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Where Are Bob and Jane Bashara’s Kids Now?

The NBC show ‘Dateline: Sexual murder, lies, and sex” tells the story of Jane Bashara’s 2012 murder, which rocked up the Grosse Pointe Park community in Michigan to the very heart. 

The senior marketing manager of 56 was killed by strangulation and later disposed of after being put in her SUV’s backseat. It was discovered abandoned in an alleyway within East Detroit the next day. 

Even though the investigation concluded the husband of Jane, Bob Bashara, was responsible for her murder the shocking crime afflicted many people who were involved, including Jane as well as Bob’s 2 children.

Who Are Jane and Bob Bashara’s Children?

After being married for around 26 years by the year 2012. Jane, as well as Robert “Bob” Bashara, had welcomed two children into the world as a couple:

Jessica and Robert Bashara Jr. From the outside it appeared that the family seemed as perfect as it gets and the parents had well-known professions and the kids having a great time at school and in their lives. 

But in 2014, when Bob was arraigned for the charges he was facing for his wife’s murder and murder, both Jessica and Robert were able to speak out about the realities of their familial relationship and the financial situation.

At the ages between the ages of 26 and 22 at the time, Jessica along with Robert spent all day on a witness stand informing the way Bob browsed BDSM pornographic websites together within the same space, played a game on their mother, and made up a fake cry in the open after she was shot. 

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Jessica claimed she believed that Bob did not give them any details about their mother’s death as a response to their finding it independently. She also claimed that he had even given an unidentified family heritage to his lover.

Robert admitted that he received a payout from one of her life insurance policies. He said this was the method he used to distribute the money: $15,000 to himself and his sister, $20,000 to her, and, at the father’s request the grandmother was given $55,000. 

He claimed that no one got the money from the mother’s 401(k) accounts. In their testimonies throughout his children did not make eye contact with him, and repeatedly reiterated the fact that their relationship with their parents was not smooth.

Where Are Jane and Bob Bashara’s Children Now?

Although it’s not clear if Robert Jr. nor Jessica Bashara have made statements at their father’s sentencing in the early part of 2015, Jane’s sister Julie Rowe, told Bob that he hurt his children with the “stupid, cowardly and foolish acts.”

Julie Rowe added that she would take care of the two of them “Jessica and Robert with love and affection while sharing their stories. 

I will stand behind their endeavors and celebrate their achievements, I’ll be at their weddings and I’ll be holding Jane’s grandchildren with me… I’ll be watching over Jane’s family when she is not there and I’ll perform this with an unwavering conscience and a pure heart and knowing that I’ve done my best to honor my sibling.”

Based on what we’ve seen it appears that both Robert, as well as Jessica, have left Michigan to start an entirely new life. 

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As Robert is currently in Los Angeles, California, which is where he works for SpaceX as an Operations and Sales Planner, Jessica is a Business Analyst at Boca Raton, Florida. One thing is for certain the brothers-sister duo likes to stay out of the spotlight. They do not speak about their parents, or about the incident from 2012 in the press.

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