What Are The Powers and Abilities of Upper Moon 2 Doma?

From Rui to Rui Akaza Every time a demon fell into dust, we felt a tidal wave of sadness. Lower Moon 2 Doma was the only exception, an indifferent demon who didn’t feel any regret after his death. 

He was a demon for a long time after Akaza, yet he managed to attain higher levels. It’s not surprising that we would expect anything less of the monster who ate his own devotees for a long time. 

This is where we bring all the information about the power and capabilities of Doma. He might appear to be an appealing and gentle monster, but he could be your nightmare. I was skeptical of his mental health because of his obsession with eating young women. 

He was convinced that he had saved all the people who he ate from the sufferings of life. According to him, his prey of his is immortal because they have become part of his. That’s a pretty twisted mindset, and I can’t think of how to react to this.

Doma’s Early Life

Doma was a very special child who was blessed with stunning eyes. The priests instantly identified Doma as a messenger from God and began to worship him. Hundreds of people used to visit him to search for ways to go to heaven after death. 

However, he was aware that there was no hell or heaven, and he began to become increasingly apathetic to the suffering of his followers.

Doma’s mom was tired of his obsession with girls, so she cut Doma to death, and then, after that, she killed herself with that same blade. Even in this situation, Doma showed absolutely no sadness and complained that the place was filled with blood because it was so hot. 

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After accepting his fate as a demon, he continued devouring his female lovers. He was particularly fond of Inosuke’s mother and decided to protect her. Inosuke’s mom tried to expose the evil Doma and ended up being murdered.

Powers and Abilities of Doma

The Dome utilizes a pair of Japanese fans to carry his weapons, prior to which even the most powerful katanas fail. The Dome was the most intelligent of the moons in the upper levels and had a keen eye for every scenario. 

In a sign of his power, he firmly stated his belief that Upper Demon 3. Akaza did not stand a chance against his opponent in an even battle.

The Blood Demon art is highly linked to the cold and chilly atmosphere that demons usually prefer. He can easily freeze any person within his range without having the slightest hint of killing instinct. 

In addition, he exudes a cold atmosphere that can make it difficult for those who are around him to breathe. So, anyone who relies on a complete concentration of breathing would never touch him. 

When the opponent has lost consciousness, the opponent kills his opponent with razor-sharp fragments of frozen ice. In terms of some of his specialized techniques, he has the ability to create ice clones of himself that are the same as his. 

In times of crisis, it is possible to create an immense Bodhisattva statue that is able to freeze all around it, providing him with just enough time to heal his wounds before they get any more severe.

Who Killed Upper Moon 2 Doma?

Shinobu Kocho Kanao Tsuyuri Shinobu Kocho, Kanao Tsuyuri, and Inosuke Hashibara defeated Doma by using their well-planned strategy. Shinobu was aware that Doma would be present during the final showdown with the demons as well as Hashiras and came up with a plan to kill the powerful demon. 

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Doma’s inclination toward young women was discovered by her sister, and the trio decided to employ her to lure her into the trap.

In the few days prior to the fight, he consumed 37 kilograms of concentration of wisteria-based poison, which is enough to take out an entire army of monsters. She was sure that Doma would not be able to resist eating her, and it was a certain method of killing Doma. 

To protect herself, she showed Kanao the ultimate version that she learned from Flower Breath, Equinoctial Vermilion Eye. This raised Kanao’s kinetic sight to a new perspective, and she was able to reach Doma’s snape while avoiding his methods. 

However, Kanao’s sword was not able to cut off Doma’s head, and this is when Inosuke dropped his pair of broken swords to deliver the final punch.

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