Suzette Quintanilla: Life Details, Marriage, Husband & Kids

Suzette Quintanilla is the sister who was formerly a bandmate of the “Queen of Tejano music,” Selena. A major influencer among Latin performers, The Mexican-American singer has been responsible for bringing her entire genre into the spotlight.

In the course of her entire life, which revolved primarily around her musical career, her greatest close friend and confidante was her elder sister Suzette Suzette, and she also played drums for Selena y Los Dinos.

Suzette was a constant source of strength and support who always placed her family first and was always thinking about what was best for Selena, even going so far as to suggest that she (Suzette) be removed from the group so that Selena could be replaced by the “better” drummer.

Like her younger sister, Suzette’s daily life was also centered around her band and Selena’s musical career. Between performing, training, and performing, there was never time for anything else, and we get only brief glimpses of Suzette’s romance in the Netflix biographical series “Selena: The Series.” This led us to want to know more about the romantic aspect of Suzette, the older Quintanilla sister.

This is what we learned.

Suzette Quintanilla and Her Husband: How Did They Meet?

Suzette found her partner, Bill Arriaga, quite randomly, through an acquaintance in 1991. She had always been the quiet one of the family, and was usually behind the scenes, while her younger sibling was out in the world. Suzette immediately fell in love with Bill.

The two began to get together increasingly but were forced to stay apart while Suzette was touring with the band.

They would regularly talk on the phone. Also, If we were to believe the story of “Selena The Series,” Bill was known to occasionally travel to performances and then leave flowers when she came home.

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In the following two years, beginning in 1991 and ending in 1993, their relationship grew and they were able to marry. In a strange twist, Yolanda Saldivar was the one who killed Selena’s mother, who was a bridesmaid at Suzette’s wedding celebration.

Suzette Quintanilla and Bill Arriaga’s and Son

Suzette and Bill were married in 1993. They have been married since. A bill typically avoids public attention and is seldom seen by the press. The couple has been seen together in public, and they were seen in the same photo at the 2015 Billboard concert in honor of Selena.

The concert featured pop icon Jennifer Lopez with the group Los Dinos and even saw Suzette return to the drums to play some of her famous sister’s songs.

The couple recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and remain as strong as ever. Bill and Suzette have one daughter, Jovan, who turned 23 in March 2021. According to his mother, who is proud of him, Jovan sports a smile that is reminiscent of his aunt, the Latin music legend, Selena.

Following the loss of their sister, Suzette concentrated her energy on the preservation of Selena’s legacy. She is now the director of her part of the Quintanilla family’s entertainment business, Q Productions, and manages their Selena online store, in addition to the Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Selena discussed her death with the media during a time when she was working on her clothing collection, makeup line, and perfume line.

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Selena’s posthumous collaboration with MAC cosmetics was one of the most popular collections of cosmetics by a celebrity in history.

In hopes of completing the work her sister began, Suzette continues to work on different projects that align with the image and legacy of Selena.

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