Paola Franchi’s Partner: Where Is She Now?

Recently, Paola Franchi has been trending all over the web, so naturally, her devoted following is curious as to whether or not she is taken.

Italian interior designer, model, craftsman, and inventor Paola Franchi is well-known for her romantic ties to fashion house Maurizio Gucci.

Paola and Maurizio had only been dating for a short time before his horrible murder, and they were never able to sustain a lasting partnership.

She entered this world on Milan, Italy’s 17th of November in 1953 and is doing OK today.

Her co-conspirator was a famous figure, so the staging makes a tribute to her as well; she was a remarkable woman in her own right.

Once a model and interior designer, she rose to fame when she began dating Maurizio Gucci, a member of the Gucci author’s family and former head of the Gucci design business.

Her novel L’Amore Spezzato, which translates to “Broken Love,” has recently gained a lot of attention as well.

Regardless of whether or not she is reintroduced to the public via the media, her legacy will live on.

Paola Franchi Dating

With whom is Paola Franchi currently paired off? The Italian decorator is currently available and unattached.

However, Maurizio Gucci’s girlfriend Paola Franchi was present at the moment of his death in 1995.

After each of their marriages ended in 1990, the two old friends got back together.

After Gucci’s divorce from Patrizia Reggiani was finalized in 1994, the couple moved into a lavish Milan apartment and began making wedding plans.

Franchi discussed her time spent at Gucci in an interview with The Guardian.

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They instantly hit it off, she added. Like two halves of an apple, Maurizio told her.

There was never any good fortune for the pair. Gucci was killed by a gunshot to the head on March 27th, 1995, in front of his office.

Two years after Gucci’s death, Reggiani and four others were charged with his murder.

Since Franchi was not married to Gucci and had no legal claim to her flat, he was asked to vacate the premises the day after her death.

It wasn’t long before Reggie and his daughter made it to their new home.

Paola Franchi faced Another Tragedy

Following Maurizio Gucci’s death, Paola Franchi made a gradual transition toward a new life.

But in 2001, she suffered another tragedy when her ex-husband Giorgio Colombo’s son Charlie committed suicide. He was just 16 years old.

Franchi was heartbroken by the death of her son, and she and her ex-husband established the L’Amico Charly charity in his honor.

Charlie’s death came as a shock to his mother, Franchi, she said because he was generally a cheerful kid.

She concluded that “a touch of adolescent craziness” was likely to blame.

The organization collaborates with psychiatrists and psychologists to create programs aimed at preventing suicide among young people.

A photograph of Franchi’s son with Gucci is one of her most treasured possessions.

The use of their smiling features in greetings is something she particularly appreciates, she explains.

Her memoir, “L’Amore Spezzato” (which translates to “broken love”), was released in 2010.

She writes deeply about her son’s suicide, her relationship with Gucci, and how she uses art to heal from a loss in this memoir.

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Who is Maurizio Gucci?

Although his time on Earth was brief, Gucci experienced a lot of upheaval and adventure.

Everything you need to know about Maurizio, from his untimely demise to his loving family, is right here.

The name Maurizio Gucci is synonymous with the success of the Gucci fashion house.

Patrizia Reggiani, the protagonist of Ridley Scott’s latest film, is married to Maurizio.

We have Adam Driver as Maurizio and Lady Gaga as Patrizia.

They have two daughters together: Allegra and Alessandra.

When their mother was arrested for paying an assassin to kill their father, the siblings were just teenagers.

During an interview in 2016, Patrizia said that she and her daughter had a strained relationship.

They are hard times for us right now,” she remarked.

Maurizio Gucci’s Death

On March 27, 1995, an assassin hired by Gucci’s ex-wife Patrizia shot and killed Maurizio on the stairs of his office in Milan.

When he was shot and killed, Gucci was only 46 years old.

Subsequent investigation led to Patrizia’s capture on murder charges related to Maurizio.

She went to jail for 18 years before being freed in 2016.

When Paola Franchi was killed in 1995, Maurizio was dating her.

They’d known one other since they were young and started dating in 1990 after reuniting in Switzerland.

Patrizia was upset by them being together. Maurizio and Patrizia’s divorce was formalised in 1994.

Maurizio and Paola had just started making plans for the future when he was murdered.

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