What is a Levekit in Final Fantasy XIV?

Final Fantasy XIV uses the term “Levekit” to describe packages of crafted and gathered items that are sold in the marketplace. 

These items are used to power level the Disciples of the Hand/Land jobs. They allow players to immediately fulfill the hand-in requirements for leaves, which are repeatable quests that award players handsome experience bonuses.

A Levekit allows you to complete Levequests quickly by buying all the necessary items instead of going out looking for them. By extension, levekits allow you to complete levels much faster, and, by extension, you’d be able to gain levels much faster.

The Basics of Levequests

Gathering and crafting are the best ways to create and share memories. You start by getting your tools and heading out into nature to cut down some trees. Hopefully, you will find some high-quality items. 

You’d then head home and search the market board to find the parts you don’t have or can make. Then, you would craft some spears, shields, jackets, or… flying beds. It’s very rewarding but time-consuming.

Efficiency is the key to some players’ success. Let us know if we can be of any assistance. Each hour spent grinding materials is time you could spend on other things. It can feel slow and sluggish.

You can combine crafting with gathering around the globe. These are repeatable quests that require you to find a specific item and go out again. Once you have enough, you can turn it in to the quest giver for generous experience rewards.

There are four types of leves available: Grand Company (Battlecraft), Fieldcraft (Fieldcraft), and Tradecraft. It is possible to use Battlecraft Leeves in combat groups, and the difficulty level can be scaled.

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Grand Company Leves can be done alone and offer smaller Gil/experience rewards. They are used to reward players with Grand Company Seals. This currency can be exchanged at the Grand Company headquarters for rewards.

You can use Levekits to level up or make a profit. The other two types of Levekits, Fieldcraft, and Tradecraft are for gathering and crafting.

How can Levekits speed up leveling?

Complete Leves in the way Yoshi-P intended would be done every time. You can get a level from any quest giver, and then you can either craft or gather the item(s). This can be very time-consuming, especially for crafters who have to source all the components they need for their goal. 

This will cost both gold and time. The quest is not to find or make the items. All you have to do is hand them in. You can save a lot of time by simply going to the nearest market to buy the items.

Grab a few Leves and dash to the market to buy everything you require. You’ll probably gain a lot of levels no matter how fast you run.

My Botanist journey took me from 1-80. I was unable to understand why the mahogany logs I had gathered were selling faster than any I had gathered later.

I didn’t know about Leves or that players could speed them up by buying the items and then turning them in. I didn’t know that.

Once I had that locked in, it was much easier to make money from my material collection.

How can I make a profit selling levekits

The short answer to that question is yes. I’ll go over the basics here.

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The best way to make money selling Levekits is to do your own independent research. Once you have a retainer, you can start selling on the marketplace.

You will need to spend some time learning crafting and gathering skills if you want to make serious amounts of gold.

Some jobs are in perfect harmony with one another. For instance, botany, instance, is a great complement to carpentry since you can make the majority of your crafting components.

You won’t be able to do everything if you don’t learn about every job. You might have to ask friends or use the market board to help you with the rest. However, the initial investment can often pay big dividends.

Instead of spreading yourself too thin, choose one area that you are passionate about and focus your efforts there.

Once you are established and have made a living, it is time to think about expanding your horizons! You’ll need to do some research here to determine which items will be the most profitable. 

This spreadsheet has all the required items for every level in the game, and it’s all in one place.

You’ll be able to see their needs and get a general idea of what you should do. It’s not always easy to make money by simply knowing what you can craft or gather.

Each server will have thousands upon thousands of players just like you, making leveling much easier. Before you waste your time collecting, take a look at the market boards to see what items are selling for and their prices. 

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This will allow you to make better decisions about what you spend your time on.

This will vary from server to server. Smart players will monitor sale prices to lower their competitors’. You’ll soon be on your way to financial success if you keep this in mind.

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