Where is Dennie Augustine Now?

The 23-year old reality TV star who gained fame thanks to the famous show “Made in Staten Island,” Dennie Augustine, likes to stay in the news. 

The courageous and determined lady has consistently made bold statements with her outspoken style and won the hearts of a large number of people who follow her. 

Dennie has experienced an adventure, and she’s all set to begin another chapter in her story.

Dennie Augustine Life Journey

When Lisa Augustine was born in the late 1990s, her father left her family at seven. She was raised on Staten Island, surrounded by mafia-related families. Dennie treated her friends as her sisters did, but she knew that she was unique because she was from a different family.

Lisa was a hardworking unmarried mother in order to take care of Dennie and meet her needs and fund her education. Although Lisa did not belong to an organized crime family, however, she was Karen’s childhood best friend when they played and grew together. 

She discovered a fantastic support system in Karen and was able to get through the most difficult times with her support. Dennie recently completed her studies at Monmouth University, New Jersey with an education from the School of Communication and Media Studies. 

While at college, she was also an administrative assistant at a construction company located in New York. She was a waitress and event coordinator at an ice cream bar and lounge. 

Additionally, she has signed a deal with Viacom. Daring and ambitious, she hopes to land a huge job in the business hub of Manhattan.

Dennie is the sole woman of her generation to make her way outside the city and who pursued her education and career with serious In a recent interview, she spoke about how education is essential as well as how important it is to be financially secure. 

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She also told her followers that she encourages her fellow students to step out of the space of Staten Island. Staten Island is, as there’s a huge, wide world that is waiting for you to explore. 

She admitted that she had encountered incredible people from all walks of life and that it was one of the best learning experiences that helped her grow. “A Dennie for Your Thoughts” is a podcast she hosts where she discusses a wide range of topics.

Certain of her posts are thought to be a little rough. The podcast was started as a class project, but she continued to release episodes as she became popular with her followers. 

She also held an event to promote the podcast. Although Dennie’s record is impeccable and she’s never been in legal trouble, she was once exiled by her school’s authorities for posting an offensive and racist post on social media. 

The picture she uploaded was of her holding a sign reading “Need $1000 to pay child support # BlackTrash”. She confessed that, in her defense, she was at an event themed on race, where the attendees were creating sign-like signs that were based on races and nationalities. 

The sign she made was authentic, real as well as personal to her because her father had left her.

Dennie Augustine’s Reality TV Debut

Dennie became a household name after her reality documentary series “Made On Staten Island,” which was shown on MTV in the year 2019. The show followed the lives of teenagers with parents who had links to the mafia. 

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The show highlighted how mafia connections affected their lives. Dennie earned the name “Godmutha” or “Godmother” on the show since she was the longest-running cast member. 

She treated all the girls like her own little sisters, taking care of them, encouraging them as well as protecting them, even correcting them for their blunders. She is admired and admired by her co-stars and co-stars alike.

She became the go-to person for any problem or suggestion. She gained many followers due to her “life-of-the-party attitude and vibrant personality. She was bubbly and positive and had won the hearts of many. 

The show ended up being canceled after just three episodes because it was gaining lots of criticism due to its inaccurate depiction of Italian-Americans as well as the Staten Island community. If Dennie was asked her thoughts on the show that was being attacked, she calmly said that she didn’t care and she was able to grow without water.

Where is Dennie Augustine Now?

After appearing as a guest on the TV show and completing her studies at the university, Dennie is back on Staten Island. She is working out the next step in her career and spending time with her mom. 

Additionally, she could be in a relationship with an American-born Italian martial artist who hails from New York, Gennaro Palomba. Dennie has a large social media following. She’s active on all platforms, which include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

It’s very common for her social media accounts to be filled with selfies, party photos with her friends, photos of her family, and photos of her in her modeling clothes. Dennie is also a part of MTV’s reality documentary series “Families of the Mafia”. 

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Lisa is a character in the program as well. The show examines the lives of families who had connections to the mafia in the past. The parents attempt to shield them from repeating the same mistakes and encourage them to make better choices in their lives. 

Lisa believes that Dennie will repair her family’s reputation, but she worries that Dennie may fall into the trap of unsavory companies.

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