in Yamato’s territory however, Yamato is running around with Straw Hat. One Piece Episode 997 reveals the greatest battle.

Previously on One Piece Episode 996

Yamato clarifies the confusion and shows that she is going to become Kozuki Oden. And that day has arrived. Ulti is unsure if she’s insane since she is aligning with enemies rather than her father. 

Yamato admits she’s on Straw Hats’ side. Kaido’s men showed up and said that the enemies had hurt their father. Yamato reminds them that she’s not in their corner. Luffy hits them with Gum-Gum Whip. 

One of Kaido’s guys falls before Big Mom, who steps over the guy. She was able to see Luffy employing the Gum-Gum Elephant Gun to take out Kaido’s men.

Big Mom is aware that the culprit is Straw Hat, and is determined to face Luffy. Luffy cannot believe the fact that Big Mom has to appear at this moment when she is already working. Law and his team had entered the castle, and Law utilizes Room to take out his opponents. 

On the other hand of the castle, who’s Who has joined his group moving towards the battleground. A Who’s Who member reminds him of the location of Yamato, and they need to get Yamato’s attention to be used by Who’s Who to challenge a Leading Performer. 

Who’s Who confirms that he is in a certain business. Ulti and. Yamato continues to trade massive strikes.

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Yamato is also urging Ulti to step away from her, as she’s going to be able to take Kaido down and transform into Kozuki Oden. They discussed family problems and Yamato is a reminder to Ulti to be kind towards Page One. 

Yamato shut down Ulti’s Mortar by using her weapon. Ulti confesses that she handles her Pay-Pay better than anyone else in the world. Robin and Jinbei observe Shinobu climbing on the wall, using her Ninja abilities to save Momonosuke. 

Momonosuke is still hanging on the wall but Queen is watching him. Jinbei advised Robin not to be concerned as they’d be next to attack and they will.

One Piece Episode 997 Release Date

The 997th episode of One Piece is scheduled to be released on October 31, 2021. Name and Carrot attempt to escape from Big Mom’s demons. However, Nami makes use of Black Ball. Storm Cloud to punish the minorities. Carrot also brought in Eleclaw. 

Eleclaw and Carrot mix their attacks and create Ninpo: Ectoplasm Thunder and beat Big Mom’s minions in just one stroke. Name promises to bring Zeus back to her side. Big Mom is heading toward Luffy who is using Gum-Gum Elephant Gun against her. 

However, Big Mom disarmed Luffy by kicking her fist. She revealed that she had traveled from Totto Land to Totto Land to punch Luffy. Let’s take a look at One Piece Episode 997 official information.

Watch One Piece Episode 997 Online – Streaming Details

You can stream The One Piece episode 997 on Netflix & Crunchyroll on Sunday at 9:00 AM JST. If you’re not using Japan’s normal hour, stream One Piece Episode 997 on Funimation & Animelab. 

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The nami did manage to get Zeus and hug his body, but he was afraid Big Mom would punish him. On the other hand, Kinemon and the Akazaya Nine were able to harm Kaido very badly. Kaido cannot believe they’re on the hunt for revenge and have joined forces with pirates. 

Kinemon exposes that Luffy is distinct from the Kaido. Kaido and is determined to take on. Luffy started to Big Mom that he would beat them all, and it would be a complete conflict. Let’s get together at the time that The One Piece Season 997 will be out.

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