Shark Tank Update: Where Are Calm Strips Now?

Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller presented their breakthrough invention, Calm Strips, in season 13 episode 13 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ looking for a life-changing investment. Calm Strips are a fresh and original take on tactile soothing goods that attach to any surface and help alleviate anxiety. While tactile soothing devices aren’t very noteworthy, Calm Strips’ portability and ease of use merited a second examination. So, here’s what we discovered!

Calm Strips: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Michael Malkin earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Old Dominion University and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from the same institution. Michael began his career as an English teacher after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, but he quickly moved into management and has managed stores for both Dell and Apple. Luce Fuller, on the other hand, worked as a Starbucks Store Manager and an Associate Manager at Coach before joining Apple as a Specialist in November 2013.

Luce rose fast up the company levels due to her competence and talent. She has held several positions over the years, including Preservations and Operations Specialist, Operations Expert, and Schedule Planner. She has been with Calm Strips since its inception and currently serves as the Director of Public Relations. In fact, Michael’s position as an Apple store manager paved the way for the creation of Calm Strips. Michael would sense fear creeping up and taking over his head whenever the store became noisy or busy.

Michael tried a variety of tactics to alleviate the sensation, including drumming his fingers on the tabletop and scraping his fingers together with carpenter’s tape. Although the latter worked to some extent, it made his fingers excessively sticky and was thus impractical. Michael was aware that his situation necessitated a more specific product, such as a fidget spinner, but elected not to use one because it was not as unobtrusive as he would have preferred. As he discovered that carpenter’s tape worked well for him, Michael continued experimenting with the approach and attempting to develop the product for a wider audience.

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As a result, Michael developed the concept of Calm Strips and recognized he had a product ready for commercialization. Calm Strips are composed of long-lasting vinyl with a pleasing sandy or river rock texture and a variety of artworks. Rubbing the surface is a very relaxing feeling. As an extra plus, the strips are highly mobile and may attach to any surface, be worn on a lanyard or keychain, or be carried inside a pocket, making them quite covert. Furthermore, Michael remembered how sticky the carpenter’s tape made his fingers and used a non-sticky adhesive, making the strips easy to remove and reuse, leaving no residue behind.

Where Are Calm Strips Now?

Interestingly, Calm Strips debuted in April 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and quickly became a huge success. Anxiety and depression were at an all-time high with people imprisoned inside their houses, and Calm Strips was able to deliver the fast respite customers were looking for. Within a short period of time, the company grew to greater heights, and Calm Strips now has over 125,000 satisfied clients worldwide. Aside from exporting to the United States and Canada, the company has expanded its reach and now has customers in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, they are well-liked in schools and have received great marks from instructors and guidance counselors. Calm Strips are now available in a variety of dynamic designs, with a pack of five reusable strips for $12.99. In addition, the company sells packs of 30 for $49.99 and packs of 120 for $119.99. Prospective buyers can purchase the strips directly from Amazon or the company’s own website, where the company offers regular discounts.

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Surprisingly, the company has a fantastic way of communicating with the community by holding frequent art contests and featuring the winning design on new strips. Calm Strips is set to grow in popularity and success in the next years, thanks to a superb marketing strategy and a unique product.

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