Why Reiner Will Be Crucial In AOT Season 4?

Attack on Titan Attack on Titan, the anime that everyone is talking about these days. AOT is one of the most avid fanbases around the globe. 

The show is an adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s manga that has the same name and has experienced steady improvement in terms of quality over time. 

The series follows the adventures of Eren an 11-year-old boy living in a shared world with Humans and huge humanoids known as Titans.

Titans have been around from the time Eren could remember. They pose a threat to humanity as the only thing they can do is eat human beings in a bizarre manner, and for no apparent reason. 

The inhabitants from Paradis Islands have been safe from Titans for a long time but when the enigmatic Colossal, as well as Armored Titans, appear, their peace is broken. They breach the walls and invade their city Shiganshina in the city of Shiganshina, devouring thousands of people including Eren’s mom.

He promises to eliminate the entire race of Titans as he joins the search crew known for going across the globe to discover secrets and killing Titans wherever they travel. Attack on Titan has finally begun airing its 4th season and its final one and plenty of exciting new developments are in the works. 

This season is full of new perspectives. One of the most significant changes in the current season is that viewers are able to experience a large portion of the action through the eyes of Marley. The protagonist is, yes Reiner Braun. Reiner Braun.

Reiner’s tragic background was disclosed in episodes 4th and 5th of this season. it gives us some clues about the way he’ll be more important in the season than before. We’ll look at Reiner’s part in AoT season 4.

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Reiner’s Tragic Past

Similar to Eren, Reiner has also been the victim of a tragic story. He fought as a young soldier, risking his life to be the heir to the title of Armored Titan. Why? because Reiner along with his mother was separated from their father long in the past. 

There is only one way to unify them was to win the trust of the upper-levels. He perseveres until he finally gets the title of Armored Titan. In order to meet his father who would like absolutely nothing to do nor his mother.

It felt like Reiner accomplished so much for nothing. One of the most important characteristics shared by Reiner is the fact that he is never quit. We’ve been watching Eren as the protagonist the entire time, but Reiner’s character has the same power in the sense of sheer determination. 

At the moment that Marley ordered them to strike Paradis, Reiner lost important colleagues along the route. Yet, he decided to go on. After he had fought Paradis and successfully infiltrated the city but he ended in being unable to save Annie along with Bertholt.

Reiner walks about in a state of guilt knowing that his fellow teammates gave up their lives to help Reiner. He’s always the last one to live. Reiner could have passed away any time of the many times. What is the reason Isayama has been able to keep him alive?


The truth may be more straightforward than people think. Attack on Titan is an animation that is not afraid of killing its characters. Reiner is one of the main characters who has been through many times and has been through the same fate as Eren or anyone else who has been able to survive this horrific world. This means that the person standing behind Eren’s back ultimately is Reiner himself. Consider it.

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Which character has stood the test of time through all odds? It was Reiner however, from the opposite end of Paradis. Who is the one person who set the whole thing off by insisting Eren in an appropriate direction? 

Again, it was Reiner. True, little is known about the way things are going to play out at the end of the series. Given that Gabi, as well as Falco Grice, are both being selected as possible candidates for the role of Armored Titan, it may be the case that Reiner may be killed in the end. If Reiner is killed, it could be a significant turning point in the events.



Reiner has made great strides. Both literally and metaphorically. It would be a pity to see this tragic and sad character was executed in a brutal and undeserved way, just like Ymir. However, we don’t believe that would happen. We think Reiner will turn the tide around. His ideas stand out from those of Eren. 

When Eren is attempting mass murder and believes that’s the only option. Reiner believes that it’s best for their race to be killed to ensure it is possible that the curse of Ymir is finally removed. Do you think you can see the same thing we do?

Reiner has set out to help save the world. Eren attempts to rescue the Subjects from Ymir.

Although a debate about what is right or wrong can be difficult in this scenario it is easy to observe how Eren is a thought-process that of an adversary. What happens when heroes turn into villains? Does this mean Reiner was the true savior all along? We sure think so.

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The striking divergence between Reiner as well as Eren is what leads us to believe that they’ll face one another at the final. In the debate over who’s the right person regarding their beliefs, the debate is left to the viewers.

You can stream Attack on Titan right on Crunchyroll.

Do you agree with this notion? Do you believe Reiner is actually the hero? Tell us via the comment section.

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