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Roberta Snider Murder Case: Where is Philip Snider Now?

In January of this year, Roberta Snider disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Her family was alerted by the authorities, Philip’s continuously changing story made it harder for authorities to figure to the bottom of what happened. 

Investigation Discovery’s documentary ‘When Philip Met Missy’ shows the way in which police employed an undercover officer to get an admission from the husband of Roberta’s, Philip. 

We’ll find out more about the case let’s get started, shall we?

How Did Roberta Snider Die?

Roberta Lee Snider was born in January 1948. She was the wife of Philip Snider for about 53 years at the time of the incident. Philip used to be a carpenter before retiring. In the past, Philip was a carpenter who disclosed to Roberta’s family members she was suffering from cancer. 

The 70-year-old was an avid Elvis Presley fan and wanted to go to Graceland in Tennessee at least once before her death. On January 4 in the 4th of January, Philip reached out to a colleague to inform him that they were driving towards Graceland after their stay located in Hartville, Ohio.

On the 8th of January, Philip called Roberta’s family members to inform them that she died. According to Philip, Roberta choked on her blood as they were getting close to their location. 

Philip claims that he called an ambulance to help in a parking area. Roberta was taken away, while Philip returned to his home. 

The phone call did not go down well with the brother of Roberta who phoned the police on the 9th of January in search of more information. 

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As more information emerged it became clear that Roberta was murdered, however, her remains weren’t discovered.

Who Killed Roberta Snider?

Philip initially stated that he was home when Roberta died in a cremation. The police could not discover any evidence the EMS truck was able to locate Roberta or Jane Doe. The police questioned him and examined footage of the hotel in which Philip claimed that the couple was staying. 

The cameras show Philip as a single man, with no Roberta. When confronted by this information, Philip changed his story. Philip claimed that Roberta was dead in Between Columbus, Ohio, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Philip stated that the body of his wife was wrapped into trash baggies, threw her body in the bed of the pickup truck, and drove her to Graceland. Then, he said Roberta’s remains were dumped into the Tennessee River. However, a search in the river did not yield Roberta’s remains or other evidence. 

In August, Philip was admitted to the hospital following an incident where he tried to end his own life. While he was in the hospital by the police, they conducted a search warrant on his Hartville home. This led to an alarming discovery.

In the basement, the cadaver dog was found in an empty plastic container that contained a bloody sweatshirt. The piece of clothing was identified as belonging to Roberta and tests confirmed that there was the blood of hers on the item. 

Additionally, surveillance footage from an oil station located in Wooster, Ohio, where Philip stopped for a short time during the journey, did not show indications of Roberta being present with the motorist. 

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When police interrogated Philip who was arrested, he presented an alternate version of what happened that took place. He claimed that Roberta was killed at home, and then the body was placed in the truck and drove it to Tennessee where she was buried in the river along the way.

The authorities knew Philip might have had something to do with Roberta’s murder They couldn’t indict Philip without evidence. Therefore, they came up with an alternative plan. An undercover police officer bonded with Philip following his discharge from the hospital. 

She identified herself to Philip as Missy and told Philip that she was visiting town to take care of her dying mother. In their conversation, Missy confided in Philip that she was contemplating murdering her mother.

Then, Philip talked with the police officer about ways to kill his mother without raising suspicion. He also offered to Missy and said that she could get his retirement benefits after he passed away. In the end, Missy told Philip that they could only see each other if he would tell Missy the whole truth regarding the events that happened to Roberta. 

This is when the confession was made. In describing it as a possible scenario, Philip said that he and Roberta were at war on January 2 and she was sleeping on the sofa in their room.

The next day Philip was out to get his breakfast coffee. He found Roberta asleep when he returned home. Philip then put fabric over her head and hit her twice with a 2-pound stake hammer. 

Philip put a bag of groceries over her head, and then placed her inside a container made of plastic. He also took other evidence, including an acrid pillow and the weapon used in the murder. Following that, Philip disposed of all the evidence he collected during his journey to Graceland.

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Where is Philip Snider Now?

Philip Snider, then 73 He was arrested in April 2018in a move that was a shock to him, as per the authorities. In August of the identical year, Philip was found guilty of serious murder, tampering with evidence, and the gross use of a body. Philip was willing to transport the body of Roberta to the police station and, in return was given 20 years of life.

Philip claimed that he threw Roberta’s body into the dumpster of Bullitt County, Kentucky. Authorities believed that the remains could end in a landfill. But they weren’t discovered. Prison records reveal that Philip remains in the Richland Correctional Institution in Mansfield, Ohio. Philip is eligible to be paroled in 2038.

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