Where Is Hallmark’s Warming Up To You Filmed? All Locations

One of the new Hallmark movies airing on Hallmark Channel is called Warming Up to You.

A large amount of stunning scenery is featured in the film and is used as a setting for several of the scenes.

The film’s sweet tone and the breathtaking scenery work wonderfully together.

Another thing Warming Up to You does is make people wonder where it was shot.

Many people, upon awakening from a binge viewing, immediately go online to research the location of the film’s production.

It makes sense, given how the film’s stunning visuals overwhelm you with wonder.

If you count yourself among the inquisitive and are eager to learn more, you’ve come to the perfect place!

We unearthed the settings that served as the film’s enchanting backdrops.

The setting and plot of Warming Up to You are discussed here.

All Scenic Filming Locations Where Warming Up to You Is Filmed

The entirety of Warming Up to You was shot in Canada. In its running time, the film takes viewers to a multitude of stunning locations and settings.

The scenic splendor goes wonderfully with the sweet and adorable romantic banter between the two main characters.

Kate and Rick’s fitness routines and workouts are often filmed in front of a scenic lake.

Whether it’s the more natural vistas or the ones around the resort and spa, many of the settings are beautiful and calming.

Locations for Warming Up to You were all found in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The region’s breathtaking scenery makes it an ideal setting for movies.

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Vancouver is one of the most in-demand locations for movies because of its picture-perfect landscapes, which include breathtaking valleys, massive mountains, and lakeside views like out of a Bob Ross painting.

This area’s film industry is thriving because of its abundance of picturesque settings.

Pictures of the beautiful locales where Warming Up to You was shot have been posted on the Internet by the cast and crew, including director Christie Will Wolf.

Wolf had shown out some stunning photos of the area around Gold Bridge, BC.

Supporting actress Latonya Williams (Sasha) also posted behind-the-scenes images from the set when the film was in production.

Who Stars in the Film?

Cindy Busby is among the film’s principal players; she portrays protagonist Kate Wolfe.

Cindy’s co-star, Hollywood superstar Rick Steele, is played by Christopher Russell.

This will be the third time the two actors have played opposite one other prior to this film.

Both actors have appeared in countless Hallmark movies.

Caitlyn Stryker portrays Liza Calhoun, in a minor role.

Dolores Drake plays Minnie, Devon Alexander portrays Jared Munroe, Al Miro portrays Nigel, and Latonya Williams fills out the rest of the cast (Sasha).

What Is The Hallmark Feature All About?

In Warming Up to You, two characters go from being bitter rivals to developing romantic feelings for one another.

While the two main characters aren’t precisely adversaries or anything intense like that, they do initially have a cutesy at-odds relationship that slowly grows into an adorable in-love affair.

It all kicks off with Kate, a fitness instructor who uprooted her life and moved out of Los Angeles in search of greener pastures.

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This other place is the health resort owned by her best buddy. Unfortunately, there is also another guest coming to the retreat.

It’s Hollywood A-lister Rick Steele, who Kate has been paired with at the studio.

Rick has all the makings of a perfect gentleman. On the downside, he needs to get in shape for his upcoming movie role.

As a result, Kate is needed, and it is now her responsibility to assist Rick in his efforts to achieve the desired physical condition.

Kate is determined to get the slacker, out-of-shape star back into shape, but Rick is more concerned with making sure they have a good time during their sessions.

Slowly but surely, the Hollywood celebrity and her personal trainer fall in love with one another.

But just as feelings begin to blossom, a third party interrupts the happy couple.

It just so happens that Kate’s second fitness client is none other than Liza, another Hollywood heavy hitter.

Will Liza’s presence threaten what Kate and Rick have going on? Watching the movie on the Hallmark channel will provide the answer.

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