30 Sexiest Anime Girls of All Time

Once you started reading this article, a couple of them instantly came into your head. Keep reading to find out if your selection was on the list. Animation has seen a dramatic change in the last century, just like other kinds of entertainment.

It has attracted a large international fan base, which has grown exponentially with the advent streams on platforms. A lot of the blame for this global enthusiasm is due to the accessibility to the internet, dramatic improvement in animation, and excellent storytelling, however, the importance of great characters is unquestionable.

We’ve already examined the most popular anime characters. Today we’ll turn our focus to more specific things—the most sexually attractive anime girls. I’ve tried to include characters of all ages, from adorable young sexy girls to gorgeous older beauty models. 

Keep in mind that this list isn’t ordered. Therefore, with no further delay, here’s our list of the most popular anime girls of all time. If you’re looking to see them live Well, we’ve included a link at the bottom of each recommendation.

30. Mineru Wachi, Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

Minoru from the anime ‘Mother of Goddess Dormitory’ is, without doubt, the most popular anime character ever. The gorgeous woman with a brain is a committed researcher who is frequently consumed by her bizarre research. Incredibly, she is unable to comprehend or appreciate for social norms, and therefore is not afraid of sporting revealing robes in the park or on the nearby street. While in the dorm, Minoru is not shy to show off her naked body before the main character, Koushi Nagumo. It is possible to go right here to watch “Mother of the Goddess Dormitory.’

29. Tsubasa Hanekawa, Bakemonogatari

In the present, Tsubasa Hanekawa from ‘Bakemonogatari” isn’t as popular as she ought to be. As a friend of the protagonist Koyomi Araragi. Tsubasa has the title of class leader who is typically organized and focused. But when a sly cat demon is possessed by her, she can quickly transform into a gorgeous, attractive teenager who is able to beat out nearly every other character in this list. The show can be watched right here.

28. Yaoyorozu Momo, My Hero Academia

Yaoyorozu Momo is an intriguing new addition to the ever-growing roster of sexually attractive heroines in the world of anime. The next Pro Hero is a dedicated student at U.A High School who not only excels in school but also in battle due to her strategic thinking as well as the “creation quirk.” Because of her abilities that are innate to her, she is almost always wearing unrevealing clothes that reveal her beautiful body, and has fans of all anime giddy over her. If you’re planning to see her on the field, then “My Hero Academia” can be watched here..

27. Suguha Kirigaya, Sword Art Online


When Suguha Kirigaya was first introduced to the audience in the film “Sword Art Online,” most viewers might have believed that she was simply a adorable girl. However, things take on a unexpected turn when she transforms into Leafa beautiful blonde warrior. It is interesting to note that she maintains her adorableness even after changing and her hot physique and innocent look make Suguha to be one of the most sexy anime girls’ lists. You can view Suguha at Crunchyroll.

26. Atena Saotome, Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

Some female characters from the harem series are loud and sexy with a lack of decency and common sense, Atena is an exception. She is reserved and doesn’t want to be seen walking around semi-nude/nude in the dormitories. Saotome is more understanding and caring of Koushi’s needs , and will always be there for Koushi. It’s this delicate balance between her caring character and rare bursts of sexual arousal which makes Atena extremely attractive and desirable. You can view the Harem anime at HDIVE.

25. Midnight, My Hero Academia

The kindhearted Pro Hero is famous for her slim body and gorgeous looks, so do not be surprised to see her on the list. Although she doesn’t receive sufficient screentime, Midnight was able to captivate the fandom of anime with her curvaceous body. It is interesting to note that ‘ My Hero Academia is free of erotic content, and so Midnight’s growing fans is proof that the absence of sexual innuendos are not an obstacle for a figure like hers to gain attention and recognition. The movie is available on this site.

24. Boa Hancock, One Piece

One of the most sexy females that we have included on our list are Pirate Empress Boa Hancock, from the popular anime series ‘One Piece’. She’s often seen wearing stunning outfits that enhance her attractiveness and provides us with the pleasure of taking in her attractiveness. Boa is a slim and tall woman with a slim waist and black hair that is long. Boa has the title of captain for Kuja Pirates. Kuja Pirates. You can watch “One Piece’ here.

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23. Lilith Asami, Trinity Seven

The teacher with red hair may appear compassionate and tolerant however Lilith can turn into a hot babe who’s not shy about engaging in combat when the situation calls for. Incredibly, the beautiful lady of the brain also boasts a beautiful and curvaceous body that has not been overlooked by Trinity Seven fan base. So, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Asami is possibly the most hot and attractive teacher in the world of anime. You can view the her action on this page.

22. Nico Robin, One Piece

Another one from the ‘One Piece’ series and this will not be the last. When you think of a hot anime character, Nico Robin is one of the names that immediately comes up. Nico Robin is a gorgeous and tall woman , with beautiful legs and slim arms. Nico typically wears uniforms which show her sexual cleavage. Her hair is black and has an tan skin. She is the only living person on the island of Ohara and is part of the Straw Hat Pirates where she is archaeologist. The length of her legs is an added benefit to her combat abilities. Watch ‘One Piece’ here.

21. Elizabeth Liones, The Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth Liones is the princess of the Kingdom of Lioness. She is the adopted princess of King Batra. Druids are her ancestors. in the future, we learn it is because she was the reincarnation of the goddess. She is extremely strong. Elizabeth is a silver-haired woman with large eyes. Her eyes are covered in her hair. Elizabeth has a slim figure and wears a tight-fitting top and a skirt that is short. Elizabeth is also caring and caring as well as robust. She set out to uncover seven of the Seven Deadly Sins on her on her own to save her country from shackles by the corrupted Holy Knights. The full film Seven Deadly Sins here.

20. The Darkness KonoSuba God’s love and blessings on the amazing world!

The princess from the movie KonoSuba is a warrior and is also one of the three principal female characters. Darkness stunning looks are a bizarre match for her sexy tendencies in a way that makes her appearance innocent and adorable. Furthermore, the faith she feels with her extended family’s rich past and her noble heritage shows her solid upbringing. Thus, it’s not unreasonable to assert the fact that Darkness is a perfect girl for all men.

19. Mirajane Strauss, Fairy Tail

Mirajane Strauss is an S-class mage that has terrifying Demon abilities that can destroy her foes. Her fighting skills are impressive, when she’s not fighting she’s models to Sorcerer Magazine. Although she’s thin and gorgeous however, when she is using the Satan spell her physical appearance alters dramatically. Her curvaceous figure can draw attention to her, and it’s impossible to talk about the hottest anime characters without talking about her. Watch her live on this page.

18. Mio Naruse, The Testament of Sister New Devil

In her role as the daughter of the Demon Lord, Mio is the rightful Heiress to his title however, she finds herself involved in an intimate connection with her stepbrother following being adopted. As time passes, the sexual encounters become more intense when she begins to explore how she is sexually involved with the servant. The raucous romantic chemistry that occurs between the three of them is immortalized forever in the history of anime. The responsibility for making these scenes so thrilling goes to the sexually enthralling and captivating character of Mio.

17. Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail

Ezra is a part of the Guild Fairy Tail and a powerful wizard who is always taking an oath for the poor and the marginalized. The gentle and caring soul is known for her fierce fighting style as well as amazing feats as a magician. However, Ezra’s physical traits are hard to overlook. Her medieval beauty and corpulent body can cause anyone to beg to watch their screens. It’s therefore not surprising that she’s so prominent on this list of the most sexy anime ladies ever. The movie can be streamed on’ here.

16. Asuna, Sword Art Online

The next one to be mentioned is the gorgeous Asuna. Asuna has been one of the main characters of the ‘Sword Arts Online’ anime series , and is the love of Kirito. However, don’t be fooled by her appearance; she is an extremely adept player of the online game upon which the series is built. This has earned her the title of Flash. With both talent and physical beauty She is among the most popular anime girls. You can stream Sword Art Online here.

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15. Celestia Ralgris, Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Celestia has the father of one of the four Nobles. She is a third-year student at the Royal Officer Academy, where she is the leader of her own Knight Squadron. Nobles are often in the company of her fellow students, even though she’s socially awkward and usually at ease in those settings. In addition, she boasts an impressive performance in her studies, her slim body has sparked more online debates than her affable nature. You can catch how she moves below.

14. Shiraki Meiko, Prison School

Fans of anime who have seen “Prison School” will admit that there aren’t many characters just as attractive like Shiraki Meiko. The third-year student is a sexy, vivacious character with brutally sadistic tendencies that can put even the most vicious adversaries to shame. Shiraki isn’t well-known for her bizarre fantasies. The attractive Vice-President of Underground Student Council often metes brutal punishments on prisoners and is not afraid of showing off her body. Her confidence in her sex appeal and the acceptance of her physique help her stand out. And you can see her through Crunchyroll.

13. Akeno Himejima, High School DxD

We’re all aware that the list would not be complete in the absence of Akeno Himejima. The devil who reincarnated has gorgeous looks to go along with the extremely tragic traits. People who are unaware of her darker side and swoon in love with her stunning appearance. Her admiration and respect for the perfect Japanese woman serves as an ideal cover for the turbulent past as well as a twisting present. The fanservice sequences that feature her have, with time, evolved into one of the most memorable moments in the history of anime. “High School DxD is available to users on Funimation.

12. Madame President, Golden Boy

The show is notoriously underrated, but it’s understandable why it was not able to get it into the masses when it premiered at the time of the 90s. The series is unique in its concept and strong characters in addition, Madame President is definitely one of the few that are distinctive. The attractive businesswoman runs her own software business. Her independence, combined with her lack of respect to patriarchal values creates a unique aspect to her personality which you’ll likely find attractive and not forgetting. If these elements do not suffice, well you’re sure be in awe of Madame President’s style selections. The show can be streamed on” via Crunchyroll.

11. Akame, Akame ga Kill!

The awkward and socially awkward protagonist of the film ‘ Akame Ga Kill!’ appears cold-hearted and unforgiving, but in the heart she’s a loyal team player that always looks out for her fellow teammates. She hides her inner turmoil in the facade of a stoic, fake appearance, but the cold, red-eyed killer’s eyes are a good match with her beautiful look. Akame’s rigorous training keeps her in shape and her curves are in all the right places. You can see the story of a cold-hearted killer through Hulu.

10. Freya, Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Freya who is who is the leader of the Freya Familia, also happens to be the main antagonist of the film ‘Freya What’s Wrong With Trying To pick up girls in a Dungeon?.’ The protagonist is always focused on the satisfaction of her love for intimate interactions, and an insatiable desire for adventurers who are talented. You may have seen, Freya’s gorgeous fashions are stunning, even though she doesn’t have the same sexually provocative look like the other characters in the show. But, she compensates for this with her outfit choices. It’s available for streaming via Hulu.

9. Rias Gremory, High School DxD

The heir to the Gremory Clan Rias the crimson hair with a butt and intense blue eyes, and sleek body are what make her one of the top beloved female characters of the world of anime. While she’s loving and considerate of other people but she also has a fiery personality which is fascinating to observe when she’s angry. There is certainly an immense amount of personality to her, and she’s not like the majority of hot female protagonists that are often overlooked by other characters. Her attractive figure and the other aspects of her personality blend well and effortlessly make her the top spot of this listing. You can view Rias as well as her friends below.

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8. Revy, Black Lagoon

Revy is a sadistic murderer who is considered to be among the top sexiest female characters ever created. The unstoppable heroine is known for her incredible combat skills and fighting abilities however, it’s difficult to overlook that the gun-wielding murderer also has stunning physical traits that could have everyone swooning over her. The savage, uncontrollable and cold manner of conduct only adds to Revy’s already charming exterior appearance, and makes Revy among the best sought-after anime women of all time. Watch her on Black Lagoon here.

7. Rize Kamishiro, Tokyo Ghoul

The hourglass shape of the inscrutable antagonist from ‘ Tokyo Ghoul The character is among the most attractive villains of the history of anime. She is attractive and attractive because of her innocent appearance that is complemented by her attractive physique. Although the show doesn’t pay much attention to her sexual attraction but it’s hard to create a list without mentioning this captivating show who’s beauty and charm will be awe-inspiring to any. You can stream ‘Tokyo Ghost” at Funimation.

6. Lust, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

You may not like Lust’s personality or her desire to destroy human beings, but it’s undisputed that she is among the most popular cartoon characters ever. The curvaceous villain, thanks to her clever manipulation and brutal strategies, is able to serve Father until the end of her life. Although her demise is just as brutal as her murderous spree, there’s an eerie sense of beauty in her Lust that allows her to get her victims to believe she is attractive and makes the fandom of anime love her. You can see Lust on the move in this video.

5. Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail

As you might have you guessed we didn’t leave out Lucy Heartfilia. The blonde-haired beauty belongs to the Mage from the Fairy Tail Guild and possesses amazing magical abilities. But, she’s not only known for her fighting skills because the gorgeous body of the stunning Mage has been captivating fans of anime for many years. Her confidence adds Lucy Heartfilia even more desirable and it’s no surprise that she’s ranked at the top of the list. You can view ‘ Fairy Tail” through VV.

4. Albedo, Overlord

Albedo is an white-horned scrubus who is usually busy with her everyday activities as the Overseer of Guardians from the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Her beautiful face is a perfect match for her gorgeous figure. when she appears in the spotlight, her stunning beauty almost captivates the viewers. As if her curly looks were not enough Albedo is, due to some reason likes wearing unrevealing clothing and this sends sexual tension up to the ceiling. Watch Albedo performing in this clip.

3. Esdeath, Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath’s manipulative, violent and tragic nature is a slap in the face however, all of that is overlooked when one puts their gaze at the tall and slim woman’s gorgeous appearance. Her tactical approach to combat and her ferocious spirit makes Esdeath even more attractive and the fierce fight scenes provide an even more intimate view of her appealing features. Some might be enraged by her brutal character, but it’s impossible to ignore her stunning appearance. “Akame ga Kill! It can be streamed right here.

2. Nami, One Piece

Nami, the navigator from Straw Hat Pirates is known for her calm and shrewd decision-making skills which her fellow characters struggle with. Although “One Piece” is certainly one of the most memorable animated series ever made and lasted for a long time, the series offers a lot and Nami’s raunchy manner and stunning looks are definitely one of the best. It’s quite shocking that her attractive physique isn’t discussed as much since she’s one of the most attractive anime ladies ever. Watch “One Piece” right here.

1. Raynare, High School DXD

Raynare is the fallen angel that killed Issei during his first date. The antagonist is famous for her meticulously planned sinister schemes through which she attempts to endanger the lives of countless innocent people. Though she’s hated because of her mind-bending ways but anime fans will agree that the sexy body of Raynare and her cool manner of speaking make her one of the most popular villains. The curvaceous antagonist’s slim and big-bosom body can make anyone feel enthralled which is why it’s no surprise that she’s placed high within this listing. You can stream High School DXD online on Funimation.

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