What Are Sin-Eaters in Final Fantasy XIV?

Sin-Eaters are the enemies of the expansion to Final Fantasy XIV called Shadowbringers. 

They have taken over the world of Norvrandt. Hunger-driven, their bodies have been ruined and warped by a massive quantity of force.

A word of caution: there are potentially important story spoilers for FFXIV and the Shadowbringers extension; be aware of them! When we make it to Shadowbringers, we’ve heard an awful lot about how wonderful the light of the world is. 

We’re our own Warrior of Light, after all. It’s the entire mission. Shadowbringers flip everything around. As it turns out, it turns out that you can get too many good things. 

Norvrandt has become a dying place where night never ends and the inhabitants are snatched by powerful light-bearing creatures. Sin-Eaters are interesting in their appearance and mix typical themes of angels with gruesome elements. 

They’re mostly white and offer a striking departure from all the dark, sinister creatures we’ve killed thus far. However, despite their appearance, there’s no divine or spiritual element to their story.

They’re mostly mindless animals that like to eat because they want to feed their instincts. Our mission in Shadowbringers is focused on destroying the most vicious, ruthless Sin-Eaters there are. 

They are referred to as Lightwardens, and typically confront them as bosses towards the end of the dungeon or as the main goal of tests. Eliminate all Lightwardens, restore the darkness and restore order in Norvrandt.

It’s just another day in the life. It’s just another day, isn’t it? The story of XIV has been so focused on the conflict between light and dark until now that it’s refreshing to have a fresh perspective on the story.

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Two fundamental forces can be equally destructive when the balance shifts far enough. There’s nothing new for us.

It turns out that being “the” Warrior of Darkness is basically exactly the same job that we’ve done for years. We are still saving people, doing our part to hurt the Ascians. However, I did manage to create a dark hairstyle.

Where Do Sin Eaters Come From?

The Sin-Eaters are akin to the Voidsent, which is XIV’s huge collection of villains. The voidsent was twisted by darkness. The Sin-Eaters were twisted by darkness.

Sin-Eaters have been warped and distorted by light. Without going into much detail, there was a huge fight. As is customary, XIV transformed into a mighty being and wielded his newfound power recklessly.

They cleansed the earth of darkness and inundated Norvrandt with a flood of light. Minfilia came in to bring the day back to normal (she’s had so much energy and now she’s not giving us each and every mission in MSQ).

However, there was damage already caused. The ones who lost their lives to the Flood of Light were turned into Sin-Eaters, essentially unthinking beings driven by their instincts. They eat aether, which is the magical energy flowing through everything in XIV, and transform their victims into Sin-Eaters. 

They’re like magical light zombies. When we first enter Norvrandt, the Sin-Eaters rule by securing many territories and expanding their power each day.

The world is on the edge. If we don’t remove all the Lightwardens, they are heading for the edge.

What Are Lightwardens & Why Are We Hunting Them?

Lightwardens are among the largest and most durable Sin-Eaters.

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Others are attracted by their power, resulting in strong lighthouses. To have a chance of restoring balance in the balance, the Lightwardens must be eliminated. However, there’s trouble in the process.

Lightwardens aren’t able to become mortal. When they die, they shift themselves to another living creature, transforming them into the new Lightwarden.

That’s where we step in. Being the Warrior of Light and blessed by Hydaelyn, we are able to safely confine the Lightwardens’ energies when they kill them, stopping them from returning as well as dispersing Sin Eater powers.

You’ll be fighting the majority of Lightwardens in trials and dungeons. The fights aren’t quite the same intensity as you think – but I was just a newbie when I first joined Shadowbringers, and I’ve noticed that the difficulty has grown quite a bit.

This is expected of new content. Make sure you are prepared to make an effort to take them down.

In removing each Lightwarden and taking in their energy, the Sin-Eaters won’t be able to form a mass of them in large numbers. 

Norvrandt will begin to fight to defend herself and restore balance to the broken realm. In terms of how that is going to work, you’ll need to test it out for yourself.

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