Where Is Elizabeth Holmes’ Brother Christian Holmes Now?

The drama series “The Dropout” is about Elizabeth Holmes’s life (Amanda Seyfried). After dropping out of Stanford, Elizabeth starts the biotech company Theranos with a big plan to change the way people think about their health for good.

But none of her and her company’s work pays off, and Theranos goes from being a promising start-up to a complete fraud.

The series also gives details about Elizabeth’s family and personal life. It uses Elizabeth’s brother, Christian Holmes, in a risky way in its story.

So, people must be dying to know more about him and where he is right now. So, here’s everything we know about Christian Holmes!

Who Is Christian Holmes?

In the first episode of “The Dropout,” Christian Holmes is shown. He is the younger brother of Elizabeth Holmes, who started the company Theranos.

He only shows up briefly in the first few episodes before he starts working for Theranos.

Even though Christian doesn’t play a big part in the story or in how the company works, his presence shows some things about the way people work at Theranos.

In “The Dropout,” Sam Straley plays the part of Christian. Straley is best known for playing Lawrence Cleary in the TV show “The Kids Are Alright.”

Straley’s character in “The Dropout” is based on Holmes’s real brother, Christian Holmes V. Christian Rasmus Holmes IV and Noel Anne Holmes had a son named Christian Holmes V. Christian’s father was an executive for several government agencies and the Vice President of the now-defunct energy company Enron.

His mother worked for a committee in Congress. Christian went to Duke University and was hired by his sister’s company, Theranos, even though he didn’t have a background in medical sciences.

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Where Is Christian Holmes Now?

As an Associate Director of Product Management, Christian Holmes was hired by Theranos.

Later, he was given the job of Director of Product Management, and then he was given the job of Director of Commercial Operations.

One of the most important things Christian did at Theranos was hired five of his friends from Duke University.

One of them was Daniel Edlin, who played a key role in revealing that Theranos was a scam.

In the end, Theranos went bankrupt and was shut down in 2018. Fraud charges were brought against Elizabeth Holmes.

Her trial ended in 2018, and she is still waiting to hear how she will be punished.

Aside from his work with Theranos, not much is known about Christian Holmes’s life.

During his time at Theranos, Christian also seemed to take part in clinical discussions about lab tests, even though he wasn’t qualified to do so.

Christian likes to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

Since the trial, he has only been in front of the media a few times. Christian is said to live in San Diego, in the state of California.

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