Redo of Healer Episode 1: Summary and Preview

In the coming week, we’ll look at the most recent advancements in the animated series. In the Underworld, the hordes of adventurers, monsters, and mages are compelled to battle. However, a hero wizard who can change the course of time can transform everything.

He was determined to make everything wrong right by using his power. Keyaru believes that magic healing is one of the strongest weapons available and has used it to accomplish his goals in the last four years prior. He had made up his mind to get even with his tormentors.

In Hero Flare, Arlgrande Jioral travels to the Jioral kingdom along with Keyaru, and there he becomes a healing hero. In the beginning, things weren’t well for Keyaru. He was abusing and touring, and Kayaru was hooked on the drugs for healing that Flare provided him with.

Flare makes use of him every day, and Keyaru begins to hate the people from that kingdom. Keyaru was able to heal himself and began refusing to use drugs. The heroes were then ruled by the king of the clan, the Demon King.

Redo of Healer Episode 1 Release Date and Summary

Healer Episode 1 will be redone on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 at 11:30 p.m. JST. A new episode of “Redo of the Healer” will air every Wednesday. You can visit the official website for the show by visiting

The show was available for streaming through HIDIVE until now. This show is also known under its other name, Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi. We will continue to update you on this show. Take an interest in the following:

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Redo of Healer Episode 1 Summary

Keyaru takes the lead and fights with Keyaru, who steps up to fight the Demon King. Keyaru defeats: Keyaru fought off the Demon King by brutally beating her. It was said that the demon was a woman with silver hair who was presented with the Philosopher’s Stone.

Keyaru was determined to use the stone to enhance his power to get revenge on all who had trampled him in the kingdom. In the next chapter, Kayeru goes to the woods and gains new powers to read the words written on the spirits’ stars.

Before Kayeru discovered his true power, the kingdom was weak. the kingdom, and didn’t have any chance against the other soldiers. He was weak in the way that he was victimised by a powerful woman, but he turns it to his advantage and robs the skills and experience of that lady.

A few days later, Keyaru was arrested with some criminals. They remained there for about a month, after which he escaped. Keyaru disguises himself in the form of a knight and is able to get past the guards of the prisoner.

Divine Armor:

He transforms himself into the Captain of Knights as well, as the Captain changes to his smaller body. He wanted to exact revenge on the captain for his actions. Keyaru’s abilities increase every time he heals a wounded person. He also develops the ability to fight and develop.

Keyaru can acquire abilities from various soldiers, fighters, or mages and make use of them. When he fights, he strives to end the fight with one hit. He refers to it as a “one-hit-ko,” and he is also able to steal other strength and use the divine armour of Georugius.

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Keyaru’s Georruguis is a ring that Keyaru made after he discovered Blade’s Holy Armament and got into an agreement with it. The armour can also help him heal wounds and send spells into the sky.

Flare Arlgrande Jioral, known by the name Freia, as she’s the hero that uses magic. Freia is the queen of the Jioral Kingdom and spends most of her time with Keyaru, travelling with him. She was tricked and started to fall in love with Keyaru and began to be his devoted friend.

Setsuna and the kingdom of Setsuna were taken over by her enemy as slaves that were scheduled for sale. They were assaulted throughout the day and night. Because Setsuna is half-beast, she began to hate humans for savagely abusing her and those in her kingdom.

She said that one day she would take out all the knights and take over their kingdom. She doesn’t want to get revenge on innocents; she is just trying to eliminate people who are evil.

Setsuna’s Kingdom:

Freia becomes friends with Setsuna, who is half-human with beast traits. She is also the slave Keyaru acquired and then enrolled to join his team. Setsuna was able to meet Keyaru under the supervision of a slave trader, and Keyaru noticed how gorgeous she looked.

Keyaru was taken to the hospital after rescuing her. Kayeryu then uses her abilities to help her see the way to her future. Setsuna made the decision to fall in love with Kayeru to show her power.

After a couple of weeks, Keyaru and Setsuna set off to save Setsuna’s kingdom. They travelled to the Ice Wolf Village to stop Setsuna’s people from being slaves. Setsuna fought back with rage, enraged her opponents.

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They were defeated by violence, and now the two are enjoying a relaxing time in the forest after defeating their foes. Once they’d finished, Setsuna decided to serve Kayeru and reveal her true name to her.

Redo of Healer Official Trailer

We’ll be back with new updates next week, as soon as the next episode airs. This is how we conclude our week’s blog post by providing all of the information above.

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