Twentysomethings: Austin Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

As the title suggests, ‘Twentysomethings: Austin is an incredibly entertaining series that follows eight out-of-towners in their 20s as they relocate to the Texas capital and learn to navigate every aspect of life under the “new normal.”

This unscripted Netflix original actually blends friendships, romances, and careers in one of the most uncomplicated yet compelling ways possible, which essentially ensures the cast members’ complete authenticity.

Since we care about these characters after season 1 of this warm show, let’s catch up with them now, shall we?

Natalie Cabo

Natalie Cabo, originally from Miami, Florida, moved to Texas at the age of 26 to experience independence for the first time.

In addition to giving her the confidence to try new things, the fact that her endearingly charming, goofy, and supportive nature shone through in her relationships undoubtedly helped her do so.

With that said, Natalie doesn’t share much about her life right now, so we can only assume that she is probably working towards her dream of owning a non-profit theatre company one day.

After all, she’d once said that she wants to create shows that’ll raise awareness of social and political issues.

Raquel Daniels

Originally from Eatonville, Florida, Raquel “Roxy” Daniels deems herself a “happy mushroom.”

It’s clear that she’s staying in the IT industry to make a name for herself and pave the way for others who look like her, despite the fact that she claims to despise her job but also wants to serve as an example.

And if you look at her social media profiles, you can see that Roxy is also an aspiring model and the face of the ethical fashion brand Conscious Apparel by Moye.

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As of writing, after calling Austin “highkey, the best time of my life” on Instagram, she has elected to stay in Texas and put some roots in its progressive capital.

Bruce Stephenson

Bruce Stephenson’s journey on ‘Twentysomethings: Austin’ was not what anyone had expected, especially considering his decision to move back to Greenville, South Carolina, mid-way.

However, it’s a choice he doesn’t regret because it enabled him to be close to his friends and family.

Coming to his career, although his dream job is in professional sports or as an actor, musician, or high school teacher, Bruce seems happy with being a licensed agent for his father’s auto, home, and commercial insurance agency for now.

Albeit, he probably is working towards achieving his goals on the side.

Abbey Humphreys

Abbey Humphreys, a 26-year-old native of Houston, Texas, is a proud bisexual whose bold and confident personality leads to her having no qualms about saying what’s on her mind and facing the music.

She is not only recently divorced, but also recently graduated from college, so her career is just getting started.

Everything we know about the Austin bartender’s current situation comes from the fact that she has moved into her own apartment for the first time in a long time, a sign that she is slowly getting back on her feet.

Keauno Perez

Leaving his position as Residence Education Coordinator at the University of Arkansas, where he had worked for nearly five years, to move to Texas was a difficult decision for Keauno Perez.

To put it another way, he did what he needed to do in order to stop existing and start living.

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After all, even though it’s unclear whether he has since found a job in the eclectic new city or not, he can now proudly admit that he’s gay, a fact he was afraid of mere three years ago.

Keauno, also known as Keke, seems content to be encircled by his supportive family and close friends.

Isha Punja

Isha Punja, a University of California – Berkeley alum, is the Designer and Creative Director of Hut Mentality, a brand that offers hand-tailored items procured straight from local Indian artisans.

Her company was featured in an issue of British Vogue recently, and the clothes were also presented at New York Fashion Week once.

Thus, when combined with her items doing well in an Austin boutique, as explored in the Netflix original, it’s clear that her hard work is turning fruitful.

Isha has arrived where she must be and has shown that she will allow nothing to stand in the way of her goals from here on out.

Michael Fractor

Michael Fractor had moved to Texas from California in the summer of 2021 to pursue stand-up comedy as a career.

He went on to say that he eventually wants to become a writer, a profession with widespread opportunity in the United States.

Although he struggled at open mics throughout production, he ultimately decided to stay in Austin rather than return to Los Angeles with his family.

While his whereabouts at the moment is a bit of a mystery, we do know that he is intent on establishing a foundation from which to achieve his goals.

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Kamari Bonds

It would appear that Kamari Bonds’ move to Austin, Texas, in pursuit of greater modeling opportunities was fruitful. Based on his portfolio and the results of a test shoot, a major agency reportedly signed him, giving him representation in both Texas and the Carolinas.

That is to say, we can expect to see the Creative Entrepreneur jet off to various locations across the nation to indulge in his passion in front of the camera.

Kamari graduated from East Carolina University in 2020, so his career is just getting started, just like Abbey’s.

Adam Davenport

Adam Davenport has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Washington (2019), but he has worked almost exclusively in roles that allow him to showcase his communication skills.

That covers every possible job title, from PR coordinator to bartender to field operations intern.

But Adam has been working in the Sales Department of San Juan Seltzer, an all-natural brewery, for over two years now.

The native Washingtonian eventually settled in Austin, Texas, where he was promoted after moving there.

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