What Happens to Walker in Yellowstone?

Outside of the Dutton family, not many characters in “Yellowstone” have interesting internal and external conflicts and layers of moral ambiguity.

Walker is one of these interesting and complicated characters (Ryan Bingham).

Walker used to be a problem, but now he is a mainstay in the bunkhouse at Yellowstone Ranch.

But his personality makes him prone to fights, and fans are always worried about what will happen to him on the show.

Some fans of the Western drama think that Walker will die before the end of the fourth season.

Is there any truth to the rumors that Walker has died? Let’s find out!

What Happens to Walker on Yellowstone?

Walker is introduced in the first season of the show and shows up here and there in the first two seasons.

He used to be in prison, but Rip helps him start over at the Yellowstone Ranch by hiring him as a ranch hand.

Walker, on the other hand, doesn’t want to work at the ranch and often doesn’t do what Rip says.

Walker helps Rip hide the fact that Jamie killed someone. Walker soon gets tired of what the Duttons do, though, and he and Rip start to fight.

Things between them reach a breaking point, and Rip has no choice but to sentence Walker to death.

But Kayce is the one who has to kill the former criminal.

Walker says he won’t come back, so Kayce lets him go. Later, Lloyd and Rip find Walker singing at a local bar and drag him back to the ranch.

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Walker gets a chance to show how loyal he is, and he does so by taking off Wade Morrow’s brand.

Does Walker Die on Yellowstone?

Walker seems to have found a place at the ranch in the fourth season. Fans still aren’t sure who the rancher and country singer really supports. Walker is a threat to Jamie because he knows about the murder.

If Jamie’s secret got out, whether he did it on purpose or not, it could be very bad for him.

So, he could try to take care of Walker before anything bad happens.

Walker has also always found a way to get out of situations where he was very close to dying. One can’t help but wonder when he will finally run out of luck.

Fans of the show think Walker’s luck will soon run out. In the teaser for the fourth season, there is a mysterious shot of the river that flows by the Yellowstone Ranch.

People can clearly see a bloody trail and a hat that are both associated with Walker in the water. Fans think that Walker will die in the fourth season because of this one-shot.

The hat might belong to Walker, but the blood might be from someone who attacked him.

Walker might have to kill his attacker in order to protect himself. Fans wouldn’t be surprised, though, because Walker has gotten out of death’s way so many times.

Walker’s death has been coming for a while, and it would be shocking if Rip or Jamie killed him in the fourth season.

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We will have to watch the rest of the fourth season to find out what will happen to Walker.

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