Where Are Justin and Steven Assanti from My 600-lb Life Today?

TLC’s reality television series “My 600-lb Life” documents the struggles and journeys of obese people on their way to weight loss and healthier living. Since 2012, viewers have been riveted by this TV series. 

After a thorough assessment of each person’s medical condition and circumstances, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as “Dr. Now,” guides them to a custom diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan. For long-term solutions, he also offers counselling and psychological therapy.

Participants may be eligible for gastric sleeve surgery. This helps them manage their life-threatening conditions and aids with weight loss. It is up to the individual to follow Dr. Now’s instructions or to decide to stop following them. 

To track their progress, the show follows up with them one year later. In 2017, brothers Justin and Steven Assanti were featured in four episodes of “My 600-lb Life.” The audience has been very invested in their stories. Here’s what they are currently doing!

 Justin and Steven Assanti’s “My 600-lb life journey”

The first appearances of the Assanti brothers were in episodes 13 and 14 of season 5 of “My 600-lb Life.” Although they are siblings by blood, Steven and Justin have very different personalities. 

Steven weighed in at 800 pounds and Justin, his younger brother, was almost 600 when they first met Dr. Now. Steven was a recovering food addict and had difficulty moving about. Justin also had problems with his weight.

Their mother, an alcoholic, used to abandon them and take them out for long hours. This led to a troubled childhood. Their father was a very busy man, and their parents were extremely strict with them. 

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The show revealed that Justin’s mother and her boyfriends had physically abused the boys. This added to their trauma. Justin was also affected by family issues and had a difficult relationship with his brother from childhood. This resulted in them both using food as a coping mechanism, thus gaining weight.

Steven was a troubled character on the show because of his outbursts, stubbornness, and inability to follow Dr. Now’s orders. Steven proved to be a difficult patient for the hospital staff. He struggled with his addiction to painkillers and food. 

Steven eventually lost weight and had bariatric surgery. He claimed to have lost 300 lbs. by the end. On the other hand, Justin was reluctant to appear on the show because he had severe social anxiety. Justin gained 40 pounds initially.

Justin eventually lost some weight, but he was not approved for surgery, so he decided to return home. He continued his home fitness programme and lost a lot of weight. Justin was approved for surgery in the first episode of 2019, but he had to have another argument with Steven when he accused Steven of taking his painkillers. Justin was finally able to lose 200 pounds.

 Where are Justin Assanti and Steven Assanti?

In the 2020 finale, the brothers’ troubled relationship was brought to light once more. Justin refused to go to Dr. Now again with his brother and was forced to listen to his father. 

Justin refused to forgive Steven, despite his father’s apologies. He claimed that he had been subjected to too much abuse by his older brother. Justin opened Hobby Haven in Cranston, Rhode Island, and bought a car in February 2021.

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Justin makes and sells miniature models. His store has allowed him to interact with the public, which has helped reduce his anxiety. His store also hosts gaming live streams via Restream, which he uses to raise money for charities. He keeps his fans updated through Facebook. This is a picture of his dog, which he shared with us in December 2019.

Steven, on the other hand, married Stephanie Sanger in 2018. Stephanie is an Iowa massage therapist. Steven’s unpredictable behaviour on the show made fans sceptical about their marriage. 

In a 2018 interview, Stephanie dispelled all rumours about Steven’s marriage, explaining that he is a “gentleman” who is not like his portrayal on-screen. Since 2019, Steven has been absent from social media and his wife has stopped sharing pictures of him.

Steven said that the spotlight on the show had caused him friction with his wife. In a 2020 interview, they lived apart now, 90 minutes from each other. Justin disagreed, saying that he felt his reactions to the show were exaggerated. 

He believes that Steven behaves the same way in real life. According to our knowledge, Steven didn’t lose any weight after the show. He allegedly went back to his food addiction. The Assanti brothers live very different lives at the moment, which proves how the show can yield different results for everyone.

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