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Where is Aswad Ayinde’s Wife and Daughters?

ID’s “Evil Lives Here’ one of his Women” is an episode that tells the horrifying story of Aswad Ayinde. He was a once-respected director of music videos who was later revealed to be an abuser, manipulator, and incestuous pedophile. 

In the end, he sexually assaulted, raped, and abused his daughters and wife over two decades but his sins would come back to haunt him at the end of the 2000s. 

It was two of Aswad’s victims/survivors that managed to discover a way out and reveal his crimes and, therefore If you’re interested to learn what they were up to, here’s everything we know about them.

Who are Aswad’s Wife and Daughters?

Although Aswad Ayinde had been married to Beverly Ayinde for a long period, and with whom he fathered nine children, which included some daughters.

He also kept his feet in the water and engaged in several extramarital relationships. 

That is it wasn’t just that his New Jersey native having sex with his wife, while also molested 5 of his girls and his daughters, as well as having numerous mistresses and fathered 12 more children who were born to three women, as per court reports. 

This is not counting the six children he bred with his three girls in the late 1980s until the beginning of 2000.

As we can see, Beverly and Aswad parted ways in 2002, and she received custody of their kids. However they as well as Aziza Kibibi, his second daughter, were only in touch with officials after a couple of years – when they realized the fact that Aswad’s young daughters with other women were also at risk of being abused by him. 

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When it was time for the case to be heard in court they both were present to testify against him, describing the physical assaults and sexual relations and the reasons why they didn’t come out before. 

The court papers also detail the fact that Aswad did not allow his children to study beyond an age limit or engage in social interactions.

The most unfortunate aspect is the children of Aziza and her father, in particular since two of them were found to have Phenylketonuria which is a genetic disorder that can lead to brain damage and slow the breakdown in amino acids.

 However, Aswad continued to infuse his daughters with his eggs as he desired to make “pure” bloodlines for his family as described by Beverly. “He claimed that the world was about the end and it would just only be his and his children.

He also claimed that he was selected.” The woman also stated that she “was terrified to accuse her husband of being demented or a pedophile…because it would lead to being beaten.”

Where are Aswad’s Wife and Daughters?

In 2013 Aswad Ayinde was handed the punishment of 50 years in prison after being found guilty of beating Aziza Kibibi, between the age of eight and 22, in addition to an additional 40 years sentence he’d been sentenced as of 2011 in connection with the exact incident against the daughter of his. 

Aziza was sexually assaulted by her father when she was eight and was raped by her father at the age of 10 but has since forgiven him for every single thing, and she made it clear after her sentence hearing. “I still feel compassion for him and felt sad for him after he came to the table,” she told “But I know that he was a victim of his own.”

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As for where they’re at now, and while Aswad’s former partner and the majority of his daughters choose to stay away from the limelight in the present, we do have confirmation that Aziza Kibibi resides within East Orange, New Jersey in the present.

She’s not just a proud mom to a few children that she has her own. But she’s an active and determined individual who wants to make a better life for her children.

This is the reason Aziza is the founder as well as the President of Precious Little Ladies Inc. A social group that was established to stop domestic violence and abuse of children as well as the owner and operator of a delicious edible business named Sincerely Z, and a Senior Producer for an agency for media. Her history is something she will never forget. But she’s not going to allow it to hinder her progress either.

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