Where Are Richard and Mildred Loving’s Children Now?

“Loving” is a moving story that traces the real-life struggles Richard and Mildred Loving needed to endure to live legally as an inter-racial couple. After their case was decided by the Supreme Court, which ruled in their favor (in Loving v. Virginia) in the year 1890, the course of unions forever changed in America. 

It is interesting to note that despite being significant agents of change during a turbulent time in America, the Lovings have always wanted to avoid the spotlight. Although the couple has since passed away and gone to heaven, they left their beautiful family. 

Mildred died of pneumonia in 2008 and was surrounded by eight grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. In addition, with a life that is as famous as the Lovings, the person naturally becomes fascinated and seeks to learn more about the life they made for themselves. So, let’s look at some loving children.

Who Are Richard and Mildred Loving’s Children?

Richard and Mildred first came into contact at the age of 17, and she was just 11. They only began to get together during high school. After she became pregnant at the age of 18, they planned to wed and traveled for a trip to Washington, D.C., to wed. 

The next night, they returned to their home located in Central Point, Virginia, where they were detained by police from the Sheriff’s Department (which had received an anonymous tip regarding the couple who were interracial). 

The couple was given the possibility of moving to another city in order to avoid jail. Therefore, the couple relocated to Washington, the District of Columbia.

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But, frustrated by the financial and social problems they were constantly confronted with, Mildred reached out to the Attorney General at the time, Robert F. Kennedy, and he steered her toward the ACLU. 

This led to the start of the battle against laws that prohibited miscegenation, and ultimately they won. Lovings returned to Virginia after their victory. Not only did the couple be a part of the Civil Rights movement forevermore, however, but they would also go on to have three children. 

It is crucial to know that Richard wasn’t genetically related to Mildred’s daughter. The oldest kid was known as Sidney Clay Jeter, who was born on the 27th of January 1957 in Caroline County, Virginia. 

As a child, he was enrolled in Caroline County Public School. He was a member of the Caroline County Public School System and was a member of his church, St. Stephens Baptist Church. 

The year was 1975. He enlisted in the military and later received an honorable discharge. He got married to Mary Yarbrough and had two daughters. The third child came from Donald Lindberg Loving, who was born on the 8th of October, 1958. According to reports, Donald was employed by KMM Telecommunications in Fredericksburg. 

The couple was Kathryn A. Loving, who was also a father. There isn’t much else that is known about his life. The youngest of them has a sister named Peggy Loving Fortune. 

She’s now a divorced mom of 3. In an interview, the actress was candid about her parents. They have helped many people. I’m able to witness an abundance of inter-racial couples or marriages and many mixed-race children. I want them to understand that it’s due to my parents that they can do what they want to accomplish. “

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Where Are Richard and Mildred Loving’s Children Now?

At present, Peggy is the only remaining child. Sidney died in the month of May 2010, for circumstances that aren’t publicly identified. He was 53 in the year he passed away. He was the younger brother.

He tragically passed away prior to his death in the month of August 2000. It was a shocker, and Donald was 41 when the tragedy occurred. After watching “Loving,” the daughter admitted that she was overwhelmed by emotions. Peggy said, “I’m so grateful that [my parents’] story is finally being told.”

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