What episode does Orochimaru Revive the Hokages?

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Orochimaru reviving the Hokages. Naruto is, without a doubt, one of the most popular anime shows ever made. 

It’s an anime that a lot of people have heard about because of its loyal fan base around the globe. Even those who aren’t fanatics are familiar with the show due to its popular name. Its storyline is original, with the right storyline. 

The great characters are another contributing factor to the popularity of Naruto. In the series, there are characters from Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto and Shikamaru, all the way to Kakashi and all the others in between.

Most of these characters are accompanied by fascinating stories behind them and have developed over their time in the story. Orochimaru is one of them. Orochimaru brings back the Hokages in this episode, which is discussed within this piece. 

Additionally, we’ll look at the background of the character and the events that led to that incident.

Before we begin, we should take a closer review of who Orochimaru is. Orochimaru was once an honest person before becoming a bad person. He was an orphan after the deaths of his parents during World War II.

In the aftermath, Hiruzen has taken great care of him. Tsunade and Jiraiya are part of Hiruzen’s team. They made a team, unlike others. 

They faced the Salamander Hanzo during their time in the Second Great Ninja War. The legendary Sannin was named after his name after he observed their resilience and the fact that they were the ones who survived.

Events Leading Up To The Revival

Before we answer that, we should look at the events that led to the revival of his fellow Kages. When Sasuke left the village, he was hoping to bolster his strength to defeat his elder brother Itachi. He was defeated due to Orochimaru’s curse and the training. 

The body of Itachi is kept within Tobi and Madara’s cave. Madara then proceeds to recount the tale of Itachi and how he gave up everything to benefit the town to keep it from destruction. 

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A group known as Taka was created, and Madara demanded that they bring the Eight-Tailed to them. The only issue is that they aren’t able to meet the requirements and can only carry a small fraction of what the Eight-Tails originally carried.

The summit is targeted by Sasuke as the Five Kage declare Sasuke the Rogue Ninja. Team 7 uncovers the truth behind Itachi’s history and the future. After getting the better of Danzo, Sasuke succeeds in taking him down (the moment we’ve wanted for so long). Tobi was able to snatch him from the fight and take him away from the battle. 

Sasuke takes the choice to transplant Itachi’s eyes into his own eyes. Sasuke then has to decide whether to take down the village or be the next Hokage. Following that, Sasuke and Kara went to the lair of Orochimaru to see if there was a chance to discover anything important.

To assist Sasuke in helping Sasuke, all four Kages are reanimated and are asked questions directly by Suigetsu, who has discovered an ancient scroll. Orochimaru could be able to help, but Kabuto is already in the process of absorbing his. 

Sasuke overcomes Kabuto with the help of his reanimated sibling, who restores his life to Orochimaru. After showing Kabuto the scrolls, the king pleads for his help. Orochimaru and the rest of the group set off on their quest.

Why did Orochimaru resurrect the 4 Hokages 

It was Sasuke’s order to take this action. Sasuke was determined to learn all the details about Itachi, the Uchiha clan, and Konoha from the Hokages of the past before deciding whether to take down the Hokage clan or to save Konoha.

Hashirama was a storey of when Konoha and the girl he was best friends with, Madara, were young children. Konoha hadn’t been built yet. It was during this time that many children perished in the war. Hashirama and Madara shared the same goal, which was to stop this war and create peace for the Shinobi world. 

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They were both thinkings of the creation of an entire village (today we refer to this as Konoha) to ensure children would not have to go to war. However, along the way, there was a disagreement over their views. They were able to come up with different ways to achieve their goal.

Tobirama, the Second Hokage Tobirama was a member who “imprisoned” the Uchiha clan while he was the leader of Konoha. Tobirama revealed to Sasuke why he did this and what the meaning of Sharingan is to him. The Sharingan phenomenon is triggered if those who own the eye feel a powerful emotional feeling.

In the Third Hokage’s case, Hiruzen He was among the four elders who instructed Itachi to eliminate all members of the Uchiha clan. In reality, he wasn’t happy with the decision. Danzo was his rival, Danzo, with the strongest feelings over this.

The Fourth Minato I’m not sure of the reason he came back. Maybe just to serve a plot.

Naruto Chapter 618, entitled “The Ones Who Know Everything, It’s Referred to Them, the Former Hokages.”

In what Episode Does Orochimaru Revive The Hokages?

“Sasuke’s Answer,” episode 370, sees Orochimaru revive Hokages. Even Sasuke was confused by the decision. On one hand, his brother went through the trouble of eliminating his own family to safeguard their home, the Leaf Village. 

However, on the other hand, people hated him because his name was ascribed to an enemy. All that his brother has put in so much effort could be ruined when he damages the community. 

If he’s elected Hokage, he’ll be able to assist in resolving a variety of problems. If he does, he’ll be capable of exonerating his brother. This way, Orochimaru reintroduces us to the lives of the four Hokages who were dead.

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Then, Sasuke enquired of everyone in the hamlet, what it was to be a villager. The entire group of Kages was able to impart knowledge on the subject to him. The result was that he was with the people and was elevated to the rank of Hokage. 

He is one of the Kages in their fight to defeat Madara, Obito, and the Gedo Statue. He also joined the Gedo Statue. Orochimaru, Suigetsu, and Karin abandon their fight to aid them in helping the five Kages, who are seriously injured.

Final Words

To summarize, Orochimaru is resurrected as his Hokages from Naruto Shippuden episode 370, which is available here. The ceremony began with four white Zetsu bodies placed on the scroll and a mask put on their faces. He takes back his arms and can restore all the Kages to the world. 

The only thing that Orochimaru had to gain from this was his blood. Instead of focusing on the battle, he made clear that he was concerned with Sasuke taking a decision and remaining steadfast. As an instructor and mentor, he was delighted to see him reach an intelligent conclusion independently.

To summarise the episode, Orochimaru can revive Hokages. The episode is 37 from Naruto Shippuden. Naruto Shippuden anime series when he completed an initiation ritual with the help of the scroll, Orochimaru put four white Zetsu corpses on his face and applied an ointment to it. 

He recovers his arms and successfully revives the Kages. Orochimaru gained nothing from this except himself. He made it clear to Sasuke that he wasn’t keen on war, but rather on Sasuke’s decision as well as his determination. As an instructor, Sasuke was satisfied to see him make his own decisions in the light of rational thought.

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