Update On Muff Waders From Shark Tank

ABC’s Shark Tank is a fascinating take on a reality TV show about business. Here, entrepreneurs and aspiring business people present their ideas and products to the Sharks. In exchange for a percentage of the company’s shares, the Sharks use their knowledge to determine which businesses are profitable enough to invest millions in.

This show is thrilling to watch because of the intense negotiations and discussions that follow. Muff Waders was a remarkable product that gave life to the process of cooling drinks. We were intrigued by this unique product and decided to dig deeper to learn more about the company. Here’s what we found.

Muff Waders: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Taylor Nees, a high school football player in the fall of 2016, came up with the idea for Muff Waders. Earl Nees was also known as Earl. He said that they were laughing and wishing they had six-packs. He drew a sketch of the product on a bar napkin the next morning. 

Nees had an idea and contacted more than 80 companies to find a manufacturer. He finally found a manufacturer in Twin Cities and the Muff Waders were created. In September 2018, the first prototype was completed. This is also when Garret lamp joined the venture.

The Muff Waders, a pair of heavy bib overalls with an insulated cooler pouch sewn to the chest, is an innovative take on beverage cooling. The insulated pouch can hold six-packs of beer, soda water, water, or energy drinks. Each leg has an insulated pouch and a small pocket that can hold a small bottle of beer or water. A “Muff Mug”, with a magnet at its back, sticks to a piece of metal at the chest. This metal piece doubles as a bottle opener. The inside of the metal piece has a hidden pocket that can store various bits and pieces.

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The overalls are $85 and are available in two colors: brown and black. These overalls were designed to be worn at work by regular men who can also use them as a drink cooler. 

The creators were flooded with photos and videos of customers wearing tough overalls while working outdoors, such as in construction or farming. Lamp said that this was their ideal customer: an outdoorsman who has a social life as well as a job.

Muff Waders: Where Are They Now?

Kickstarter was the initial source of funding, but it fell short of its goal of $135,000. But Nees didn’t let this stop him from seeking out a manufacturer to make the prototype. An early Muff Waders video was posted on Facebook and received over 100,000 views within seven days. 

Lamp and Nees weren’t satisfied with the prototype and so, after several months of design changes, the final prototype was created at the start of 2020.

Holstein is the home of the company. The van is 30 years old and serves as their corporate headquarters. Muff Waders can be purchased online via their website. Sales are made from the van which they drive to various events, such as tailgating events, fairs, and parties.

Lamp and Nees had a great idea for September 2020, following their success with Muff Waders. The Muff ‘Spender is a pair of black suspenders that have pockets on either side to hold a beer or a water bottle. The Muff ‘Spenders can be used for formal events like weddings.

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