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Where Are Patrizia Reggiani’s Daughters Now?

In “Lady Gucci: The Story of Patrizia Reggiani,” we learn about the brutal killing of Italian businessman Maurizio Gucci. On March 27, 1995, a hitman shot and killed Gucci outside his office.

His wife, Patrizia Reggiani, and their two daughters, Alessandra Gucci and Allegra Gucci lived on after he died. Everyone in the fashion world was shocked and horrified when the only son of the famous Gucci family was killed.

When Patrizia was found guilty of plotting to kill her husband, Alessandra and Allegra were put in a dangerous situation. We can tell you more about Patrizia Reggiani’s daughters and where they are now if you are interested.

Who Are Patrizia Reggiani’s Daughters?

At the start of the 1970s, Patrizia and Maurizio tied the knot. In the years that followed, they had two girls, Alessandra and Allegra. But the marriage didn’t last long, and Maurizio soon started dating a younger woman.

Around 20 years after getting married in the 1990s, the couple got a divorce. Patrizia found out she had a brain tumor a few years before the murder. She even had to go through a difficult surgery, but her daughters never left her side.

In fact, when they were young, Alessandra and Allegra were very close to their mother. Even after their father was killed, the girls lived with her for two years.

When Maurizio was killed, Alessandra was 18 and Allegra was 14. When Patrizia was arrested for her part in the killings two years later, their daughters were left without parents.

Where Are Patrizia Reggiani’s Daughters Now?

Even after their mother was arrested, her daughters tried to defend her by saying that her horrible crime was caused by a brain tumor.

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The daughters were so sure that their mother wasn’t guilty that the younger Allegra went to university in Milan to study law so she could help with her mother’s case.

Both Alessandra and Allegra fought for a new trial, saying that Patrizia couldn’t think straight because of the brain tumor and that she wasn’t in control of her mind at the time of the murder.

But over time, both daughters had trouble getting along with their mother. In 2014, Alessandra and Allegra were accused of not paying their taxes, but they were later found not guilty.

The sisters choose to live quietly, and in 2016, it was said that both of their daughters were married and had kids. They also got the three homes and yacht that belonged to the Gucci family. It was said that they were living in Switzerland.

After Patrizia was released from prison in 2017, her daughters tried to stop her from getting the annuity that Maurizio had promised, but they were not able to do so legally.

After making this choice, it seems like the daughters stopped talking to their mothers.

Their mother said, “They don’t understand me and have stopped giving me money.” I don’t have anything, and I haven’t even met my two grandsons.”

Allegra has kept her father’s memory alive by racing his boats. In an interview with Classic Boat, she said, “My father would be so happy to see the boats now and how his philosophy about them is continuing.”

On the other hand, Alessandra went into the fashion business like her family did and has been doing great work.

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Both sisters have had bad things happen to them, but they have stayed strong and made big changes in their lives. We hope they never miss out on success.

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