When Does Finn Die in The 100?

Finn Collins’ death had to be one of the saddest parts of the science fiction show The 100. Killing someone at an altar of love is the saddest thing that can happen to a lover. But to be killed by someone you love is an even worse pain.

Clarke kills Finn with a knife in the second season episode called “Spacewalker.” But stabbing someone is not murder; it is a mercy killing.

Finn is going to die because he killed a bunch of Grounders who he thought had Clarke. Clarke is not only to blame for the bloodshed that turns her lover into a monster, but she also kills him.

How Does Finn Die in The 100?

Finn is put to death by the Grounders after he kills many of their people. Finn has been tied to a pole and is about to be killed. Clarke offers herself up one last time, saying that he killed all those Grounders to keep her safe.

So she has the same amount of Grounder’s blood on her as he does. But Finn’s head is a must for the Grounders. Clarke says goodbye one last time because there is nothing else she can do.

They lock lips. Clarke tells him she loves him and tells him in a whisper that he’ll be fine. In response, Finn mumbles, “Thank you, Princess.”

After being stabbed, Finn’s body goes limp in Clarke’s arms within minutes.

Who Killed Finn in The 100?

Finn Collins is stabbed in the heart by Clarke Griffin instead of dying slowly, in terrible pain, and with shame. Finn’s end comes off as a surprise mainly because Finn is supposed to be in love with Clarke, and vice versa.

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Why Does Clarke Kill Finn in The 100?

Clarke, who was Finn’s lover, did not kill him right out of the blue. Instead, it is an act of mercy killing. Finn is sentenced to death for killing a lot of Grounders, so Clarke ends up killing him to keep the Grounders from killing him.

They didn’t dislike each other. Clarke even confesses her love for Finn moments before killing him.

Finn and Clarke were good friends and liked each other romantically from the first season. Finn has been flirting with Clarke ever since they went to Mount Weather and looked for clues about where Jasper was.

During the rest of the season, Finn seems to care more about Clarke than about Raven, who was his girlfriend at the time.

During the meeting with the Grounders, he holds Clarke’s hand and catches her when she falls, even though he knows that the illness she has is fatal and very contagious. Raven ends their relationship because she thinks he loves Clarke more than she does.

But because of a bad thing that happened earlier in the season, Clarke won’t accept Finn’s love. As part of their job to protect Charlotte, the person who killed Wells, the two people hide in a bunker.

When Charlotte kills herself and Finn and Clarke are there to see it, they go back to the buried bunker and make out. Finn can’t stop himself from showing his girlfriend Raven affection the next day, though. Clarke is left feeling stupid.

Finn goes to great lengths to find Clarke after he and his friends get separated from her. He ends up killing a lot of Grounders because he thought they had Clarke, but he was wrong.

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Finn’s killing spree ends quickly, though, when Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia follow the sounds of his gunshots into the village. But after what Finn did, Clarke doesn’t want to run into his arms. Instead, she feels even farther away from him. Finn has gotten worse because he has changed.

Finn says that he did this for Clarke, but he also knows that the situation is very serious.

During talks about a truce, Lexa wants Finn to be given to the Grounders and killed. When Clarke and the others are ready to defend him, Finn gives himself up because he is afraid that his friends will be caught and tortured.

Clarke decides to kill Finn because she can’t stand the thought of him dying a slow, painful, and humiliating death at the hands of the Grounders. She makes sure that one stab kills him right away and that he doesn’t have to go through much pain.

Is Finn Alive in the 100? Does Finn Come Back?

No, the writers of The 100 killed Finn off for good. The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg told Entertainment Tonight when asked about Finn’s death:

Finn was pretty much dead and gone from the show, but the character made a few brief appearances as a memory in season six. Finn does come back, but only as a memory in The 100.

Finn is also in the episodes that come right after Skywalker dies. Clarke is upset about Finn’s death. In the episode Remember Me, he shows up more than once as a hallucination caused by grief.

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Clarke soon grows apart from her friends because she thinks that love is a sign of weakness. She says goodbye to Finn for the last time, and his hallucination walks away.

About The 100

The 100 starts 97 years after a nuclear war wiped out all of humanity. The only people left alive are on a spaceship that sends 100 young criminals back to Earth. People expect them to bring more people to the planet.

The show The 100 is based on a series of books with the same name. The books are a series of science fiction books for young adults written by Kass Morgan. But it should be said that, even though the show started out the same as the book, it has changed quite a bit from the book.

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