Was Todd Spodek Anna Delvey’s Real Lawyer?

The Netflix show “Inventing Anna” tells the amazing story of a socialite named Anna who pretends to be a rich German heiress in order to move up in New York society.

Anna joins a group of wealthy people and starts applying for loans for millions of dollars so she can open a private art club. But then, her made-up story about her past starts to fall apart.

Soon, Anna is in a lot of trouble, so she goes to the calm attorney Todd Spodek for help.

During her trial and the long time before it, the lawyer has to deal with a lot of moving parts and his client’s outrageous demands (like wanting a stylist for her court appearances).

A lot of “Inventing Anna” is based on real events, so let’s find out if Todd Spodek is based on a real person or not.

Is Todd Spodek Based on a Real Lawyer?

Yes, the Netflix miniseries is based on a real person who lived at the same time as Todd Spodek. Anna was charged with multiple counts of theft and larceny in 2019 when she went to court.

The real Todd Spodek was her lawyer. Anna is said to have tried to borrow more than $1 million from firms like Fortress Investment Group, which led to some of her most serious charges.

Her lawyer said that his client’s actions in this situation were “too stupid” to be a crime. He also questioned how the banks did their due diligence, and it was said that he spent some time questioning a due diligence officer from one of the banks.

Spodek seems to have grown up in Brooklyn. He got his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University before going to Pace Law School to get his Juris Doctor. During college and after, he worked for some of the best law firms in New York and Boston.

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This gave him a strong background in litigation and trials. He went to court almost every day in New York City and all over New York State. This gave him a deep understanding of how complicated the state’s criminal justice system is.

Spodek started working for the Spodek Law Group P.C. in 2007, which was a company started by his father in 1976. Over the years, the lawyer has worked on many different types of criminal cases.

His professional pages say that some of his most recent trials were for murder, assault, robbery, and harassment. During Anna Sorokin’s trial, Spodek helped hire celebrity stylist and style consultant Anastasia Nicole Walker.

He said that his client’s style is an important part of her business and who she is, so it was important for the jury to see her that way.

Where is Todd Spodek Now?

Todd Spodek still seems to work at the Spodek Law Group P.C. on New York’s Church Street, where he defends people accused of crimes and helps people with family and marriage issues. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.

Anna Sorokin was sued in 2019 under New York’s Son of Sam law because Netflix paid her for making “Inventing Anna.” So, in 2021, it seemed like Netflix and Spodek and the Office of Victims Services came to an agreement that all future payments would go into an escrow account.

When Sorokin first got money from Netflix, he used it to pay back what he owed and pay fines. In January 2022, it was also said that Spodek would be representing a Ghislaine Maxwell jury member.

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