The Former User Of The Clone Clone Fruit Reveals

The One Piece manga is moving forward through the backstory of Oden at a decent rate, and we’ve seen many interesting developments in the plot recently. The final few chapters of Manga have been absolutely fantastic.

However, the next chapter is the one that has got us pumped up. But, we’re not discussing that at this point, and we’ll be discussing the events from the preceding chapter below.

The Previous User Of The Mane Mane no Mi In One Piece

With tonnes of details contained within, Eiichiro Oda made sure to add some additional information within One Piece Chapter 965. And one of the more shocking introductions was to the witch who saw Orochi as Shogun.

Shogun in Wano Country. This witch didn’t just see the future and see the future, but she also seemed to be out of Wano Country, apparently on the run. She somehow got access to the Mane Mane no Mi, which is a potent Devil Fruit currently wielded by Bon Clay.

If you aren’t aware, Bon Clay was Crocodile’s No. 2 who assisted Luffy throughout Luffy’s Impel Down arc by taking Luffy to Ivankov after losing to Magellan. 

Ivankov was then willing to sacrifice himself in order to ensure the prisoners did not escape from Impel Down, and he ended up at Level 5.5 within the prison after that.

It is interesting to note that the Devil Fruit, which allowed him to imitate any individual’s appearance when he touched the face of another, had been the property of the witch of Wano at first. 

What happened to her Devil Fruits remains to be discovered, and we aren’t sure how she died. Whatever the case, One Piece is certainly offering us an abundance of Devil Fruit, which have had multiple users, and it’s exciting to witness!

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