20 Thickest Anime Characters Of All Time

The reason the waifu wars are so long-running is that:

Anime is great at giving us spicy senoritas.

Since the past few years have been all over thickening, it was fun to compile my top picks for the thickest characters in anime.

After this, my search history will look very strange.

20. Vanessa Enoteca

Anime: Black Clover

We will start with Vanessa, everyone’s favourite wizard.

It’s hard to tell if it’s her laid-back nature or if she’s not afraid to wear a shirtless. But she instantly came to my mind when I was thinking about this topic.

You might not be able to resist this pick if you are looking for thunder thighs. Don’t worry though, there are many other options.

She has a magic cat so cat lovers can unite.

19. Aqua

Anime: KonoSuba

See? You thigh-lovers won’t be able to leave this list empty-handed, I promised.

Aqua may not be the most attractive woman on the planet, but her legs are what made her rise to the status of goddess. She has quite a few admirers for this reason.

She is also quite entertaining at parties, provided you don’t have to pay her tab.

18. Tatsumaki

Anime: One Punch Man

If you are looking for anime women small with the power of rival gods, you’ve found it.

Tatsumaki, who is build-wise, is smaller than many of the other girls on this list. She could still play in big leagues with ease.

Perhaps it’s her elegant, bare-legged dress that makes her look sophisticated in all situations.

The Oder, maybe it’s her attitude, which drives millions of fans. We don’t know the truth.

I only know that she is a terrible drunk.

17. Echidna

Anime: Re: Zero Season 2

They will always warn you to avoid wicked witches. If they were all like this, I would accept my Snow White role to gulp down some poison.

Echidna likes tea but it’s not a very special kind of tea.

Echidna is similar to Tatsumaki in that she has mastered the black dress game. Echidna looks stylish and complements her body well.

You will forget she is a witch because of her cute face and hilarious antics.

16. Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail: Anime

For many years, Erza has been a strong candidate for the waifu wars.

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She is a bro-esque personality and a boss bitch that just makes her stand out.

You’re likely to have seen her in something that you like.

She carries a lot of fanservice, as one of her go tos is her top that’s just bandages.

15. Mikuru Asahina

Anime: The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

This was a tough one for me as I debated between Haruhi and Mikuru.

Mikuru won me over because she is more thicc. Haruhi, however, has a great thigh game and puts up quite a fight.

These attributes kind of fell under the radar in both cases. Until God blessed me with the bunny costumes.

Haruhi was the one who came up with it, so that statement is canon.

14. Azusa Hamaoka

Anime: Grand Blue

There is a pattern between the female characters and one of their bros. It’s thicker than Snickers. They’re also alcoholics.

Anime is trying to live up to the male dream.

Although she is rarely on the main stage, Azusa is one of the most beautiful babes on the show.

She is a joy to be with. She is a great host and would make a great addition to any party.

13. Kohaku

Anime: Dr Stone

It makes perfect sense that a true warrior such as Kohaku would possess a bomb-building ability.

One of her kicks could probably break down a tree. No matter how tempting they may be for naps, her legs should be considered a deadly weapon.

She’s also very strong.

She does have some muscle mass, so they won’t be a problem later.

12. Hana Uzaki

Anime: Uzaki-chan wants to hang out!

Uzakichan Wants to Hang out!

It’s almost like I don’t have to say anything.

Even if I haven’t watched the show, those “Sugoi-dekai”s seem oddly familiar.

She’s a bit of a brat, aside from her mind-bending plot and weird sharp teeth thing. It’s cute.

She will bug you continuously, take you here and there, turn some heads, bleed some noses, basically the typical waifu routine.

11. Diane

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

It seems like being a giant automatically makes you a great person.

Even though she is shrunken, Diane is a beautiful babe. As Kohaku said, Diane is a warrior built so you can be sure she will break your arms like twigs.

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You should try to not think too much about it.

We must also appreciate that she chose two shorter kings throughout the series!

This is the type of support and understanding you rarely find.

10. Hinata Hyuuga

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

To be fair, Hinata’s glow up was quite impressive.

Sakura was still learning to punch and shout “Sasuke!” in a higher pitch. Our girl Hinata, however, got that bombshell body.

If you are one of her followers, then you will know the scene that cemented her position: Shino, lucky bug bastard.

Boruto does nerf her later. It was to be expected that her stats were out of control.

9. Ikumi Mito

Anime: Food Wars

Keep this article light-hearted by making all meat puns possible.

Do you know how many people run when hot oil starts flying all over the place? They wear an apron.

Ikumi is a woman who cooks meat every day in a bikini and shorts. It’s amazing!

I mean, I am thankful she does. That must have been a lot of work.

Bonus points for the transfer into the tsundere camp following the first season. It was greatly appreciated.

8. Suzuha Amane

Anime: Steins; Gate

With this warrior babe schtick, I am beginning to sound like a broken record.

But she isn’t an alcoholic this time. We give you a big cheer for diversity!

Suzuha’s high thicc power is not always obvious. She tries to blend in with the crowds and hides it.

However, when a scene appears and blows her cover off, you can see the force you are dealing with.

I was reminded recently of one of these scenes, so here she is.

7. Esdeath

Anime: Akame ga Kill

It’s faster to find out what someone’s kinks are than by asking them about their love for Esdeath.

You’ll feel strong, alpha-woman vibes right away. Then you might get a boot. Or you could be turned into ice.

Is there anyone who can truly say this?

Esdeath’s outfit is the most important thing. She could rock your world.

6. Irina Jelavic

Anime: Assassination Classroom

You can be sure that Irina is a skilled con artist. Her impeccable track record includes seducing men, then promptly killing them.

She brought the “fatal”, in essence, into femme fatale.

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This may be a personal preference but sweater Irina might be the best Irina.

If Tadaomi could just learn how to give a hint, everyone would be much happier.

5. Yuu Takeyama (Mountain Lady)

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

We are all able to rejoice that another giant has arrived in our midst, carrying many curves.

Amazingly, she is aware of all the reactions people have to her. She was already a hit from the moment she was introduced.

She is not a hero, however. She has been a great helper and is ranked high in the rankings. She must be enjoying all the attention that she gets.

4. C.C

Anime: Code Geass

As the C.C. The Kallen war against Kallen is one of the most brutal known to mankind.

Kallen is my favourite in terms of raw power for the thighs, but I have to give the W.C.

Perhaps it’s because Tatsumaki has embedded good feelings about that colour in my head, or maybe she’s just a little shyer.

3. Nico Robin

Anime: One Piece

While I don’t think she could do many things with her powers, it is possible. You can use your imagination, but I don’t think she could.

She’s not only brave and capable of fighting but is also a smart cookie!

Man, was she thickening after the time skip. Mamma mia.

It would be difficult, therefore, to find other characters that can compete with Nico.

2. Albedo

Anime: Overlord

Albedo will be your go-to for crazy chick itch.

To truly win her affection, you’d need to be an all-powerful skeleton guy with hacks. But she is still quite the charm.

She is not only a rare find for wearing a team white dress but also the only one who can speck into body modification and get some hair.

1. Rias Gremory

Anime: High-School DxD

Did you think there would be any doubt that the show that taught millions of boys how to play chess was going to win the number one spot?

The community can be divided between Akeno and Rias.

However, Rias is the best choice if your goal is pure thiccness. Akeno however, is the right choice if your goal is to have a wild chick who happens to be stunning.

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