What Remains Of Edith Finch Ending Explained

What is left of Edith Finch is a beautifully written tale that draws everyone who watches the game. The story was created through the Giant Sparrow and the story is simple, however, the way in which it is presented is what draws the interest of spectators. 

In the world of the Giant Sparrow, we are transported to the home of the family through Edith. This is in which the Finch family has resided for many centuries. They moved to this area after their original home sank near the shoreline as they relocated their family to Europe.

We follow the story of, Edith has actually come back to learn what is the case for each person in this infamously unhappy family. When she walks into the premises of her bloodline residence and wanders around the house. 

The house has been constructed over time, then reconstructed and renovated every time until it appears as a house from a Tim Burton film. Edith is sitting still telling stories about her relatives. She is learning about how every one of them leaves an impression on residents of the house and the entire community and how they all passed away.

What Remains of Edith Finch Plot

The first person she learns on is Molly. Her story is complicated and difficult to unravel within this particular game however we’ve attempted to explain it to help. The story of her death is revealed in her diary and is what Edith discovers in her cabinet. 

In the event, Molly was thrown into her bed with no dinner. Evidently, the young child gets hungry and, in her pursuit, turns into a cat. Cats hunt birds, not an owl, which swoops about and chases rabbits. 

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Then she transforms into a shark, who is hunting for seals and then becomes a sea monster capable of eating humans. Finally, she comes home and writes about her adventures. It was a surprise to her she was in the presence of a monster in her bed waiting to greet her. mattress.

We now know that monsters don’t exist, therefore, how she passed away remains a mystery. The only explanation or theory that can be considered is that she ate wild berries or poisoned food, which caused hallucinations traveling to the point of death. 

There are alternative theories, too, that suggest that Molly could be actually in the middle of fever and later pass away in her asleep. Maybe when she stepped out of her window to search for food sources, she could have fallen to the ground. It appeared that she was hallucinating like all the animals. She eventually died shortly after writing it down.

What Remains of Edith Finch Ending Explained

We then have the tale of Odin. It’s a simple tale and simple to understand. It also explains that they came to be the Finch house was conceived and how its members were brought together under one house. In the beginning, Odin left Europe in an attempt to escape from the family curse. 

That was exactly the time his home was destroyed on the shores of Washington and he was drowned during the process. There was a daughter named Edie as well as her father Sven and Molly were able to escape the wreckage. 

After mourning over this loss they set about building the house that Edith is currently standing. Odin has been the first person in the Finch family to be laid to rest in the brand new Finch cemetery.

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The story then shifted to Calvin. Calvin is the grandfather of Edith’s who passed away in their twenties. Calvin, Calvin was just 11 years old when he passed away and his story was told in a series of written poems or even a brief tale written by Sam, his younger brother.  

It was a truly touching story for many players. In the case of Calvin who was always awed of climbing too high up on the tree to view the sea, but was nervous about doing it. After their sister Barbara passed away, the children decided to not be scared to do anything.

So, Calvin set off on his adventure and was involved in an accident that ended his life. It was a very emotional experience when he passed away overcoming his fears.

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