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25 Best This War Of Mine Mods of All Time

If you’re into the most intense survival games, This War of Mine is as harrowing as it gets. It’s distinct not just in its design, but in the content as well.

The thing that makes this game distinctive is how it requires interactions between you and other survivors since you’ll have to confront moral and ethical issues that could affect your life and death.

Even the basic game provides a tonne of replay potential, and there are plenty of mods available to keep things fresh too.

Let’s look at some of the most popular mods you can get your hands on. A wide range of styles to play around with!

25. Increased Stacks

The majority of mods are made to aid you in surviving the extremes of wartime. It is a fact that War of Mine can be particularly unforgiving and may put players who aren’t experienced off.

Let’s begin with mods to help novice players survive, or make it easier for them. Increased Stacks lets you stack more items in your inventory.

This is a major issue for being a part of this war of mine since collecting loot is an integral aspect of survival.

The act of looting isn’t always safe. Some players have found that it’s not worth what they can bring back to the shelter. This mod will make it a bit simpler.

24. Longer Tool Duration

The durability of items is always a topic of contention in video gaming. It’s like you either love or hate this kind of thing. And the same applies to this war of mine. 11 Bit Studios is known for making games that make it more difficult to stay alive.

Those who aren’t happy with the item’s durability can find a solution to their problem in the “Longer Tool Duration” mod. Crowbars, shovels, axes, and other tools last longer. 

This means you don’t have to worry about losing tools if there’s still work to be completed.

23. More Loot

Since the majority of these modifications are designed to ease the game, some consider them to be cheating. More loot is not more; however, it’s a great choice. If you’re seeking an experience that is more relaxing, particularly when it comes to looting, MoreLoot may provide aid.

It’s not going to give you unlimitable resources or anything similar to that. However, the random loot that appears around the map will grow with the installation.

You’ll find food and crafting supplies in greater quantities, too. This is certainly a plus.

22. Additional Starter Resources

If you’re having trouble getting through the day from the start, More Starting Resources is an excellent way to guide you through the initial days. It’s not going to change anything about the fundamental game, to be truthful. 

There’s still a group of survivors who’ve just discovered shelter within an unfinished building. It won’t be nearly so difficult to get back to your feet as you’ll be provided with additional equipment, tools, and equipment to begin with.

It’s a great opportunity for players who are new to the game to get started and experience the TWOM game in all its glory and not die within just a few hours.

21. The Great Delicacy

There are also mods that employ an entirely different approach to make things simpler to handle. Instead of giving you everything you need to stay alive, mods change the game so that you have more options to help you stay alive.

The Great Delicacy is one brilliant illustration – adding four different food kinds into the mix. It doesn’t affect the number of sources you have, which means you’ll need to hunt to find the components.

Once you’ve got them, you’ll have a lot more options regarding what can be cooked or crafted.

You’ll be able to provide victims with some relief by providing them with hot coffee, cream soup, whiskey, beer, and Plenty of whiskeys.

20. Strange Plants

Strange Plants is one of the most original gameplay mods available for TWOM because it is the first to introduce a new gameplay mechanic rather than build on existing gameplay mechanics that are in the game.

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By scavenging, you’ll be able to find seeds that could be planted and nurtured. The act of stealing at least three seeds can create a new crafting tree, offering you a variety of new possibilities to craft.

It is possible to cultivate plants that will eventually be used for making soups, bread, and drinks. Other items of comfort, such as pipes and oils, could be created as well.

19. The Can is In A Can Man!

While it makes the game more enjoyable, it is also possible that it also adds the feeling of realism as well. I can’t imagine getting any steaks or hamburgers in a war-ravaged city. So, canned food can very easily serve as a survivalist’s most trusted friend.

The song “It’s in a Can, Man” makes the possible, and is one of the most memorable names for any model that has been seen for a while.

The process is straightforward: you can now remove meat from cans and cook it to make an incredibly nutritious and healthy meal.

18. Cooked Veges

Cooked vegetables provide additional cooking options for the player. When resources are as limited as they have become, one will probably most likely end up using what they can find to survive.

The vegetables can be found across the globe or grown in your own vegetable garden. However, they’re not very valuable unless you combine them with food that is raw.

Cooked vegetables let you cook your vegetables on their own, making an entire meal from them. It’s small, but it’s a great value.

17. Big Cooked Recipe for Food

To improve your cooking skills, use the Big Food Recipe mod. Food Recipe mod is also available.

Similar to the previous two mods listed on this list, you’ll find that this one doesn’t provide you with any additional sources. It also doesn’t offer an easier crafting method.

It also allows you to cook foods that are larger in size if you have the resources. Now you can cook a big meal with 1 canned food item, 1 raw food item, and 1 vegetable, plus extra water and additional fuel. The large meals equal four meals.

16. Crafting Overhaul – Extended

If you’re looking to increase the abilities of your survivors’ crafting further, you can try this mod for crafting. It’s waiting to be tried. Crafting Overhaul is adding new items that can be traded or made into crafts that give you more ways to manage your inventory.

You’ll be able to craft everything from simple items such as parts and canned food such as morphine and antidepressants.

15. Other Homemade Products

Perhaps you’ll be interested in more homemade supplies for even more inventory updates. Beware, however, beware, as this one may be somewhat more of a scam than other cheats.

The addition of more homemade supplies makes it possible to cultivate tobacco and coffee directly from the comfort of your home. This makes it easier to manage your sufferers’ moods by consuming cigarettes and coffee.

In addition, sugar can be harvested from vegetables in addition, and water can be extracted from snow and rain too. What makes it a bit cheater-like is the way it decreases the need for upgrades for the shop.

If this isn’t a problem for you, you can give this an attempt. You’ll adore it.

14. SkyMan’s Additional Items

Another mod that provides the option of items would be SkyMan’s Other Items. It is distinct from others due to its lack of focus on helping you get through the initial phases of your game. Instead, it adds new items that can be useful toward the end of the game.

In essence, it makes the experience more enjoyable and enhances your experience. You’ll see new products like charcoal and potassium nitrate, along with new food items and drinks like aged liquor, roasted meat, and cigars.

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The mod includes a variety of new weapons too. Every item is able to be traded or used, depending on what you like.

13. Visitors Volunteer

Perhaps the most important person that is listed is the amazing Visitors Helper. Visitors will stop by your shelter during the game. Some will be asking for help, while others might be seeking trades. Like in any other management game, it is possible to skip ahead in time.

This is an option after you’ve completed all your work during the course of the day. In TWOM, it could also mean you’re missing out on the opportunity to check whether someone is coming at you.

This will plan visits for between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., so you’ll never miss a visit again. Most likely, you won’t. You can now skip through the days you’d like and still see the latest guests.

12. Ellie Williams

Steam Workshop SteamWork is mostly made up of custom character modifications. There are many options to pick from.

There are many silly examples, such as Gaben, Kojima, or even Emma Watson. I don’t think they could add any worthwhile value to the game.

It’s just absurd fun, and TWOM does not make much sense to me. If you’re that type of person, you should definitely look through the internet, as there are plenty of sillies available! There are some interesting character mods that caught my eye. 

Ellie Williams is one of the most interesting. Ellie is not a stranger to survival, and being among the most loved characters in video games, she is a wonderful option for TWOM.

11. Rick Grimes

This time it’s the cult TV show “The Walking Dead.” Who would be better to go on a survival adventure than the former deputy sheriff himself? Rick Grimes is another character who is known for making it through the toughest situations.

I can imagine that he’d do great in a city ravaged by war. He’s pretty adept with guns, too, and could prove useful to keep your team of survivors healthy.

10. John Wick

The final choice I have as a character mod is John Wick. Personally, I didn’t require any convincing, but this is for those who don’t think this is as exciting as I do.

We’ve all watched John Wick shoot his way through the most difficult scenarios in his final three films. 

Wouldn’t you want someone like him to bring along in times of need? In the movie, he’s a firearms specialist in TWOM, too. This lets him target better and make quick melee kills.

9. Weapons Pack 1

The new characters are awesome. However, why not give him some more weapons as well? This weapons pack allows you to do exactly that, by adding six totally different weapons into the gameplay.

None of the weapons from Vanilla were modified, which means you’ll have them available. 

That’s great! There are a variety of options available, including an emerald knife, a golf club, a FAMAS assault rifle, and even a brand-new firearm called a sniper. Let’s look at who’s standing in your way right now.

8. Modifications to Bandit Mod

If you continue to command John Wick to go on murderous sprees in order to steal all the resources of other camps, it’s bound to affect his morale overall.

This is probably the most difficult obstacle you’ll face… But fortunately for us, this Bandit Mod solves that. It totally eliminates sadness, depression, and broken moods from the game. 

This means you can take and kill as many as you’d like. In the present, you’re no longer playing TWOM as intended. However, it’s still an enjoyable time.

7. STALKER Music

The atmosphere is an important element of the factors that make This War of Mine such an enjoyable game. It’s dark and it’s grey. It’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect in a city that’s been devastated by war. The combination of all that with difficult moral dilemmas creates an incredibly immersive experience.

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However, we must not forget how sound can contribute to the ambiance. There are several options that can aid in that too, beginning with using STALKER Music.

Although the soundtrack for TWOM isn’t great in any way, this mod allows you to replace the OST with music from S.T.A.L.K.E.R games.

A great post-apocalyptic book. This could dramatically alter the overall feeling of TWOM. Try it out and let us know how you feel!

6. Music

If using music directly from a video game is too particular, then this mod that focuses on music could be the best fit.

It includes more than 30 brand new songs, each chosen specifically to fit The War of Mine’s mood. The game has 11 new music tracks for the radio.

Fourteen songs from scavenging as well as 17 home-based songs have been added to the game. It’s a great way to mix the tunes if you’re bored of listening to the same songs every day.

5. Realistic Enhancement

Another way to improve TWOM is to experiment with different game modes. The last two options on the checklist address specific scenarios.

Realistic enhancement doesn’t alter the basic game. There are some games and settings that you can change to make your playthrough even more exciting.

More than 100 new items to craft, real combat mechanics, and brand-new weapons make this version of TWOM feel like a completely new experience. Take a seat, as this game can keep you entertained for many hours.

4. Cold Crisis

Cold Crisis is one of the mods that put you in a new situation to add some spice to the game.

Perpetual winter has ravaged this city and made it even more difficult. The crops have been destroyed, and the harsh winter weather can make living conditions worse.

The mod is now in place and there are new residents to be found here, with a few tweaks to the gameplay to add.

3. Cold War

A new Cold War is similar to the Cold Crisis in theme, but it is played out quite differently.

The team consists of four new characters: Matt, Koon, Sam, and Eisell. Similar to the Cold Crisis, you’ll be fighting for survival in extreme weather conditions. and all the difficulties and challenges that it brings.

Based on the feedback posted on the workshop page, this is an easier game than Cold Crisis.

If you’re looking to have an entirely new experience, but with a more comfortable experience, this is an excellent option to play with.

2. The Survival Story: Last Stand

If you are at the opposite end of the spectrum and are looking for a more challenging challenge (in other words, you have masochistic urges), you might like this method. Survival: Last Stand is, by a long way, one of the top all-around challenging mods.

It is specifically designed for more experienced players. Resources are less plentiful, and the emergence of new scenarios makes surviving all the more difficult. Four of the original four scenarios can be played for free as of now, with a few adjustments that make it harder to make it through.

However, there are new characters and places to explore, and this should provide plenty of things to do.

1. Endless War

Last but not least, Endless War is an excellent chance to try your survival abilities within the game. Like the majority of survival games, there is an endless mode now available in which the game isn’t over.

It’s basically about living for the length of time you can, trying to improve your skills by learning from your mistakes, and seeing how long you can last longer than the last race.

The mod allows access to every scenario, which means you’ll be able to play any character you want to. It also makes adjustments to the gameplay mechanics in order to make it more difficult. There is a lot to learn here, and you should definitely take a look!

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