OSRS: Is Getting The Tome Of Fire Worth It?

The Tome of FireThe Tome of Fire is a fantastic magic trick that comes with very useful bonuses and effects. I definitely recommend buying this item as it’s not too costly and definitely worth the money.

It also serves as an energy source for flame runes when charged with burned pages. What truly distinguishes this product is its ability to increase the damage caused by fire magic spells by 50%.

This means that spells such as Fire Surge can hit for an incredible output.

If you’re using non-combat spells such as High Alchemy or teleportation spells, the Tome of Fire can be used at absolutely no cost and will serve as an unlimitable supply of runes that are based on fire.

This makes the book extremely beneficial for certain spells (obviously) since it will help you save a lot of fire runes in the course of time.

Also, I’d like to mention that the Tome of Fire can be loaded with up to 250 pages, with each adding 20 additional charges on top of the tome, which amounts to 5,500 dollars.

Another reason to grab the item is that it has an impressive magical defensive and attack bonus, with a specific +8 percent. If you think about them in conjunction with their unique effect, they’re a great weapon to have.

The Tome of Fire is really ideal for bosses such as Ice Demons within the Chambers of Xeric.

How to Find the Tome of Fire

It’s only available in very limited quantities from the Wintertodt Supply Crate that is handed to players as a reward for finishing a round of playing the Wintertodt miniature game. This amounts to 1/10000 (or 0.1 percent).

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This is also the case for pages that have been burned, although they’re far more prevalent with a drop frequency of 1 in 4 (2.22 percent) and multiple pages may be picked up each time.

Players can also opt for the Tome of Fire. From the Grand Exchange for 800,000 grp. The purchase of it could be the best alternative, considering that getting it from a drop that is so low is quite difficult and lengthy.

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