The Punisher Season 3 on Netflix Renewed?

The thrilling drama “The Punisher” is among the most popular Marvel shows that are available on Netflix. The first season of the crime drama was released on November 17th, 2017. The fans have been waiting with anticipation to find out more details about Season 3 release dates. 

Season 1 and Season 2 comprise 13 episodes each. If you’ve watched and loved shows such as Fargo and Dexter, then you’ll enjoy The Punisher. The series has been loved by viewers due to its dark storyline, rich characters, and compelling plot. 

John Bernthal has given a captivating performance in the show. The way he depicted the hurt, hatred, and anger was precisely the way people imagined Frank Castle to be.

The American drama was created by Steve Lightfoot and is based on Frank Castle from Marvel Comics. You must first watch Daredevil until the end of Season 2. It’s not mandatory. You will get a better understanding of the plot and be able to understand the main character more deeply. 

The plot revolves around former marine Frank Castle, who is the victim of a heinous murder. His family, comprising his children and wife, were murdered. Following losing his loved ones, the man sets out to punish those accountable for the death of his family. 

He ends up finding a plot by the military as he goes. Find out more about The Punisher’s Season 3 of The Punisher, from its release date to the plot that was previously revealed.

What happened in The Punisher Season 2? Plot Recap

Season 2 of the show, The Punisher, was made available in the year 2019. Frank attempts to save a girl from a terrifying plot. Frank tries to eliminate Russo, the villain. Russo. Season 2 begins with Frank falling in love with Beth. 

Beth is a single mom that is struggling with raising her son without a father. While Frank was out with Beth inside the pub, he discovered teenagers surrounded by criminals. The fight gets out of control and Beth is killed.

But, the unbreakable Frank is able to save her and transport her to the medical facility. Frank soon discovers that his former enemies aren’t dead. In the episodes, we’re in awe of the adversarial interaction between Frank and Rachel. In the final episodes, we learn that Billy has lost her memories following her shooting. It appears that she has lost all the events that occurred to her during Season 1.

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Madani is devastated by the events of Season 1. Her drinking habits increase and affect her mental state. In the finale, Billy comes to Madani’s home to kill her. A scene of a fight between Madani and Billy is depicted. 

But, Madani and Dumont survived and lived. Frank contacts Schultzes to inform him that he is holding his son in captivity. He offers a deal in which he would like Amy to be released safely and also return David, his son.

The last episode concludes with an unintentional jump. In addition, Madani is currently working for the CIA. She gives Frank an opportunity, but Frank declines since he already has a job. The series closes with a shot of Frank shooting guns at an armed gang.

What Is The Punisher Season 3 Release Date

The fans have been waiting with anticipation for the debut of The Punisher’s season 3 of The Punisher. The problem is that Netflix has officially canceled the show on February 18, the 18th of February, 2019. The series will only run two seasons of the action-packed series. In an interview with Jon Bernthal, the main character of the show, Bernthal gave hope to his fans.

When asked if there would be a Season 3 of The Punisher, He replied, “Look, man, I believe that there’s always a chance. It’s humbling to see how many people responded to this particular version. Frank and I’m unable to say what this means for me because Frank means so much to me. It’s all in me, and he’s inside my bones. 

It’s never a matter of these kinds of things about whether you’ll have an opportunity to pursue this or not. I believe that too many people focus on securing opportunities in this industry, which is not the case for me. It’s about how you make use of the chance you’ve been given. 

Therefore, it’s not about whether we’re doing it, but about making sure we’re doing it in the way that fans actually deserve. We’ll see. “

When asked if he was angry that the show was canceled by Netflix, He responded with the statement that he had given all of his energy to the show. He’s not upset about the decision that was made without his input. Jon accepts and appreciates the decisions made by the product house as well as the producers. 

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He is extremely fortunate to be able to do work that is thrilling for Jon. He also said that he’s always prepared to play Frank Castle. since the character will always be a part of his heart.

What to expect from The Punisher Season 3 if it gets renewed?

Many fans are optimistic in their belief that season 3 of The Punisher is expected to be renewed in 2022. Many fans believe that Disney will not leave the money unaccounted for, particularly after the pandemic. We believe it is likely that Season 3 will be the season in which Frank will fully embrace his role as the Punisher. 

Evidently, it was Season 2’s ending when Frank admitted himself to be the Punisher. Season 2 concluded with Frank refusing Madan’s offer of employment. In addition, Frank was seen fighting with a rival gang.

As in the cartoon “Welcome Back, Frank,” it’s possible that in Season 3 we’ll see Frank on the scene to go after the group. Frank will be caught up in the middle of a plot and will need to contend with the task force that is pursuing him in order to make him a suspect. This could be the storyline in the same way that Ma Gunncis was the name of the game in Season 1.

In the first season, Ma Gunncis was mentioned. There’s a significant likelihood that Frank will go after the mafia in season 3. If we’re really fortunate, Frank might go up against Barracuda in Season 3.

Why is Season 3 of The Punisher canceled?

This action-packed show was greatly adored by fans for its dark plot, intricate characters, and incredible production value. The show was officially canceled in February 2019 by Netflix in February of this year. Fans have been searching for answers as to why the show was canceled.

There’s been no official announcement made by the producers about the reasons behind the cancellation of the show. One of the primary reasons for the show’s cancellation could be the resentment it elicited from some fans.

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According to some critics, “The Punisher” is among the most savage Marvel TV dramas. The show has destroyed the character and plot of the original punishment. The original punisher was never going to ever give up his role as “the punisher”. 

However, Frank did it twice during Seasons 1 and 2. Frank knew the best story about his origin in the show “Daredevil.” The fans were hoping and would like to be able to see Frank in full-time “punisher” mode, killing the vicious mobs. Another reason “The Punisher” received so much scorn from viewers in Season 2 was because of this.

This isn’t anything new to Marvel and Netflix. Season 2 of Marvel’s “Daredevil” was heavily panned by critics and fans alike. However, Season 3 came with an explosion and was an absolute success. The fans were hoping for the same thing to happen in “The Punisher”. 

Another reason could also be the controversy that the show was confronted with. Some cops employ the skull symbol, which is the symbolic signification in “The Punisher” drama. For this reason, many people were abandoning the show. For those who aren’t aware, there’s an outpouring of hatred towards the punisher skull symbol.

Why is Netflix discontinuing a lot of Marvel shows recently?

There are other Marvel shows, like “The Punisher,” that have been canceled as well. In recent times, Netflix has been canceling many of the Marvel dramas, such as Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage, etc. 

One of the primary reasons is that the shows are costly to produce due to the intense animation that must be utilized. Additionally, they don’t bring in enough money for Netflix.

Another reason could also be the controversy that the show was faced with. The majority of police officers use the skull symbol, which is the symbolic character in “The Punisher” drama. 

There were many people who dropped the show for this particular reason. If you don’t know, there’s an outpouring of hatred being thrown around for the punisher skull symbol.

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