What Are The Powers and Abilities of Upper Moon 5 Gyokko?

If you come across an attractive spot by the road, be cautious before you approach it. It is possible that Upper Moon 5 Gyokoo could be in the pot. For those who aren’t aware of him, he’s the demon that resembles a fish and who nearly killed Mist Hashira Muichiro-Tokito to death. 

He is often referred to as the more insane version of Deidara, who has no thoughts other than his own work. We can tell how incredibly sadistic he was by his actions when he made body parts of seven swordsmiths using swords for his latest artwork. 

We have put together all of the capabilities and capabilities of Gyokko. In terms of appearance, he’s the most bizarre-looking demon we’ve encountered to date. With his unevenly-spaced body parts, his distorted face, and multiple sets of arms, the newborn doesn’t look like a humanoid. 

In desperate situations in which he changes into his real appearance, he appears much like the merman.

Gyokko’s early Life

Before transforming into the demon Gyokko, he had been a fisherman in his youth, called Managi. His life was anything but normal, and he was slammed in the community for taking the fishing containers. 

In addition to the pain, he was killed by his parents of his (who used to be fishermen) during a storm, and their bodies were discovered badly injured in the debris. This was the moment that shattered their mental stability of his After a few days, the child was killed by the man who was playing with him and put him in his fishing container. 

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The child’s parents found the jar and cut the victim with forks from fishing. He was put to death after Muzan was able to find his body and was determined to turn him into one of his most powerful demons.

Gyokko’s powers and abilities

As with all high-ranking demons, Gyokko was extremely good at endurance and regeneration. What makes him stand out from other demons is his ability to move between pots from one to the next, which makes him very difficult to capture. 

In the course of his assault on the village of swordsmiths, the fish-like demons helped take charge of the demon-slaying corps that guarded the village. In addition, he can summon small aquatic creatures that can poison the spines of his targets and hold them there until they die.

He showed off his capabilities during his battle with Mist Hashira Tokito, whom he kept in the water-filled prison for the majority of the fight. After that, after all of his pots for transport fell apart, he showed his true nature with webbed limbs and clear scales. 

In addition to the story, he summoned 10,000 slime fish that glided across the water, which ate the targets in just a few minutes. If you do split the fish, the result is a poisonous liquid that then disintegrates into dust. 

In addition, when it comes to his combat skills, Muzan is extremely proficient at carving pots. I’m certain Muzan made a decent amount of profit selling them on the market.

Who Killed Gyokko?

mist Hashira Muchirio Tokito killed the upper Moon 5 Gyokko after he got away by using the Water Prison method of making pots. It seems that Gyokko was too busy playing with the swordsmiths, providing Muchirio plenty of time to activate their demon slayer’s mark. 

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Gyokko lost his temper in anger when Muchirio mocked his work and destroyed all his pots. There was no follow-up to Gyokko’s plan after that, and he continued to make one after the other.

If not for Gyokko’s arrogant, confident method, there’s no way he could have done anything to lose to Muchirio. Gyokko used his final transformation, which resembled a merman. He claimed he could transform any object into a fish by touching it. 

But he wasn’t given an opportunity to showcase his skills because Muchirio defeated him using their Obscuring Clouds technique shortly after the transformation. Muchiro was pale from poison at the end of the fight, and he fell unconscious instantly. It took him a few weeks to fully recover and then get back up and running with his Hashira training.

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